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Everything is unknown. This is also something the world has provided us, living beings. It wants us to go out and discover, to go out and comprehend. This is a process of life.

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What did it matter that one was unparalleled…if they were alone?


Xue Ying is the protagonist of the Chinese Xuanhuan Novel - Lord Xue Ying. He was once a young lord in Tranquil Sun Province, who was only 8 years old when his parents were taken from him and imprisoned by those in a higher power, thus marking him to want to become a Transcendent Knight to save them. Trial by trial, step by step he reaches his goal of Transcendent Knight and saves his parents but at the same time his eyes are opened making him see that he was just a frog in well in the endless Cosmos as there are forces from a higher plane of existence that plan in the shadow to invade his world but fails as he becomes a Deity.

After some time and more trials, he goes to the Deity World where Xue Ying continues to train and seek the perfection of his Spear battling Gods, Demonic Primordials and other beings.

As the Apocalypse of the Deity World is approaching, Xue Ying goes further in the Boundless Cosmos and reach the Primordial Void World to find a way to saves his family from imminent death. After death and life battles he manages to become a Void God and accomplish his goal. With his dearest people safe, he continues to comprehend the Dao but his genius was both a blessing and a curse as was plotted against and killed by an apex being-Sacred Master.

Thanks to a fated chance, Xue Ying is reincarnated in another Origin World and so his journey starts anew to reach his goal of becoming a Cosmos God to go back to his family.

Power and Stats

Tier: 8-A | High 7-A | 5-A likely Higher | Low 4-C | At least 3-B, Low 2-C with Mirage World, and Black Gourd | At least 3-A, Low 2-C with Black Gourd | At least 2-B, likely far higher

Name: Xue Ying, Dong Bo Xue Ying, Lord Xue Ying, Spear Demon, Monarch Dong Bo, Flying Snow, Ying Shan Xue Ying, Grandpa King

Origin: Lord Xue Ying (Verse)

Gender: Male

Age: Several trillions (first life), 10 billions (second life)

Classification: Human | Water Daoist Member, Mirage Palace Hall Master, Bloodshed God Disciple, Monarch of the Five Palaces, Xia Clan Genius

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities, Lifespan (800 years), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2), Enhanced Senses (His sight, smell and hearing reach 50km), True-Flight, Surface Scaling (Can walk on water), Non-Physical Interaction, Accelerated Development (Comprehension of the True Meaning of the World accelerate one development), Size Manipulation (Via Transcendence can change his size to sub-atomic size), Shapeshifting (Full Conversion), Intangibility (Can transform into elements or particles), Selective Interaction (His body can only be affected by Transcendent Matter as it exists in a different dimension), Body Control (Can grow 4 additional illusory arms that are physical), Regeneration-Negation (Via Extreme Piercing up to Low-Godly), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic level), Durability Negation (Can pierce through anything be it matter, object, soul, energy and space, space-time), Illusion Creation (His illusion can become physical), Avatars (Can create three physical Avatars using True Meaning of Illusion), Spatial Piercing (Can pierce his body or anything through substance and space itself to reach a destination or attack, it can also crack the space and distort it), Time Manipulation (His Extreme Piercing can slow down time or obstruct it), Information Analysis (Via World Energy - using it as a sixth sense), Law Manipulation (True Meanings are the comprehension of the Laws of the World), Resistance to: Illusion, (Via True Meaning of Illusion), Spiritual (Via True Meaning of Illusion as it attack the mind and soul; qualitative change via becoming a Transcendent), Information Analysis (Via World Energy - using it to cloak himself), Spatial (Via Extreme Piercing), Mental (Via True Meaning of Illusion), Memory Manipulation (Via True Meaning of Illusion)

