Zero-dimensionality or zero-dimensional existence is the power to be a singular point, whose nature is something infinitely small in any direction. They are virtually impossible to destroy physically, yet they exist.

Possible Uses

By virtue of being infinitely small a singular point is nearly undetectable, impossible to interact with and can not be split into smaller parts. Because of this, it cannot be destroyed physically in a conventional sense.

Depending on the context, such as whether or not the object is an isolated singular point or a single point on a dimensional plane, the object may or may not be completely invulnerable to the physical strength of a being with more than 0 dimensions. However each case must be viewed carefully.


Should the object exist on a higher dimensional plane, destruction of that plane will also result in destruction of the object.

Destruction of any zero-dimensional object is trivial for a beyond-dimensional entity due to such a entity existing outside the concept of dimensions entirely.


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