1."“The Boundless Great Sun!”

In the monster god Ming King palace, the blazing sun behind Zhong Yue suddenly turned into a flaming conflagration. The flame blasted out like magma, setting the whole palace alight in a sea of fire. The palace vigorously burned and the temperature inched upwards rapidly until it felt as if the air itself would be set alight. Any vestige of moisture that lingered in the air before was completely wiped away in an instant!

One after another, the King Tengs dashed through the flames directly at him, they said in an eerie unison, “It’s useless, there was once a Wu Xing Wheel Qi Practitioner that tried to burn me with the Fire Wheel of the Wu Xing Wheel, his efforts bore no fruit and I was unscathed. Not to mention that your attainments in the art of fire were not even as strong as his!”

2.“It’s different, my fire that is….”

All of a sudden, the relaxed Zhong Yue said gently, “My fire is the fire of the sun, and I didn’t cast the fire, I only instigated it. In actuality, its source is the inside of your own body itself. Now, you may die.'”"

"Fire suddenly erupted on from the inside of the huge vine man and fire started ravaging all over the body of the huge vine man. The fire then turned into a huge burning conflagration that looked like a miniature sun, out of which, flew countless three-taloned golden crows, setting the body of the vine man 'ablazed'.

Zhong Yue’s【Boundless Great Sun】shrouded the entire palace with its flames. The entire palace was filled with fire and countless suns ascended from the fire, producing countless three-taloned golden crows that absorbed the heat from the【Boundless Great Sun. Just imagine the temperature of the golden crows!"

3."The strange vine Yuan Shen moved in the scorching ground while the other half of the Unlimited Great Sun in the ground incinerated the mountain, producing an ocean of lava that flowed everywhere around the palace."

Granite melts at 1,215 celsius.

Granite = 821.46

Room Temperature 20 celsius.

Difference being 1195 celsius.

10^12 *821.46* 1195 = 9.816447e+17j

If the feat involved a change between solid and liquid (in either direction) we must multiply the mass of the material with the material's "heat of fusion".

Granite (Heat of Fusion) = 947657.98

10^12*947657.98 = 9.4765798e+17j

9.816447e+17 + 9.4765798e+17 = 1.9293027e+18 j 7-A (Mountain level)

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