All previous abilities, Lifespan (1500 years), Immortality (Type 2, 3 and 8 via Mirage World), Regeneration (Low-Godly Time Immemorial Body), Telepathy, Avatars (Can create 36 Avatars that have a Soul, he can replenish them as many time he want - each have only 30% of his strength), Soul Manipulation (Can sense/observe everything at the same time in 50k km area - millions of people at the same time via his soul, can destroy souls), Gravity Manipulation (Repulsion, Attraction, Pressure, even space is affected, it can break matter at a fundamental level), Mirage Manipulation (Higher form of Illusion by creating a World that is exactly the same as Reality and controlling it or living within it to defend/attack), Perception Manipulation (Via True Meaning of Mirage), Homing Attack (Auto-lock attacks through the void), Teleportation (Can switch location with everything in his Mirage World, 50,000km World), Existence Erasure (Via Extreme Piercing), Non-Corporeal (Via Time Immemorial Body), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create and manipulate everything in his Mirage World), Statistics Reduction (Via True Meaning of Gravity), Resistance to: Mirage Creation, (Via True Meaning of Mirage), Spiritual (Via True Meaning of Mirage), Temporal (Can resist time manipulation in Mirage World), Death Manipulation (Resisted to attacks that contained the Law of Death and Soul), Elements, Poison (Immunity to Hexing Poisons that attack on a sub-atomic level), Information Analysis (Via Mirage World), Existence Erasure (Via Time Immemorial Body), Mental (Via True Meaning of Mirage)

All previous abilities, Lifespan (1 billion years), Self-Sustenance (Type 3), Cosmic Awareness, Immortality (Type 4), Non-Corporeal (Can turn his body Illusory), Soul Manipulation (Can sense/observe/kill everything at the same time in the whole Xia Clan World - 5 millions of kilometers), Avatar Creation (Can create a True Avatar that is 100% him meaning that even if his true body dies the avatar will and will create another him), Mirage Manipulation (His Mirage World now is the same size as Xia Clan World), Void Manipulation (Via Mirage Law and Chaotic Force), Space-Time Manipulation (His voice can transform and twist the Space-Time disintegrating and erasing from existence beings), Dimensional Travel, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Via True Meaning of the World can create an entire Inner World within himself), Power Nullification (Via Realm Heart and World Energy), Resistance to: Illusion and Mirage Creation, (Via True Meaning of Mirage), Spiritual (Via True Meaning of Mirage, his soul also got twice as strong and strengthened by Path of Reflection; True Meaning of the World can nourish and heal it even if it's split apart), Nothingness (Via Time Immemorial Body), Spatial (He resisted spatial ripples that could kill Deity Cultivators that penetrated all layers of space), Empathic Manipulation (Via Deity Heart), Aura (Slaughter and Madness)

