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I decide what "death" is.
~ Yogiri Takatou
Even though I’ve come across tons of people who claim that they’ll absolutely never die, or that they’re already dead, or that the concept of death doesn’t apply to them, they all end up dead in the end.
~ Yogiri after killing Maya


Yogiri Takatou is the main protagonist of the Instant Death series and a high school student who got transported to another world by a woman called Sion. After being abandoned to die by his classmates for being powerless, and asleep, alongside Tomochika, Ayaka Shinozaki and an extra classmate they are quickly attacked by a wyvern and presumed dead.

Unbeknownst to his classmates and the "all powerful" sages that summoned him, Yogiri already possessed a special and powerful ability before being summoned into another world that can instantly kill anything with a single thought regardless of how illogical it may seem for the ability to work. Despite his powerful ability he is incapable of achieving the goal of returning home with it and thus he makes his way through the new world in order to find a way back home. Through the story, however, we slowly learn of Yogiri's true nature. An eldritch horror-type being who for unknown reasons manifested himself as Yogiri back in the old world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A physically, Low 1-A with powers | Low 1-A

Key: Avatar | The End

Name: Yogiri Takatou, AΩ, Okakushi-sama

Origin: Instant Death

Gender: Male | Genderless

Age: 17 | Predates time

Classification: Human, Knight of the Divine King, Calamity, The End

Powers and Abilities:

Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Acrobatics (Shown to be acrobatic[1]), Immortality (Types 4, 7 and 9. If Yogiri dies, he will reincarnate into a new vessel.[2] Yogiri isn't human nor even a living thing.[3][4] The Yogiri that we know is only an avatar, so killing him is useless if it doesn't affect the true form[5][6]), Extrasensory Perception (Can see the black lines of death), Enhanced Senses & Precognition (Can sense killing intent and also predict any potential harm towards himself or his allies.[7][8] Any action Yogiri deems an attack on his well-being activates his power.[9] Yogiri now considered BFR to be an attack and will kill the user before the BFR's effect[10]), Clairvoyance (He is able to know the location of anyone he has seen him before[11] and look through other's vision[11]), Limited Cosmic Awareness (Yogiri is able to see those who intend to harm him while they are located in 4-Dimensional space.[12] Additionally, once Yogiri becomes aware of their existence,[13] he is able to observe whatever they are doing wherever they are, even if they are located in another dimension[14]), Instinctive Reaction (Can target people even when asleep[15][16]), Death Manipulation (His ability allows him to kill people with only a thought,[7][8] which can also be automatic[7][8]), Durability Negation (Object that Yogiri kill turn brittle and fragile[17]), Curse Manipulation & Technology Manipulation (His power can be used in a way that curses the enemy to die after a specific time period if he so wishes[18] and his power can manifest through video, audio, cameras, and any other recording device, even if it is not in real time, which effectively creates cursed objects[19]), Power Nullification (Can "kill" the powers of a target[20][21]), Healing, Telepathy, & Mind Manipulation Negation (It is not possible to restore the function of a body part that Yogiri has killed with healing magic. The eyes remain blind, the ears remain deaf, and the nose remains permanently unable to smell. As the beastman's "ears" are dead, mind manipulation and telepathy are ineffective[22]), Immortality Negation (All Types), Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly. Permanently killed UEG[23]), BFR (Send UEG to the void, an endless darkness where nothing exists and nothing can exist[24]), Existence Erasure, Subjective Reality, Law Manipulation (What dies and what phenomenon occurs, all of it relies on Yogiri’s perception/cognition of death. If there is something that contradicts his perception, then it simply doesn't happen.[25][26][27] Killed Another Kingdom and all of its rules.[28] Upon entering the dreamworld of Mitsuki, a rule had been placed so that anyone killed by Yogiri can't be brought back to life), Reality Warping, Non-Physical Interaction (Can kill ghosts, souls, concepts, abstract, nonexistent beings, and information of worlds), Soul Destruction (Killed the souls resigned within Chelsea's dolls.[29][30] Killed Teresa and her soul[31][32]), Plot Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, & Limited Text Manipulation (People with high "fate value" are protected by a Meta-Story that makes them essentially become the protagonists of the world.[33][34][35][36][37] Aoi saw that every future and possibility leads to Yogiri's victory.[38][39][40][41] Those with a lot of fate can't be killed even if their opponent is overwhelmingly stronger.[42][43] Yogiri resisted Yukimasa's power, and not only that but overwhelmed it to the point that the text written in the novel turned against Yukimasa himself and detailed his demise to Yogiri instead[44]), Summoning (Yogiri can manifest his true form[45] in the form of countless eyes filling the space[46] around his attacker[47]), Limited Fear Manipulation & Limited Madness Manipulation (Type 3. Those who try to dissect Yogiri's true nature, or see his fate/future start to feel fear and nauseous, and eventually will succumb to lasting insanity[48]), Deconstruction (Can kill poison gas on a chemical level[49][50]), Data Manipulation (Can kill and destroy programs, such as the Judge[51]), Portal Creation and Dimensional Travel (Can tear holes between different realities and travel through them[2]), Instant Translation (Everything he hears or speaks automatically gets translated by his equipment[52][53]), Resistance Negation (Can pierce[54][55] through[56][57] 10 layers[58][59] of resistance to death abilities, with each layer being superior than the other), Causality Manipulation (His instant death had been stated many times to have no cause and effect relationship), Space-Time Destruction (Killed Another Kingdom, an infinite size pocket dimension[60] and killed a conceptual entity that embodied countless space-times[61]), Conceptual Destruction (Type 1. His ability can kill on a conceptual level; Capable of affecting the entire higher-order conceptual hierarchy of heavenly records that exists beyond the concepts that makes each canopy and all space-times), Sealing (Yogiri has sealed and can seal his powers[62][63]), Dimensional Manipulation & Paralysis Inducement (Capable of controlling the abyss, a world where length, width, and height were supplemented with an additional fourth dimension. Making someone who is capable of entering, exiting, and traversing through the Abyss by warping space frozen and unable to leave, effectively locking him inside this dimension for the rest of his life[64])

