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Surely you don't mean to challenge me. Stupidity of this magnitude can't possibly exist.
~ Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro demon back BAKI.png
Orochi Doppo... you're great, you've done well to train this far, even if you have a broken finger you fix it... that spirit of denial of yours... you have my highest praise. To make a mountain of corpses, that is the Ogre's true form... now, as a reward, I'll show you. Orochi Doppo!!! My own child, Baki!! Look at it!! Remember it, this is... the Ogre's true form!!!
~ Yujiro to Doppo Orochi

The smallest amount of strength. It can be cultivated through selfish actions. It can be cultivated through the power of sheer will. I did both of them... and that allowed me to become what I am, but as of today I can no longer be so selfish as to claim to be the strongest creature on this planet.
~ Yujiro after Baki got him to believe in the illusion of the miso soup


Yujiro Hanma (範馬 勇次郎, Hanma Yujirō) is the primary antagonist of Grappler Baki, the son of Yuichiro Hanma and father of the franchise's titular protagonist, Baki.

He's known as the strongest creature on Earth who no one, not even the United States Military, can defeat. After murdering Baki's mother in front of him, Baki spends most of the series trying to get revenge on Yujiro by beating him. Although Baki doesn't defeat Yujiro, he does eventually manage to give him a good fight and impress him, which prompts Yujiro to honor Baki with the title of strongest on Earth. Baki, however, didn't consider this to be a true victory.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, higher with Demon Back

Name: Yujiro Hanma, The World's Strongest Creature, The Ogre, Mighty One (By Musashi)

Origin: Grappler Baki

Gender: Male

Age: At least in his 50s, likely in his early 60s currently (Was 16 in 1973, during the Vietnam War)

Classification: Martial Artist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Aura (Physical force and intimidation), Fear Manipulation (Yujiro's aura incites fear at the cellular level, a fear that is shown to affect comparable fighters to the point that some can't even touch him because they subconsciously avoid him, can passively incite fear in even a hardened veteran soldier, can make fighters feel as though they're being stabbed), Limited Durability Negation (Via Whip Strike, Cord Cut, pressure points and likely more), Limited Pain Manipulation (Via Whip Strike), Enhanced Pain Tolerance (due to his immense body control, he can completely negate the extreme pain of Baki's Benda), Power Mimicry (Can mimic any martial arts technique after seeing it once), Information Analysis (Can detect the physical conditions and weaknesses of a person with 100% accuracy by glancing at them), Chi Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Via Aiki), Damage Reduction, Body Control (Can make his body completely limp and flow like a blade of grass in a storm to reduce damage with Xiao Lee), Energy Manipulation and Attack Reflection via Offensive Shaori/Xiao-Lee (Absorbs the energy from his opponent's attack, adding it to his own to create the “ultimate strike”), Pressure Points (Could make Baki faint with a very slight touch), Paralysis Inducement, Extrasensory Perception (can sense someone's Seikuuken, can sense Baki's fighting spirit from ~8,000 miles away, and can sense/feel fighting spirits, Yujiro can sense a strong opponent while asleep), Enhanced Senses (Yujiro can smell strong men), Analytical Prediction (Can predict the entire outcome of a fight just by looking at a fighting stance, blocked an attack he specificaly says he couldn't see, predicts Baki's win over Li Kaioh despite Baki's poisoned state, should have Analytical Prediction superior to the likes of his son that can easily see through the moves of masters of many martial arts), Accelerated Development (Stated to constantly be improving at an alarming rate, also stated specifically to always be improving in terms of martial arts), Statistics Amplification (Via Demon Back, Cockroach Tackle, Death Concentration, Sangan, Stomp, and many other moves), Limited Illusion Creation (Saw Baki's triceratops and created his own beast, one he believed to be even stronger, the fighting spirit of Yujiro Hanma), Sense Manipulation (Could make people perceive sounds, smells, lights, and even impacts with his illusions), minor Madness Manipulation (Caused three soldiers to indulge in madness with his aura; the human body instinctively detects Yujiro as a threat), Stealth Mastery (Invaded many places monitored by US soldiers without being noticed, sometimes even going as far as perfectly walking in their shadows and avoiding their field of view, sneaked up on highly trained, elite soldier Captain Strydum despite Strydum waiting for his arrival), minor Longevity (Kaku believes that Yujiro will be alive in 100 years, is stated as being "stronger than time"), Instinctive Reaction (Instinctively sensed the danger of Kaku's punch and dodged, should be able to replicate the instinctive feats of his son), Status Effect Inducement (Yujiro uses a Yiquan/Taiki-Ken conceptual technique that leaves someone unable to breathe properly and causes tears and blood to obscure someone's vision), Likely Air Manipulation via Vacuum Palm (Should be able to replicate Yanagi’s moves), Self-Sustenance (Should have vastly more control over his lungs than Spec), Surface Scaling (Should be able to replicate Sikorsky climbing feat) and Earth Manipulation (Should be able to replicate Nomi no Sukune II stomping feat), Limited Invisibility (Should be able to replicate Baki's feat), Afterimage Creation (Should be able to replicate Baki's feats regarding this ability), Resistance to Electricity, Poison (Due to his physiology and skeleton structure he's resistant to both), Disease (Baki believes him to be immune to cancer and AIDs, stated as being stronger than viruses and bacteria), and Information Analysis (Similarly to Pickle, when Baki attempted to shadowbox against an imaginary Yujiro based on his analysis of him that was stronger than the original, Baki could not even imagine a version of Yujiro as strong as the real one)