All previous abilities, Lifespan (20 billion years), Enhanced Senses (Can sense and see through time-spaces), Regeneration (Mid-Godly can regenerate from the complete destruction of his Body and Deity Heart), Acausality (Type 3, thanks to his Multiple Existences via third body True Avatar which exist in another Cosmos, Xue Ying can't die as one of them survive), Energy Projection (Via Luminous Sun Art), Size Manipulation (His true body is a tenth of the River of Time which covers the entire Cosmos), Pocket Reality Manipulation (As a World Deity he gained an Inner World that is billions of km), Law Manipulation (His voice can wrap reality), Matter Manipulation (Can reconstruct bodies for others), Mirage Manipulation (Can creates at the same time 9 avatars that have the same strength as him), Black Hole Creation (Via True Great Chaotic Force can create dark chaotic holes; via by clenching his fists, black holes will form between the gaps), Absorption (Via Inner World can absorb energy), Statistics Amplification (Via Luminous Sun Art), Space-Time Manipulation (Can pierce through space-time passages and maelstroms), Existence Erasure (Via Destruction Energy and Termination Energy which attacks the body mind and soul), Fire Manipulation (Via Ten Apocalyptic Flame that burn the target to nothingness; via Black Gourd - it's fire can destroy the entire Cosmos if let uncontrolled or used at full power), Sound Manipulation (Via his voice which can be heard from present to future), Creation (Via World Energy can create anything be mountains, rivers, trees, arrays with special characteristics, etc within a range of 3 trillions km), Paralysis Inducement (via Willpower), Non-Corporeal (Via Dao of Mirage his body is completely Illusory and above the Laws of the ordinary World), Poison Manipulation (Via Blood Serpent Spear - Slaughter Dao), Large Size (His waist is a tenth of the entire Cosmos), Time Manipulation (Can look in the past by reverting it and search information about everything in the Cosmos), Dream Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage), Sleep Manipulation (Via Illusory Realm or pulling the souls within his Inner World), Darkness Manipulation (Via Unnamed Technique), Soul Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage can affect trillions and trillions of humans and innumerable cultivators), Memory Manipulation (Via Karma), Chaos Manipulation (Via Primal Chaos Energy and Voidwalker's Technique), Vibration Manipulation (Via Wind Ripple Path), Sealing (Via Luminous Sun Art; via Willpower), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage, a bigger and vaster world, the world being the first floor of a tower while the Dao being the second one), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 via Dao of Mirage, Dao of Slaughter, Dao of Ripple as they are concepts above the Law of the World), Karmic Manipulation (As a Stage Four Deity he can control Karma), Physics Manipulation (Via body and Dao of Mirage), Willpower Manipulation (Can use his Will alone to affect the reality or kill beings by destroying their mind-body-soul), True Avatar (Can create two True Avatars that are 100% him be in mind-body-soul), Improved Void Manipulation (Via Voidwalker's technique), Resistance to: Temporal (Can block beings from inspecting by reverting the time to find about him), Sealing (Via Luminous Sun Art), Illusion (Via Willpower), Black Hole (Via his physical body alone), Space-Time Manipulation (His body alone can resist it), Soul Manipulation (His soul was augmented by the Void Soul Liquid and by Dao of Mirage), Curse Manipulation (His life-force is so strong that even a Curse that was coming from a higher plane of existence than even his Dao of Mirage (4-D World) did not affect him), Law Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage he can ignore the Laws of the ordinary World as their Dao transcend it), Decomposition (Via Slaughter Domain can resist decomposition that affect even the Void), Sleep Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage), Karma Manipulation (Via being a Stage 4 World Deity and Dao of Mirage), Physics Manipulation (Via body itself and by comprehending the Dao of Mirage), Conceptual Manipulation (Via Dao of Mirage as he is one with it)

All previous abilities, Lifespan (Eternal, as he stepped out of the River of Time), Resurrection (True Gods can reincarnate other beings), Large Size (Type 8), Void Energy Manipulation (Via Voidwalker's Technique, Voidification, can become one with the Void to increase his defense and survivability), Information Analysis (Via Dao of Ripple), Incarnations (Can create Incarnation), Illusion Manipulation (Can make other suicide by using his Dao of Mirage even if they are Avatars as the Avatar and the True Body are connected through memories), Reality Warping (Can unite the reality with the illusory world), Statistics Reduction (Via Slaughter Domain), Law Manipulation (Via Law Domain can create any Laws), Acausality (Type 4, as he is no longer bound by the River of Time, exist outside of it), Resistance to: Law Manipulation (Via Law Domain), Improved Soul (Via higher realm), Improved Mind (Via higher realm), Improved Temporal (Via stepping outside of River of Time)

