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Where's Waldo? is a popular book series created by Martin Handford. The series consists over the iconic face and main character, Waldo. The predominant plot of these books is to find Waldo and other characters and/or objects within a huge crowded environment. Crossing over the years, Waldo has been considered to be a very iconic face and character to many, especially in the public world.

Powers of the Verse

Where's Waldo?, amongst many other verses is overall very average in power, and nothing too important, however the verse is somewhat unexplored, and it's likely possible that there are higher feats within the verse. Overall, the verse consists to Athlete level to Street level, though its full potential is likely unexplored, and could be in a much higher state.






  • Waldo
  • Wenda
  • Wizard Whitebeart
  • Woof
  • Odlaw
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