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Several planeswalkers in Magic: The Gathering can manipulate the Blind Eternities, the nothingness that surrounds its different planes of existence.


Void Manipulation, also known as Nothingness Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate a void: nothingness or non-existence.

Empty space and black holes are not examples of a void as they possess energy and exist in the conventional sense. Manipulating either is Spatial Manipulation and Black Hole Creation respectively.

It should be noted that the ability to interact with nonexistent beings or objects directly as if they were physical objects is usually considered Non-Physical Interaction and does not grant the user the ability to manipulate nothingness in other contexts.

Possible Uses

  • Manipulation of Nothingness: The primary use of this ability, one's control over a 'nonexistent substance'. Naturally this may allow them to be resistant to the effects of existence erasure, as often interacting with a Void also causes one to be converted into a Void, although this may not always be the case.
  • Conversion to Nonexistence: The user of this ability might be capable of turning targets to nothing. This can range from only turning the matter of the target to nothing to also turning things like its energy, mind, soul, space, time and/or concept to nothing. Note that most users of this ability have not the full range of the ability. Further note that one shouldn't list a character to have resistance against this ability in total, as that requires a character to have shown resistance against every imaginable ability which can erase a target.
  • Conversion to Existence: The inverse of Existence Erasure. The user may be able to move something from a state of nonexistence to existence, such as reversing the effects of the aforementioned power through their innate control over nothingness. Note that this alone is not justification for Void Manipulation as much as it can be a side-effect of having it. Like conversion to nonexistence, this may be limited in scope, such as only being able to conjure physical objects as opposed to minds, souls, or concepts.


  • The scope of what exists and does not can vary greatly depending on the verse in question, so some uses of this ability can be far more potent than others.



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