All previous abilities, Improved Law Manipulation (Stronger as he used his Daos to form a System Law; increased again its potency as he returned his System Law Dao to it single Origin; exploded his Origin Dao creating primal chaos cosmos; passive unseen Law Domain that is used to defend and sense anyone who gets in its range), Improved Void Manipulation (Comprehended a part of the Black Fog Spheres and Voidwalker's Techique, twisting the Void and its direction, connecting two spaces, shattering, cracking, twisting, turning to nothingness, particles to non-existence, distance manipulation, reached peak of Voidification), Improved Chaos Manipulation (Via Termination Energy), Teleportation (Can teleport through the Higher Dimension anywhere in the Primal Chaos Void using Destruction Realm Teleportation), Creation (Can create Absolute Arts that reach up to Void Realm), Aura (Passive soul Illusory Aura, can change his Aura), Spatial Manipulation (Can create Spatial Passages within Primal Chaos Void), Improved Soul Manipulation (Soul Search, can attack the soul even if only one part of the target get within the Illusory Realm), Power Nullification (Via Plate Ripple Diagram Suppression), Improved Willpower Manipulation (Via reaching third realm of Heart), Subjective Reality (Turning Illusion into Reality, easy as breathing), Life Manipulation (Via Mirage Annihilation can attack the Life-force directly), Improved Illusion Manipulation (Can affect a trillion of Void Realm Cultivators by using only 1 percent of his Soul power; he can even make them experience separate lives and he control them making them stronger/giving them techniques/inheritances without them remembering it; even to experience up to 1000 reincarnations within), Biological Manipulation (Can change/modify his bloodline), Durability Negation(Via Void Piercing can attack from within the target), Sound Manipulation (Can suppress/restrict the Void and its target via a sigh), Space-Time Manipulation (Can obscure the Space-time), Higher-Dimensional Existence (Exist beyond the Laws and space-time of the Universe; via Voidification), Resistance to: Soul (Via Soul Robe, 60 percent stronger, three times stronger, by reaching a higher realm, reaching Unity Realm and Qi Ya Incense, qualitative change, another qualitative change, absorbing Destructive Devil's essence, 30 percent by eating Origin World Rocks, Soul Nourishment, qualitative transformation, Destructive Devil's energy, 3-4 times, meditation room, God Tree, promotion of spirit), Void Manipulation (Via Voidwalker's Technique and Realm and understanding of Black Fog Spheres), Improved Law Manipulation (Via Law Domain, Illusory Realm), Improved Temporal (Via higher realm), Death Manipulation (Via Voidification), Cold Manipulation (Strong enough that its a Concept of Icy Cold - deathly stillness, freezing even the space-time via Voidification)

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (Can shake a Great Mountain by jumping) | Large Mountain level (Can create a water wave enough to fill a 2km Area) | Large Planet level likely Higher (Comparable with Deities who can slap Planets with a diameter of 400,000km, likely higher with his spear as he one shot a Deity) | Small Star level, Can create worlds the size of the Xia Clan World which he also control | Multi-Galaxy level (His true size is a tenth of the entire River of Time which encompasses the Cosmos), Universal level+ (Via Dao of Mirage which transcends the Laws of the World and its space-time, it also can't be measured through means of space-time; via Black Gourd which contains a Sun-Star, a heavenly body that transcend the entire Cosmos and its space-time; it will damage his Soul) | Universe level (His legs width alone is comparable to the River of Time which covers the entire Cosmos), Universe level+ with (with Black Gourd if let run rampart or using without caring; he can now control it without damaging his Soul) | At least Multiverse level (As one of his Sky Punishment Edge is vastly superior to 600 Multi-Layered Dark World - each layer being a Mirage World - he can create 25 Sky Punishment at the same time; only one Destructive Flower with only 3 petals is superior to his previous attack, each petal per flower is qualitative increase, his peak being 7 Flowers with 9 petals at the same time - he can create them continuously without limit; is stronger than Cosmos Gods (Rank 2) who can easily destroy a Sacred World and affect the Primal Chaos Void)

Speed: High Hypersonic+ (Could dash a distance of 300km in 10s) | Massively Hypersonic (335km/s feat), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks | Relativistic (25k km in a blink of eye), Omnipresent in his territory (the Mirage World), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks | FTL+ (16.6 SoL), Omnipresent in his territory (the Mirage World), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks | MFTL+ (200,138c), Omnipresent in his territory (the Mirage World), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks | MFTL+ (200,138c), Omnipresent in his territory (the Mirage World), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks | Immeasurable (Transcending beyond the normal world and he is no longer bound by the River of Time, exist outside of it), Omnipresent in his territory (the Mirage World), Immeasurable Via Extreme Piercing with attacks

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Strength of 50k kg) | At least Class 50, likely higher | At least Class 50, likely higher | At least Class Z, via Large Size | Unknown | Multi-Galactic | Multi-Galactic, likely higher | Immeasurable via being able to lift the 12 Black Beads

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class | Large Mountain Class | Large Planet Class| Small Star Class | Multi-Galactic Class | Universal, Universal+ | Multiverse