Resistance to Information Analysis (Shown here.[68][69] Also, has a ring that disguises his status.[52][53] Even without the ring, Yogiri's abilities can't be detected on his Status), Mind Manipulation (Capable of staying in the presence of Vahanato[40][41]), Empathic Manipulation (Estelle's power to charm anyone isn't working on Yogiri[70]), Sleep Manipulation (Sleep Manipulation resistance[71]), Summoning (Yogiri's name didn't appear on Hanakawa's summoning menu list[72]), Reactive Evolution (Yoshifumi Superhero Time didn't activate against Yogiri[73]), Power Bestowal (Sion was unable to install the Battlesong system on Yogiri[74]), Power Nullification (No nullification ability ever affected his powers. One who is familiar with his powers stated that nullification of his power isn't worth thinking about. Yogiri stated his power is irreversible. A nigh-omniscient technology stated there is nothing that can be done when Yogiri's ability is activated[75]), Text Manipulation & Fate Manipulation (Yogiri resisted Yukimasa's power, and not only that but overwhelmed it to the point that the text written in the novel turned against Yukimasa himself and detailed his demise to Yogiri instead[76]), Causality Manipulation (The HRE failed to overturn the decided event that is his death due to Yogiri's ability, even after making it so that event should have not happened[77][78]), Plot Manipulation (With the Meta Perspective, Aoi saw that she would lose to Yogiri through every possible future[40][41]), Probability Manipulation (Killed Nina, who had the characteristic of absolute evasion, which means that any attacks cannot hit her[79]), Sealing (Shown here[54][55])

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically (Yogiri is exceptionally athletic and was given martial arts training from Tomochika[85][86][56][57]), Low Outerverse level with powers (Even at his avatar state, he is capable of channeling the power of the true form to attack, with both acting in tandem with each other.[64] Killed UEG with a thought.[87] Killed the relationship between dream and dreamer from Mitsuki, leaving him in a comatose state[88][89]) | Low Outerverse level (Represents the End of all existence, nonexistence and phenomena, standing beyond[40][41] Mitsuki and the Ultimate Ensemble, which contains the conceptual[90][91] hierarchy of heavenly records/The Sea[92][93] and the endless hierarchy of higher-level universes that resides beyond The Sea,[94] where lower-dimensional spaces are embedded within higher-dimensional ones.[94] Its mere presence was enough to completely erase UEG.[23] Its will alone defines the Ultimate Ensemble World[95][96])

Speed: Peak Human, up to Immeasurable reactions and attack speed with Instant Death (Has reacted to characters who can move much faster than the eye can see. Capable of automatically killing passive abilities before they affect him. It's stated that no matter how fast someone is, they still get killed by Yogiri,[97] which would include the Hedgehog and the Wandering Edge. Even if someone is faster than what Yogiri can physically react, his powers automatically activate to retaliate before any harm is done to him[98][99]) | Omnipresent (Exists across all the space and time[5][6])

Lifting Strength: Average Human | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Athlete level | Low Outerversal

Durability: Athlete level. At least Wall level with <SSR Grade Outfit> (Remain unscathed after falling from cumulonimbus cloud while wearing SSR Grade Outfit[100]) | Low Outerverse level

Stamina: Athletic up to Infinite (While normally Yogiri felt hunger and need to sleep. In special circumstances, it was stated that his power is limitless and he can exert himself to wander forever[101]) | Infinite

Range: Standard Melee Range normally, Low Outerversal & Interdimensional with powers | Low Outerversal & Interdimensional

Standard Equipment: His school uniform, Concealment Ring

  • Optional Equipment: Tomochika's sword and <SSR Grade Outfit>

Intelligence: Gifted (In a month, Yogiri, who didn't have proper or former education, obtained academic abilities on part with six graders while being of a third grade age. Yogiri's memory is noted to be great and Yogiri is also a fast learner. Capable of making quick calculations under heavy pressure and near death[25][26]) | Unknown

Weaknesses: Yogiri's ability doesn't instantly activate against people he cares for. | None notable.


