Yayyy blazblue

Okay so i still think BB should have Uni+ Attack Potency but this is still better than what they currently have

THE FEAT  Oh yeah this is DMUA's doing, when i was cutting out extraneous rants i guess i accidentally got rid of the credit, but he should get it

So we have Izanami's now-infamous feat/anti-feat of struggling to atomize the earth and moon. Got calced at small planet, she deadass states the values when she speaks, bingo bango bongo. Should be easy, right?


Let's do a thing with Inverse Square Law.

The moon is 19000000 KM^2 as per cross-sectional area, the distance is 384400 KM

now we need to find the surface area of the blast

4π((384400)^2) is 1.8568491e+12

1.8568491e+12 divided by 19000000 is a blast multiplier of 97728.9

97728.9 times 6.778e+29 is 6.6240648e+34 Joules, 15.8318949379 Yottatons, meaning Large Planet Level.

Hades Izanami is bad at math.

The best part is that this is actually consistent with the Astral Finish feats IIRC

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