Durability: Multi-City Block level | Large Mountain level | Large Planet level| Small Star level | Multi-Galactic level | Universe level, Universe level+ via Mirage World | At least Multiverse level, Complex Multiverse level via Voidification

Stamina: Very High, Able to fight for several days with someone comparable to him | Near-Limitless, as his Immortal Qi sustain him | Near-Limitless | Near-Limitless | Limitless, World Deity can't get exhausted and can fight for hundreds of millions of years | Limitless | Limitless

Range: Extended with Spear, further with shock-waves, Hundreds of Meters via throwing his spear, several Hundreds of Meters via Being One with Nature (telekinesis) | 50 kilometers around him | 50,000 kilometers around him via Mirage World, Gravity, Extreme Piercing | 5 millions of kilometers | 5 trillions of kilometers, Universal with Karma, Universal+ with Dao of Mirage and Black Gourd | Universal, Universal+ with Dao of Mirage and Black Gourd, Low Multiversal with Karma | Multiverse, Complex Multiverse Level via Voidification and Great Destruction Realm Teleportation

Standard Equipment: Note that when he goes to a higher Realm(Key) his items remains so even with each Key his number of items increase.

Flying Snow God Spear (A spear with the ability to created illusory snowflakes around it to confuse the enemy)

Protective Inner Vest, Storage Wristband (A pocket dimension of 2,700 cubic meters in his Wristband)

Short Spears (He always hold short spears on him so he can throw them)

Stellar Firecloud Spear (A Spear with increased sharpness at the level of a Demigod)

Water-Fire Cloud Robe (Can withstand Demigods attacks and has a special spell around it that use unseen waves that block attacks and reduce their effects)

Blood-Drinking Spear (Can grow to have a size of 5 kilometers)

Scarlet Red Wristband (Can seal an enemy in a space-time array within it that is above the Laws of the ordinary World)

Flying Knife (It contains the Dao of Mirage and Slaughter, once throw it vanishes in the space-time continuum and also gone from the Real World and entering the Dao Mirage World a superior World compared to the ordinary one - stated that if the ordinary world + the Mirage World were the first floors of a Tower then the Dao Mirage World is the second one)

Black Gourd (Holds within it a Sun Star - a Sun Star is a heavenly body that transcends the entire Mortal Realm, Deity World and Dark Abyss existing outside of its time-space; it also has a sentient spirit treasure that can see and sense the strength of the soul of a target)

Blood Serpent Spear (Contains the eternity-level Dao of Slaughter with an extremely potent poison can instantly kill those of weaker physique)

Black Robes (It can conceal one aura and is extremely durable)

Stanfield Ship (A gigantic Ship that can transverse through Space-Time by tunneling through it)

Great Void Temple Talisman (Hide the aura so even those at Primal Chaos Realm will not be able to find you)

Black Gourd (Xue Ying now can display its full power, it being able to contend with a Primal Chaos Cultivator - Void God at Peak)

Three-Colored Heavy Cloud (A Secret Treasure that is used as a protective mean)

12 Primal Beads (Each Bead is heavier than a Sun-Star, once activated will create a protective god light layer that is able to defend for one-two instance from attacks of Cosmos Gods at rank 2)

Scarlet Cloud Magic Spear (A Spear that is at the rank of a Cosmos God - contains within it two Concepts: one to turn the self into the origin of space while the other is to converge with a chaotic space)

Magic Dragon (A Dragon protect that is at the rank of Nine Yuan Palace Realm)

Five Phase Beads (Every bead contains a Void World inside - each corresponding to one Phase. Most efficient used to imprison)

Devil Heart Bell (Once used a sweet-sounding ringing will be heard that will make one soul feel bliss - that will create a World following target deepest wishes - having two Dao Paths within it Bewilderment and World - it's an Illusory and Mirage Realm item)

Optional Equipment: Note that when he goes to a higher Realm(Key) his items remains so even with each Key his number of items increase.

