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Born in 16th century Italy, Voldo was a servant of the weapons merchant Vercci. Known as the Merchant of Death due to his business with the Spanish Armada, Vercci desired the Soul Edge for his collection and had Voldo to attempt expeditions with Cervantes de Leon. When Vercci heard that his possessions have been ransacked as a result of civil war in Italy, he had his personal fleet travel to an uninhabited island off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea and dug a 50-mt deep shaft that would serve as his tomb and as a vault for his remaining fortune. After killing off the sailors under Vercci's orders, Voldo becomes the guardian of the Money Pit. But he would emerge from the Money Pit, either to continue the search for the Soul Edge or hunt down thieves that steal from the vault in his absence.

What lies in his soul is Allegiance.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B | High 7-C

Name: Voldo, "He Who Is Bound By Blind Allegiance", "Hell Guardian"

Origin: Soul Calibur

Gender: Male

Age: 43-67 (Gets older through the different games)

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Contortionist, Expert Katar User, Energy Manipulation, Heals each time he does damage with Guillotine, Limited Durability Negation with Cat Claws, Poison Manipulation with Tafana Scissors, Passive Attack Amplification with Iron Ram, Passive Statistics Amplification with Jamadhar (Increases all of Voldo's stats at the start of the battle temporarily) | All previous Original Timeline abilities minus weapon abilities, Poison Manipulation with Tafana Scissors, Statistics Amplification with Soul Charge.

Attack Potency: City level+ (Fought and wounded Patroklos. Should be comparable to Yoshimitsu) | Large Town level+ (Fought Ivy Valentine of even grounds)

Speed: Superhuman with Supersonic+ reactions and combat speed. | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Class 1

Striking Strength: City Class+ | Large Town Class+

Durability: City level+ | Large Town level+

Stamina: Very high

Range: Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Katars

Intelligence: Unknown (Can't quite be categorized)

Weaknesses: Guillotine damages Voldo each time he blocks. The Tofana Scissors poison Voldo as well.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Great Gear of Madness: He attaches himself to his opponent from behind, whom he sets on fire rolling around. Voldo then jumps up and slams the opponent to the ground.
  • Wheel of Madness: Voldo start his Critical Edge with a bow, and then attacks his opponent in a circular shape.

Note: Many of Voldo's abilities come from the various weapons he can equip. As such, in battle the creator should specify what weapon(s) he is allowed to have.

Key: Original Timeline | New Timeline


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