Yogiri Respect Thread

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Instant Death: Instant Death is Yogiri’s ability to kill anything with a single thought. Although he usually says something like “die” along with it, it’s actually stated and shown to be thought-based on multiple occasions as he can also activate it while saying anything else, such as "you're the eyesore".[102] It has been noted that what phenomena occurs after he targets an object to kill it is dependent on Yogiri's cognition of the death. For example, if a door's purpose is to block the way into another room, it only becomes logical that once the door dies, it will allow him to cross the entrance.[103] However, this is something that Yogiri does not actively do when using his ability, as it occurs by itself. Despite the name of the ability, it is not necessarily instantaneous if Yogiri decides to not make it so, as there is some leeway as to when his targets can die, as long as they do die eventually.[104] Seemingly connected to the nature of instant death, Yogiri's perception of the world shows him any hostility directed at him or his allies, or just plain hazards, and he use that to track enemies he would not normally be capable of detecting, predict their movements/thought patterns, or automatically retaliate with the activation of instant death.
    • Automatic Defenses: Even if the opponent is faster than what Yogiri can physically react, his powers activate automatically to retaliate before any harm is done to him.[105]
    • Partial Killing: Yogiri can kill specific limbs or the organs of his targets if he wants, such as their senses (looking, hearing, smelling), arms, legs, fingers, hands, etc.[106] Even if you cut off the affected limb and try to regenerate/heal it, said limb will still be affected by his ability, and thus won't ever function again, no matter what the target does.[107] It should be noted that at the beginning of series, Yogiri wasn't fully capable of killing specific parts of the body, but he eventually learned how to do it by training with his powers.[108]
    • Immortality Negation: Yogiri is not only capable of killing anything, but he can also completely negate different types of immortality, such as resurrection,[109][110] regeneration, people who are already dead,[111] and even targets to whom the concept of death doesn't apply.[112] Furthermore, even if the enemy resides in a different plane and uses avatars to attack Yogiri, he can reach the true form by killing said avatars.[113][114]
    • Resistance/Immunity Negation: Yogiri's power is capable of completely bypassing immunity and resistance towards instant death abilities.[115][116] No matter how much defenses or resistances to instant death a person has, it is all meaningless in front of Yogiri.[117]
  • Seals: Due to wanting to be as human as possible, Yogiri constantly restrains his power with seals (also called Gates) that are locked within his mind. By imagining them opening, he can release more of his powers one by one. Each seal (when unlocked) leads Yogiri to a new phase, and each phase greatly amplifies his power. From the second seal and up, those doors would automatically close after a certain period of time. This proccess was set up to prevent him from accidentally destroying the world.[118]
    • 1st Phase: When this gate is active, Yogiri becomes capable of killing anything (with a thought or automatically), can sense killing intent, and can foresee any incoming danger that might harm him. This is the standard Phase that is usually active at all times.
    • 2nd Phase: When this gate is active, in addition of the powers from the 1st Phase, Yogiri's ability can now kill targets on a more abstract/semantic level. Yogiri has used this phase to kill his own momentum, falling energy, gravity itself, radioactive photons, wind, noise, and heat.[119] Additionally, he can use this power through the use of other people as a medium, being able to kill anyone/anything that his targets have ever seen from their memories,[120] as well as automatically killing anyone who tries to kill a certain person he has "marked" with this power, essentially protecting them.[121]
    • Final Phase: This is the default state of Yogiri before he put any gate or restriction on his power when the organization asked him if he wanted to live a normal life. When the 3rd gate is active, in addition of the powers from previous Phases, Yogiri's ability can now kill the associations between two things. Yogiri has used it to kill the connection/association/relationship between Mitsuki and his own dream (which was the universe), leaving him in a coma with the sole purpose of sustaining the world. Simply put, this Final Phase is capable of killing the repercussions and associations that would happen after the target is killed.[122][123]
  • Killing Intent, Precognition and Black Lines of Death: Yogiri can sense and foresee any incoming danger that might harm him or his allies beforehand, being able to quickly kill the cause or just dodge said harm flawlessly.[124][125][126][127] Moreover, he can also see black lines/fogs on people or places, which indicates that there is potential danger involving them.[128] It is later explained that Yogiri doesn't detect only killing intent, but actually any potential harm to his existence.[129] For example, even when it comes to unintentional attacks, or attacks from a user that doesn't even know about Yogiri's existence, they are still automatically killed if it's a threat to him.[130] In addition, he is able to detect power sources from different dimensions and kill them there,[131] as well as detect people who have the power of being impossible to be perceived by any means.[132]
    • Subjective Threat-Detection: Yogiri's power can subjectively recognize certain types of abilities as "a threat" even if they technically don't do any physical harm to him, such as mental attacks, automatically retaliating the enemy before the ability even affects him.[64][133]


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