Golden Ape and Golden Rock (Refiner Organisms that are comparable to him)

White Fog Ape and Five Shadows (6 Refiner Organisms that are comparable to him excluding the Gold Deity which is stronger than him on AP - Sky Key)

Level 12 Star Pagoda (A flying fortress that is 5km in size, can isolate the space by creating a separate world and suppress the overall stats by 50%)

Unknown Talisman (Can teleport using it rendering all space, dimensions, sealing, suppression on the entire Cosmos)

Flying Swords: Has 3600 Flying Swords that he infused with Extermination Energy using the Fish Dragon Kill technique - he can both attack and defend using them.

Black Stream Cloud Wolfs (Two black wolfs that are at Void God Realm - Unity)

Can Create/Summon: Can create anything within his Mirage World; Can create physical Illusions | Can create anything in the real world using World Energy

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Xue Ying is extremely intelligent, capable of learning and comprehending techniques/laws of the world at an abnormal speed making him the youngest and most shocking Cultivator of the whole Verse.

Weaknesses: His stamina and regeneration is influenced by World Energy. Can't make World Avatars without World Energy.


  • In his fanatical training with Spear has reached the realm of being able to pierce all matter, substance, souls, space and time.
  • Has survived for 100 years being afflicted by the Hex Poison of the Sorcerer God which attacks the deepest particle.
  • Has refined the Xia Clan World after only 600 years becoming the youngest known Material Lord.
  • His Divine Sea is so heavy that only one droplet of water from it can crush Deities beings that can slap planets with a diameter of 400,000km.
  • His punches are so heavy that space itself will fold and collapse upon being hit.
  • His True Meaning of the World can repair any damage done to his soul.
  • Can exist within the Primordial Chaos Void without being a Void God.
  • Reached level 6 of Yuan Tower without being a Void God (Primal Chaos) Cultivator.
  • Is known as the most powerful Cultivator in the soul aspect even before reaching Cosmos God. His soul could passively affect those at Cosmos God realm forcing them to redirect 20%-50% of their power to protect their soul.
  • Survived and could combat Myriad Tavern Master and his 10,000 true bodies (multiple existences) assassinations.
  • Become a cosmos God only after 5 billions of years after reincarnating.
  • Can see the Multiverse like a 2-D piece of art while he exists in a Higher Dimension.
  • Created thousands of Absolute Arts and Bloodlines up to Void God Realm.
  • Reincarnated trillions of cultivators more than 1000 times in less than one hour to give them different experiences and help them cultivate faster.
  • Deducted and learned Great Destruction Realm Teleportation technique alone, something that not even Sacred Master could - an apex existence between Cosmos Gods.
  • His physical speed alone is fast enough that with a single move is able to create 9 true bodies of him from 9 different directions as he is no longer bound by space-time.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Soul Spear: The simplest and most basic technique. Often referred to as the origin of all spear techniques. There is no particularly amazing killing technique, only basic techniques.

Mysterious Ice Spear: Created by Mysterious Ice Knight Gu Yuan Han.

Three Stage Flame: A set of fist techniques which strengthen the muscles, bones throughout the body and increase the recovery rate of stamina and recovery.

Stellar Flame Qi: A technique which increases his strength by using the Stellar Qi from the Stars.

Bloodline Power: With it, Xue Ying can boost his stats by a factor of 2.

Herculean Technique: Based on Great Chaotic True Force, Xue Ying can increase his strength.

Magic Dragon Force: A secret supporting technique that transforms one's inner musculoskeletal structure. This was only once used as its a permanent technique.

Great Chaotic True Force: A World Deity technique which refines Qi and Deity Energy into a force of extreme offense. It allows the user to merge countless water droplets into a vast amount of force. At great success state, each water droplets has the might of a Chaos Hole - each having the power of an entire mortal world.

Avatar Technique: A World Deity technique that split the Soul of the User in two creating another you that has the same power and they can think simultaneously with both bodies without having problems and can perform different tasks.

Ten Apocalyptic Fire: A secret technique which reaches the might of an Absolute one by creating flames that burn to nothingness.

Extreme Condensation: Using the Dao of Slaughter, Xue Ying condenses all of his power in a point, its akin to the eruption of light that will cut and destroy everything before it.

