Hahaha, watching a bloody battle is quite entertaining too. The 'tapir' that’s protecting Ice Iron Mountain was personally selected and bought by the Mountain Lord in the past from the prefecture capital and then groomed into what it is today. Its combat strength is truly powerful; ordinary Deities aren’t its opponent. Its physique is tyrannical; its defense is formidable… With a single slap, it could easily destroy an ordinary planet! Being able to kill a peak-stage Deity with a single slap is only a matter of time."

• What is an ordinary planet?

"Xue Ying gazed at the distant planet that was emitting an endlessly cold aura. The black planet was merely four hundred thousand kilometers in diameter. A large fort about as half the size of the planet was built on top of it."

• A merely 400,000km in diameter and Deities can slap it.

"Standing atop the lake, although he was still wearing his white clothes, Xue Ying felt himself being born again. He extended his right hand, then slowly opened it up, then abruptly clenched.
Peng!!! The air within the palm was instantly grasped and compressed. The sudden compression ultimately created a low-pitched boom. Just this clenching movement could possibly pinch Lord You Lan and the others to death with ease.
"Too strong; this body is too strong." Although Xue Ying had mentally been prepared for this, the aftermath of the creation of a Time Immemorial body left him stunned."
"His body had now far exceeded the Transcendent stage. All those bloodlines he had heard about paled in comparison to what he now had. He could even pinch newly-ascended Deities to death. This body was clearly heaven-defying."

• And he can pinch them to death, those beings (Deities) two tiers/realms above him.

Diameter of 400,000 km

Radius is 200,000 km

Volume = (4/3)*(Pi)*(200000^3) = 3.3510322e+25 km^3

Density of Rock is 1600 kg/m^3

Mass = Volume*Density

Mass = ~5.3616515e+28 kg

GBE = (3*6.67384e-11*5.3616515e+28 ^2)/(5*200000000)= 5.7556478e+38 joules High 5-A (Dwarf Star)

Version 2 with 2700 kg/m^3.

Density of Rock is 2700 kg/m^3

Mass = 9.0477869e+28 kg

GBE = (3*6.67384e-11*9.0477869e+28 ^2)/(5*200000000) = 1.6390106e+39 joules High 5-A (Dwarf Star)

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