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Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Magic and Energy Manipulation

"The Static Tension training exercise!

A very simple yet very effective training exercise. If a person could reach the level of being able to maintain this pose for an hour, then his body would no longer fear ordinary swords or sabers."

"He could easily lift boulders which weighed hundreds of pounds and shatter rocks with his punches."

"Linley, magi, and warriors each have their own strengths. At the same rank, a magus is perhaps slightly stronger than a warrior."

"Let’s discuss this question later. Linley, you should know that in the Yulan continent, an average person’s lifespan is around 120-130 years. Powerful magi and warriors can live for longer, usually up to two or three hundred years, or sometimes even four hundred years. The absolute limit to a person’s lifespan is five hundred years. Only those who have attained the legendary power of Saint-level combatants can live eternally, unbound by the dictates of time.”

"Linley, first of all, I must tell you that in this world, there are elemental powers. Fire-type element, water-type element, wind-type element, earth-type element, lightning-type element, light-type element, and darkness-type element. Warriors and magi both rely on absorbing these elements from nature as part of their training. Both magic spells and battle-qi are fueled by and determined by a specific elemental type."

"The reason why powerful magi can live so long is that when magi absorb natural elemental energy into their body to generate pure mageforce, when the elemental energy flows through their body, it will naturally refine their apertures, their joints, and their flesh, making their bodies stronger and stronger. With a stronger body, naturally, they will live longer. By the same logic, when warriors cultivate their battle-qi, they also absorb natural energy, which flows through their body and strengthens it. The more powerful a warrior is, the stronger his body will be. Naturally, he will live a long life.”

Enhanced Senses and or Extrasensory Perception - depending on their element

Walking on the blue-tiled steps of the stone walkway, Linley’s footsteps were firm and swift but made little sound.

This was an ability that virtually all earth-style magi possessed. Because their power was derived from the earth itself, they could mask virtually all sound from their footsteps."

"This was because ten centimeters above Linley, there was a ‘wind shield’ of approximately one meter in diameter. The defensive ability of the ‘wind shield’ spell was quite high. Linley only had to use a tiny bit of mageforce in order to allow it to block the rain constantly.

As the wind itself was formless, the wind shield, as well, appeared like just a translucent, faint blue streak."

Generally speaking, a magus of the third rank would be able to execute the Windscout spell. But of course, the more powerful a magus was, the wider an area the Windscout spell could cover. The Windscout spell of a magus of the third rank would only affect an area of around ten or so meters around him, but the Windscout of a magus of the fifth rank had a diameter of over a hundred meters.

“Within a hundred meters, the only magical beasts around are a magical beast of the first rank, a Bubblerat, and a few magical beasts of the second rank, ‘Earth Scorpions’,” Linley said confidently. The Windscout spell could discern the aura and life scent of any living creature."

“The Pulse of the Earth. The Flow of the Wind.” A peaceful smile was on Linley’s face, as he began to drift off into sleep. Linley had total confidence that any tremors on the ground caused by something approaching, or any disturbances in the wind caused by something moving rapidly to him, would immediately awaken him.

These were the abilities possessed by earth magi and wind magi.

“Two magical beasts are nearing me, and right now they are around forty meters or so away.” Based on the vibrations from the disturbances in the local air elemental essences, Linley was certain that there were two beasts."

"A magus of the seventh rank was far more powerful than a magus of the sixth rank. The power of the defensive spells alone multiplied tenfold."

All relevant characters are at least supersonic

"Linley was rather confident in himself. As a magus of the fifth rank and a warrior of the fourth rank, he possessed great speed as a warrior which could be further supported by the wind-style spell, ‘Supersonic’. Based on his current speed, when combining his speed with this spell, Linley could reach the speed of a warrior of the sixth rank."

Wind Manipulation

Of the two clear leaders of the pack, one of them suddenly let out a low howl. Immediately, the twenty or thirty powerful Windwolves charged forward, as fast as the wind. Their white fangs bared, they snarled at Linley as they ran. At the same time, over a hundred deep green blades of wind appeared out of nowhere, carrying great power within each blade.

Linley had a sudden insight, and began to formulate a plan. Immediately, his lips began to move silently as he soundlessly began to mouth the words to a spell. Slowly, the wind elemental essences around Linley began to swirl about him, forming into a bluish, translucent javelin in front of him. The translucent javelin’s tip had gusts of wind flowing about it.

Wind-style magic of the fifth rank – Windhowl! “Swish!”

A piercing sound could be heard as the Windhowl javelin shot downwards with terrifying speed. At the same time, Linley jumped down from the tree’s crown, leaping down with as much speed as the javelin.

Earth Manipulation and Gravity Manipulation

Linley let out a breath. Right now, Linley’s body was suffused with a layer of stone-like armor which was in turn covered by a layer of earth elemental essence emanated a faint rocky glow.