Slaughter Domain: Fuses the Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple that sends attack in a ripple pattern that corods even the Laws of the World. It can suppress the body, attack the internal organs with each passing second.

Fish Dragon Kill: A simplified version of the 13th Apocalyptic Sword Technique that creates a technique that looks like fishes made of energy that will home its target. It uses Extermination Energy as it's the foundation and infused with Dao of Slaughter that destroys both body and soul alike.

Multi-Layered Dark World: Its a simplified version of the Dark World first style's Dark Bubble. It will create a Dark World with multiple layers of membrane stacked on top of one another that will even affect the surrounding Law that will explode at the same time. Stated to not be able to evade it. Its full power is stated to far transcend a single Sky Punishment Edge by creating 2500 layers of Dark World.

Water and Fire Flood Dragon Attack: An offensive spear technique which combines the Profound Mysteries of Water and Fire.

Great Earth: A defensive spear technique which seeks to replicate how the earth is unified into a whole so as to make the opponents to be unable to breakthrough.

Star Meteor Annihilation: A purely offensive technique which fused True Meaning of Star and True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. The space surrounding the spear will condense into a star that will expand before caving in exploding.

Condensing Reality: A technique which allows his original body to become one with the Mirage World and create an Avatar that can display 30% of his power.

Star Aggregation: A technique that creates countless illusory spears that will be followed by an illusory meteor.

Destruction Spear: A technique which strikes the target using the aspect of Destruction itself.

World Prison: It use the Luminous Sun art to create countless shackles to form a sphere to suppress and bind anything within it, even shadows.

Black Feather Land Suppression: A technique in which Xue Ying increase the size of his spear to billions of km long and throw it at the same time an Illusory Land that is bigger than the spear appears behind it suppressing all behind it.

Sky Dome Fog Prison: It creates a Sealed World around the target.

Heart World: A technique which creates an Illusory World that attacks the Soul and if not being able to resist it will absorb the target within it.

Luminous Sun: An absolute technique which transforms the body to give tyrannical strength and extreme speed. It can also be used to form a shield around the body to protect from attack or be used to empower a weapon or an attack. It can also be used to create things or seal.

Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body: It focuses on the body by increasing it's speed, power, and durability to a tyrannical degree and it forms a black armor on the entire body that needs to be destroyed before his body can be affected. This is a passive technique.

Wind Ripple Path: A combination of Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple that attacks using Termination Energy, the energy of the Primal Chaos using vibrations.

Walker's Hidden Secret: It uses the energy of the Primal Void Chaos which is the destructive force of the Void named Termination Energy. Know as the strongest type of Energy it can be used to attack and protect the body. Using this, Xue Ying can survive in the Primal Void Chaos without being a Void God.

  • Void Evasive Maneuver: Using the Termination Energy one breaks his body and instantly reconstruct it to increase his mobility and evasive survivability.
  • Termination Energy Body: Xue Ying has a passive layer of Termination Energy around his body that will destruct anything coming in contact with it be it body-soul-mind. Even Bloodshed God Emperor was going to be destroyed at a brief contact.

Miniature-Cosmos: Give by the Bloodshed God Emperor to Xue Ying, it creates a miniature-Cosmos that exist outside of the current one, not even Fate/Karma can reach it. Xue Ying uses this one to hold his third True Avatar.

Dark World: Is an incomplete Absolute Art created by Dark World Master. It has three styles - the first two are created by the original user while the third is created by Xue Ying.

  • Destruction Flower - the third style for Dark World created by Xue Ying by fusing Dao of Mirage with Dao of Slaughter. It will create a World that is both real and illusory and at its center a black flower bud will appear that will form a Natural Concept - just by being created it will produce and spill/spread over in reality, unseen Laws making within it range the Laws of the Primal Chaos Void to retreat, also just by descending in reality, it will create an absolute cold that will freeze to death even Void Cultivators. Once it Blooms it will create a black fog that will cut and destroy everything including the Void. Can create continuously flower buds. With each bud/flower and petal the power is increased dramatically, up to a total of 7 Nine-Petaled Flowers. It can also be used to restrict.