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Casually stopped an earthquake with a punch), higher with Demon Back (Able to easily defeat enemies he was even with. Is far superior to Baki Hanma's incomplete Demon Back, which more than doubled Baki's power)

Speed: At least High Hypersonic+ (Should be superior to Hitless Blow which is confirmed speed of Mach 78), higher with techniques, higher with Demon Back

Lifting Strength: At least Class M (Stronger than Nomi no Sukune), higher with Demon Back

Striking Strength: At least Town Class, higher with Demon Back

Durability: At least Town level, higher with Demon Back (Withstood many attacks from Demon Back Baki and Full Power Musashi). Defensive Xiao Lee makes him hard to kill.

Stamina: Extremely High, higher with Demon Back

Range: Standard melee range, tens of meters with aura.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Yujiro is known as the single most dangerous being on the planet, mastering virtually every martial art known to man including ones only passed down through noble blood and single-handedly defeating the entire U.S. Army during the Vietnam War with nothing but his bare fists. He is extremely analytical, being able to decipher and fully utilize virtually any technique after seeing it once and knows over twenty languages. Yujiro also has an extremely in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, even more than skilled surgeons, high tech x-ray machines or talented medicine men. He's able to use this knowledge to exploit his foes' weaknesses and make fights last longer. He has extensive knowledge in many fields, such as cooking, biomechanics, biology, chemistry, arithmetic, zoology, and more

Weaknesses: Yujiro is very arrogant and is thrilled by the thought of a good fight, but this doesn't make him foolhardy. He tends to not counter with the opponent's mastered arts because he considers it to be rude

