“Zhong Yue laughed and the lake water waved vigorously before he vaporized the entire lake, immersing the surroundings in a dense mist. As such, what was left were the thousands of ferocious Jiao Dragons that slithered throughout the mist within which was suspended scattered mud and defiled lotus!

In the end, he was still severely wounded, the Wu Xing Wheel array formation nearly killed him, and manipulating the hundred dragons in moving the water lake had also exhausted all of his energy. How heavy was the huge lake? No lighter than the weight of a mountain. Moving it nearly crushed his internal organs!”

Mass of a Mountain is 10^12 thus the Lake would be too 10^12 kg.

The average temperature of Lakes during Summer is 19°C.

Boiling Temperature of Water is 100°C.

The difference of Temperature is 81°C.

The specific heat capacity of water is 4181J/kg°K.


81*4178*10^12 = 3.38418e+17

The heat of vaporization is 2257000 J/kg.

10^12*2257000 = 2.257e+18

(3.38418e+17) + (2.257e+18) = 2.595418e+18 - 7-A (Mountain level)

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