Earth-style magic: Earthguard!

The Earthguard required the user to at least be a magus of the fifth rank. When magi of the fifth and sixth ranks used this spell, they used a large amount of earth elemental essence to form a rocky armor which had fairly strong defensive abilities. It could defend against multiple attacks from an opponent of the same level.

Earth-style magic – Supergravity Field!

This was an extremely terrifying earth-style spell. Through controlling and utilizing a large amount of earth elemental essence, this spell allowed the user to manipulate the strength of the gravity in a localized area, causing opponents to suffer dramatically from the increased gravity. Only a magus of the fifth rank was capable of utilizing the Supergravity Field spell.

And the more powerful an earth-style magus was, the more powerful the effect his Supergravity Field would have. “Rumble…”

The very air trembled. With Linley at the epicenter, a circular area with a diameter of 100 meters suddenly began to glow with earth elemental essence. All of the Windwolves within this diameter suddenly felt an astonishingly powerful pull of gravity. That Windwolf which was charging Linley was also affected by it, causing him to collapse to the ground in mid-leap. All the other Windwolves felt rather shocked as well. The two Windwolf leaders let out furious howls, and ignoring everything else, directly charged towards Linley. But clearly, these two Windwolves now possessed less than half of their original strength.

“Your speed has been halved, but mine is unimpaired.” Earth elemental essence was glowing and swirling around Linley as well, seemingly paired perfectly with the earth elemental essence glowing over the ground.

Earth-style magic – Supergravity Field!

The Supergravity Field created by a magus of the eighth rank was able to increase the local gravity by a factor of eight. This increased gravitational field’s effect wasn’t as simple as say adding 1000 pounds of weight to a man who already weighed 200 pounds. The eight-fold gravity also impacted the heart, the spleen, and the other internal organs.

Fire Manipulation

“Time to burn the evidence to ashes.” Linley immediately generated several dozen fireballs which surrounded Patterson’s body. Based on his current spiritual energy, the temperature of his fireballs was quite high.

Transformation (Special) - Only for Linley

“The power I have right now, must be several tens of times greater than the power I had in my human form.” Linley stretched out his right arm, which was currently covered with scales, and saw that his fingernails were now as sharp as knives.
In his human form, Linley had less than half the speed he possessed in his Saint-level Dragonform. But by relying on the Windshadow technique, his speed in human form could rival his speed in Dragonform. How terrifying!

Statistics Amplification

A fast warrior of the eighth rank could definitely match the speed of a giant flying dragon of the eighth rank. And now, with Linley utilizing the Supersonic spell to assist himself, his speed had been increased by 50%. Right now, Linley’s speed was definitely on par with a warrior of the ninth rank. Even compared to Bebe, he wasn’t much slower.

Fear Aura - (Special) Baleful Aura Statistics Reduction - only Linley

The strengths of the Bloodviolet sword were – Unpredictability, speed, and also a certain baleful aura.

That’s right. A baleful aura.

Linley only discovered this baleful aura after killing quite a few magical beasts. The material making up this Bloodviolet sword contained within it a unique energy. With each chop of the blade, a unique baleful aura was released.

This baleful aura was very similar to a dragon’s terrifying presence. Naturally, it wasn’t nearly as terrifying, but in battle, this baleful aura could be put to very good use.

Linley’s eyes began to turn red, as he suddenly began to emit a terrifying, baleful aura. That baleful aura somehow seemed to take physical form as a faint, bloody mist began to emanate from around Linley’s body. And surrounded by that baleful aura, Linley seemed like he was a fiendish god.

Bebe, not too far away from Linley, naturally could feel that oppressive, baleful aura.

Shocked, all the fur on Bebe’s body stood straight up, and Bebe could clearly feel that all of his muscles were quivering, and his blood was pumping faster. Even his claws were shaking, not entirely under his own control. Terror.

Terror the likes of which he had never felt before!

“Boss, this Bloodviolet sword really is terrifying. Just then, that baleful aura even made me tremble with fear as well, and my limbs were shaking too. In a situation like that, even though I’m a magical beast of the ninth rank, I perhaps would’ve only been able to use half of my power.” Bebe said honestly.

As for magical beasts of the eighth rank, when oppressed by that baleful aura, they probably wouldn’t even be able to use a tenth of their power.

When the baleful aura within Bloodviolet was activated, the opponent’s own power would be impacted and drop. If even a magical beast of the ninth rank would be influenced so dramatically, one could easily imagine how useful this sword would prove to be in battle.

Stehle only felt a terrifying baleful aura completely envelope him. This baleful aura was even more terrifying than the aura which had been given off by Dylin, the King of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. That dense baleful aura entered his body, striking directly at his mind and soul.

… “Ah.” Stehle suppressed the terror he felt, allowing the silver battle-qi in his body to explode. Under this sort of situation, Stehle was only able to utilize half of his power.