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Axe Kick: The user raises their leg higher than the opponent's head and pulls it down quickly. It is mainly used to strike the enemy's head, shoulders and also the nose. This technique requires a lot of flexibility for stretching the leg at a high level. Yujiro Hanma is known to use the Axe Kick a lot more than other fighters, being very flexible (he's often lifting his leg with a calm stance).
  • Roll Kick: It consists of taking a leap to stand on the enemy, then the body is turned to drop a strong spin kick against the opponent.
  • Death Concentration: The skill is a special ability to boost body reflexes and speed. In the manga, Yujiro Hanma described the skill in this way: "that moment only comes when you are about to meet death, but if you are able to control every moment, you will be able to control death, and that is where true strength hides". In a flashback of the Childhood Saga, Yujiro taught little Baki about this ability, which means he also achieved the Death Concentration skill. During the battle between Yujiro and Doppo Orochi in the Underground Arena Saga, it turns out that Yujiro also once jumped off a huge cliff, which may indicate that he was also trying to achieve this ability in the same way as Baki did.
  • Udonde: The Udonde is a secret fighting move passed down only to the eldest sons of the Ryukyu Royal Family. At first, the user makes a stance that looks very open for attack, then he starts to walk toward his opponent. By the time the opponent performs an attack, the user uses his reflexes to instantly attack his opponent. However, performing this technique is difficult as it can only be done by someone with exceptionally good reflexes, such as Yujiro Hanma. So far, Yujiro is the only character in series that has utilized the Udonde technique in battle, during his fight with Doppo Orochi in the first series of the manga.
  • Finger-Grab: The user grabs one of the opponent's finger and throws him. Yujiro Hanma used this move to counter Doppo's attack, and broke his pinky.
  • Demon Back: The Demon Back is a "technique" in which the user very forcefully flexes the back muscles to form the face of a demon. The user becomes many times stronger to their level prior to activation in every aspect, experiencing an increase in physical strength, speed, endurance, stamina, etc. The user can virtually absorb any hit, such as when Yujiro Hanma ceased taking damage from Kaku Kaioh's Offensive Shaori strikes, which normally produce enough force to shatter walls. Additionally, the user can dish out massive amounts of damage in return. In truth, the Demon Back is not so much a technique as it is a predetermined advantage such as height or muscle-building capacity, since it is a gift depending on genetics and bloodline. However, it can be treated as a technique since it is only activated when the user decides to use it.
  • Bite: The user uses his teeth to tear a flesh and skin of the opponent's body. The bite is also the antithesis of the technique named Aiki, since the force to attack is 0, the user of Aiki cannot redirect it.
  • Crotch Kick: The Crotch Kick is a powerful blow from the Vale Tudo which is intended to damage man's most vulnerable and sensitive vital organ: the testicles. The Crotch Kick can be performed in different ways. For example, the user can have his back to the opponent. Following this, the user must tilt the upper body forward while lifting the leg up, causing the blow to pick up speed and power. Finally, the user of the technique will strike with the sole of the foot and the heel on the genitals of his opponent. The blow serves to expose the opponent to a next attack or to escape from a grip, in cases in which the user of the technique has great speed and strength as Yujiro Hanma, one of the rival's testicles may break.
  • Front Neck-Lock: By getting the opponent in a Guillotine Lock while standing in front of them, the user can pull their arms up and lean back, restricting the opponent's airway and blocking blood flow to the brain, causing the opponent to eventually lose consciousness.
  • Nukite: The fighter uses his hand (excluding their thumbs) which the user then thrust into the opponent's body like a spear. Yujiro Hanma has also been seen using the Nukite to bleed dry a deer as seen in one of Baki's flashbacks in the manga series.
  • Vietnam Whip: By wrapping his arm underneath and around one of the arms of his opponent, Yujiro can flip the opponent on their head and smash them downward, causing significant damage to the skull or neck, even possibly resulting in a concussion or spinal break.
  • Defensive Xiao-Lee: Defensive Shaori is a form of bodily control that allows the user to present zero resistance to oncoming blows. This makes the user's body featherlike. It also produces hyposthenia, which allows the user to absorb all their attacker's body weight. With that, the user can't take damage from punches, kicks or slashes. Yujiro learned how to do this technique with ease, and used it during his fight with Kaku. Defensive Shaori does, however, possess flaws. Such flaws include how if one is able to catch a defensive Shaori user off guard, the defensive Shaori user's natural instinct to stiffen up before a blow lands may overpower their training, causing them to take significant damage. An example of this is when Yujiro Hanma pulled out a hair of Kaku Kaioh's to trigger his reflexes and provide Yujiro with the opportunity to do damage. Defensive Shaori is also weak against throws and being slammed against surfaces. The user can also use this ability of ultimate relaxation in another way, by using that force against his opponent. This is known as Offensive Shaori.
  • Aiki: Aiki is a Japanese martial arts principle or tactic in which the defender blends (without clashing) with the attacker, then goes on to dominate the assailant through the strength of their application of internal dynamics or Ki energy to affect techniques. Blending with an attacker's movements allows the Aiki practitioner to control the actions of the attacker with minimal effort. One applies Aiki by understanding the rhythm and intent of the attacker to find the optimal position and timing to apply a counter-technique.
  • Pinch: Pinch is a simple technique that requires the use of only a few fingers to squeeze a piece of the opponent's body. The more force the user put into this technique, the more pain their opponent feels. Although it is a very easy move to perform, it causes a lot of pain. Yujiro Hanma used that move against Baki Hanma during their battle in the third manga series.
  • Whip Strike: Whip Strike is a technique that involves the user making their body as loose and fluid as possible, allowing the practitioner to use their arms like a whip, enabling them to perform powerful "slaps" which affect the largest human organ, the skin. This technique is powerful enough that it can actually rend the skin off a victim's body and cause enough pain that anyone hit by it will cry out in agony. Since the whole body is covered by skin, the Whip Strike has the same effect, no matter where on the body it hits, and it doesn't even matter how thick or how tough the skin may be. Even, Baki (who's put his body through constant, strenuous training) was no different as when faced with Yujiro's Whip Strike; the pain was so intense it caused him to jump around in pain, which leads you to believe he'd never been in that much pain at one moment before in the series. Although this technique is strong, Baki Hanma and Yujiro Hanma rarely use it, because they claim that this technique is good for children and women, not a skill for a man because "real men don't slap".
  • 0.5 Second Unconscious: It refers to the book of Tor Nørretranders. In the book, Nørretranders states that people are triggered half a second earlier than the brain orders to move. For example, a knife is flying towards some person. That person is triggered, but still unconscious. 0.5 second later the brain orders to move and the action comes. That means between when the person is triggered and when become conscious, the person is unconscious for 0.5 second and people can beat that person as much as they like for 0.5 second. It's almost an invisible moment, but Baki has achieved that skill. Baki used it against Yujiro Hanma in the last saga of the third series, but Yujiro was able to counter it with the same technique.
  • Dress: An incredibly unique fighting style, this method of combat centers around grabbing the opponent by their ankles and/or wrists before spinning the victim around rapidly as if they were a pair of nunchaku. The speed at which they are spun gives the illusion of a cloak being formed around the user, which earned this technique the name "dress". The victim can be used as a weapon to attack other people or the user can simply damage them by smashing them against obstacles. The technique is easier to perform when the opponent's body is smaller than the user. In the third series of the manga, Yujiro Hanma used the technique against Baki. Due to the centrifugal force, all the blood started to collect in Baki's head, making his ears, nose, eyes and mouth bleeding.
  • Aura: Yujiro uses his aura to shake entire skyscrapers to the point where people believe they're experiencing an earthquake. His aura also causes those around him to be fearful of him, to the point that they are unable to move.
  • Analysis: By looking at someone, Yujiro can with 100% accuracy detect any weakness, vital point, injury, or ailment that they have down to a cellular level
  • Mimicry: Yujiro can quickly learn a new martial art technique after he sees it just once
  • Possibly Knows: Due to knowing all martial arts on Earth and being the most skilled fighter in the series, its possible that Yujiro Hanma knows every technique in the series, but due to his reluctance to use techniques due to viewing them as "tricks for the weak", he has yet to show knowing any other techniques than what is listed above.


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