Black Shuttle: Using the Apocalyptic Sword Art, Xue Ying can create up to 20 Black Shuttles using the profoundness of Dao of Slaughter. Each Black Shuttle will form a faint illusion with a black hole within by collapsing the Void with enough potency that even under the suppression of the Laws of the Primal Chaos Void will not stop it.

Vermilion Nightmare Illusory: An illusory technique that sends red streams of air which can't be blocked and attack directly the soul. It does not need to be controlled once activated as it will emit an aura that will pull enemies within the Illusory Realm time after time that even if resisted it will suppress the soul and even seal it. It can create more than one Illusory Realm at the same time.

Avatar Technique (Realm Heart Great Land): Create one or more True Avatars by using the Arch Destruction technique to break the Essence of the Origin World's Void and interact with the higher dimension.

Five Phases Sealing: - a Sealing technique that uses the Five Phases of the Void to seal its target be it in a planer art, use it to create several hundred bodies, trapping within its space or used to strike/pull and increase the weight of his weapon.

Spectacular Painting: A technique that turns its target in a planar piece of art. Its a technique created using the Five Phases Sealing as a foundation.

Nine Rotation Undying: A self-created technique that goes beyond the level of Absolute Art, letting even someone at Void God (Primal Chaos) Realm reach peak Voidification. It uses Nine Void Daos rotating to adapt to every situation. It let the user fusing with the Higher Dimension making impossible to be attacked/reached without having access to it or being unable to break the cage of the Origin World. Stated to be a concept beyond the Space-Time.

Key: Mortal Key | Sky Key | Saint Key | Demigod (Deity) Key | World Deity | True God(Powerful Existence) | Void God



  • Is comparable to beings two Realms above him after Transcending.
  • Has comprehended 4 True Meanings which are understandings of the true Nature of the World. Later 9 to become a Stage 4 World Deity and then he started to grasp all laws.
  • His Mirage World is comparable to the Xia Clan World which is 5 million km long.
  • His Extreme Piercing is able to pierce through all matter, energy, space and time.
  • His spear attack passively generate a gravitational force that makes harder for the enemy to dodge.
  • Has multiple existence thanks to his Avatar technique which split his soul in two creating another Xue Ying that is 100% comparable to him. Even if you kill one in any way, the other can again split his soul to recreate another him thanks to his True Meaning of the World which will passively nourish and repair/mend his soul. They can think simultaneously with both bodies without having problems and can perform different tasks. His true body stays in the Xia Clan World (in Material World) within the hidden space of the Realm Heart while his Avatar goes in the Deity World and the Dark Abyss. His third True Avatar exists in another Cosmos.
  • Was not hindered by a Sea that had each droplet of water heavier than a Planet.
  • His true size before Transcending the River of Time is a tenth of its size. After transcending it, his size was so big that his legs alone width is near as big as the River of Time.
  • The Black Gourd contains a Sun Star within it, a heavenly body that exists in a higher space-time than the Cosmos.
  • Once someone mention his name, even if they are apart by countless measures of space, they can sense and know who used it and even kill the person.
  • Once he grasped the Nine-Petaled Flower his power reach that of a normal Cosmos God.
  • His body surface is covered in strange spatial maelstrom fluctuations - akin to three Void stairs revolving around his body that will drill away all incoming attacks by distorting the void. This is passive.
  • His attacks will ignore all durability/arrays/barriers/space through piercing the Void and attacking from within the target.

Dou Qi - the energy that Knights/Mages uses to do supernatural feats.

World Energy - the essence of Nature and Cosmos Energy that surrounded everything in the Cosmos.

Realm of Myriad Existence - is the start of a Transcendent's understanding and comprehending of the nature of Heaven and Earth. Enlightenment on the nature of the World means achieving the Realm of Myriad Existences. After comprehending the Realm of Myriad Existences one’s understanding becomes deeper and deeper, and one’s control of the World Energy will undergo a qualitative change. Following this qualitative change, the comprehension of the Myriad Existences can be split into three levels. This represents the depth of one’s comprehension of the Realms.


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