This terrifyingly baleful aura had influenced even the peak-stage Saint-level expert, Stehle, much less Lyndin.

Trembling slightly, that strange bloody light covered and began to flow on the surface of Bloodviolet. That baleful aura entered Lyndin’s mind, attacking her soul.

Telekinesis (Special) - only Linely with Godsword

“Bloodviolet Godsword!” When Linley had been seized, the Bloodviolet Godsword had been taken from him by the Radiant Church. But since the Bloodviolet Godsword had already been personalized and bound by Linley long ago, with a mental command by Linley, it began to fly towards his direction, arriving in Linley’s hands shortly afterwards.

Wielding the Heavy as Light and the Light as Heavy

Linley laughed. “Over the past year, I have been able to almost perfectly merge my own strength with my Dragonblood battle-qi. And then, based on what I have learned from my connection to the earth, I broke past the simple levels of using ‘strength’ and ‘battle-qi’. I have arrived at the level which the ancestors of the Baruch clan described as ‘wielding the heavy as though it were light’

This level of ‘wielding something heavy as though it were light’ required perfect coordination between physical strength and battle-qi. It wasn’t just raw, brute force; rather, it was concentrating all of the rushing power and unleashing it at one blow. Although the black panther possessed astonishing defensive capabilities, with its fur neutralizing more than half of the offensive power, a significant amount of power still entered its body, causing the black panther some internal injuries.

Right now, Linley was wielding the adamantine heavy sword in one hand and the Bloodviolet Godsword in the other. In Linley’s hands, the adamantine heavy sword danced about as though it was totally weightless. But Bloodviolet was the opposite; it seemed to carry a thousand tons of force with each blow.

“Wielding something heavy as though it were light, wielding something light as though it were heavy…”

Imposing - many abilities: Spatial Manipulation, Weight Manipulation, Stealth Mastery,

“Rumble!” The moment Linley swung the adamantine heavy sword, space itself seemed to suddenly be compressed in the area around the sword, in the direction of the Glacial Snow Lion.

Terrified, the Glacial Snow Lion wished to flee, but the entire area around it was compressed by that pressuring force. It had nowhere to run.

Facing this heavy sword, it had no choice but to take it head-on.

“Bam!” The heavy sword slammed against the Glacial Snow Lion’s body. The Glacial Snow Lion’s entire body trembled momentarily, then suddenly disintegrated into a pile of flesh and blood.

“So ‘impose’ refers to ‘imposing’ one’s will on the heavens and the earth, to the point where even space itself can become used to constrict someone. Haha…” Linley laughed.

Linley drew the adamantine heavy sword from its sheath on his back. This drawing motion carried with it an astonishing, imposing aura, as though all of the space around it had suddenly become frozen.

The adamantine heavy sword chopped towards McKinley in a very simple manner. McKinley immediately wanted to dodge, but to his terror, he discovered that the space around him seemed to have become suddenly compressed and locked. In that moment, not even sound could escape from the area.

The adamantine heavy sword seemed to carry a million pounds of force, as it heavily slashed through the air again and again. As Linley swung his heavy sword repeatedly, he felt as though he had totally become one with the earth. Just by training with his heavy sword, he felt as though he himself now carried the weight of the earth.

After having mastered the ‘impose’ level, Linley could now move without causing any disturbance to the surrounding air.

Linley’s understanding of the ‘impose’ level had already reached the peak of mastery. Just by using his knowledge of ‘impose’, Linley was able to stand on top of water without sinking down, something which most combatants of the ninth rank could not do. This was a higher level of understanding, which couldn’t be accomplished simply through powerful physical strength or battle-qi.

An enormous bluish-black sword had suddenly appeared in his field of vision. The most terrifying thing was, this bluish-black sword seemed to be using all of the surrounding area to apply pressure and force on him, locking him into place!

Space itself had been totally locked!

Xartes wanted to cry out in alarm, but he couldn’t make a sound. In truth, even if he had managed to shout, the sound wouldn’t have managed to leak through that frozen space.

Just then, when Linley exchanged blows with him, he had used Bloodviolet to attack in curving arcs. However, due to Linley’s usage of ‘impose’, the impression that McKenzie had gotten was that the sword would suddenly disappear, then appear from somewhere else.

This was another way one could use ‘impose’.

Smiling, Linley said, “Wharton, once you reach the level of ‘impose’, it is true that you can prevent the rain or the snow from landing on your body. However, this requires that you whole-heartedly concentrate on utilizing the ‘imposing force’ of the surrounding area. It is impossible to do this at the ‘impose’ level while one is meditating and not focusing on it.”

Cold Resistance and Heat Resistance

Linley couldn’t help but let out an unexpected laugh. This Keane was actually comparing himself to him? Even in the most freezing of winters, Linley wouldn’t feel cold, much less now.

The temperature of ordinary lava wouldn’t be able to hurt Linley, even if he went near it.

Even if he were to walk on top of lava, all he had to do was to control his battle-qi to protect himself. There was no need to use the Pulseguard Defense. Linley suddenly realized something…

Body Control + Imposing

You might possess the power to lift something that weighed a million pounds, but if your movements were too stupid and clumsy, you might only be able to unleash 10% of your total power.

After training hard, you might be able to unleash 30%.

Experts would be able to unleash 70%.

But what Linley wanted to do was to unleash 100%. And, borrowing from the ‘imposing force’ of the universe itself, strike blows that were more powerful than he himself was physically capable of.

Poison Resistance - (Special) - only Linely

The Dragonblood battle-qi in Linley’s body immediately rose up, absorbing all of the poisonous gas in Linley’s body, with none of it harming him at all.

Vibration Manipulation + Law Manipulation + Earth Manipulation - (Special) Linley

Before Lampson’s unwilling eyes, Linley’s adamantine heavy sword slashed down directly on his body. At this moment, Linley managed to link together some of the scattered insights he had regarding the new level he was trying to attain.

It was like the pulse of the world itself.

Those deep tremors. Those irresistible vibrations. The terrifying force that the adamantine heavy sword was carrying suddenly transformed into a ‘pulse’ like rhythm which entered Lampson’s body.

Lampson’s entire body trembled once, and then he collapsed to the ground. Not a single wound could be seen on Lampson’s body…but blood was flowing from Lampson’s ear and nose.

If someone were to cut open Lampson’s skin, they would discover that Lampson’s internal organs had all disintegrated.

Through using this heavy weapon, the adamantine heavy sword, Linley was now capable of unleashing the portion of the Laws of the Earth he had come to understand. This sort of attack could, in the blink of an eye, transform all the attacking power into vibrations which would enter the opponent’s body.

This sort of vibrational attack, when fully mastered, could all but ignore an opponent’s defense.

Totally convert one’s attacking power into the same sort of vibrations as the throbbing pulse of the world itself. When these vibrations entered the opponent’s body, the opponent’s internals would also begin to resonate.

The resonance would be very powerful; after all, it had been created through Linley’s attack power.

The body’s internal organs weren’t nearly as durable as a person’s external defenses. This sort of resonance could easily annihilate the opponent’s internal organs, shaking them into tiny pieces.

. Linley suddenly rose to his feet. The adamantine heavy sword in his hands suddenly stabbed forward, and an ear-splitting howl could be heard!

A wall roughly fifty meters in front of Linley suddenly quivered, a layer of dust shaking off from it.

“Boooom.” A fist-sized chunk of wall suddenly turned into dust. The sand-like pieces of disintegrated stone slowly poured out, revealing that fist-sized hole in the wall.

No battle-qi had been shot out. Just by stabbing at the air, Linley had created a hole in the wall at fifty meters distance.

Dimensional Blade + Spatial Manipulation

Linley hacked out with the Bloodviolet Godsword. The nearly invisible, diaphanous sword let out a thunder-like sound as out of nowhere, a tornado suddenly appeared.

“The wind-style single-combat spell, ‘Dimensional Edge’, is an extremely powerful one-on-one magical attack spell. The power of the Dimensional Edge spell is so great that it can hack apart the dimensional walls itself. Then…would it be possible to duplicate the effects of the Dimensional Edge through sword techniques?”

Countless amounts of wind elemental essences swirled around Linley, and the wind in the area around him seemed to have come to a halt.

A three or four-meter-long, semi-translucent, azure blade of wind appeared, and like a flash of lightning, it shot out from Linley off into the distance. The speed of this spell was so fast…that most likely even Bebe and Fain wouldn’t be able to dodge in time. The most terrifying part of it was, wherever this blade of wind passed, with a ‘screeeeeech’ sound, tears in space appeared.

Like a piece of cloth being torn apart, a huge rip in space appeared, but of course it instantly repaired itself afterwards.

After flying for hundreds of meters, the ‘Dimensional Edge’ finally disappeared.

“Tearing apart space…what can possibly withstand an attack like this? In addition, after sending out this ‘Dimensional Edge’, I can actually slightly control the path it travels in by using my spiritual energy.” Linley was wildly overjoyed.

Law Manipulation

“The Laws.” McKenzie’s eyes were filled with admiration.

“The highest of truths.” Every sort of elemental Law was extremely profound and mysterious. In truth, if one could master and understand a sufficiently large amount of one of these Laws, then one’s soul would totally merge with the ‘elemental world’ and crystallize into a divine spark, allowing one to reach the Deity-level.

Spatial Manipulation + Law + Concept

Zassler looked at Linley as well. Laughing, Linley explained, “It is one way by which one can use the Laws of the Wind. Not too long ago, I gained some insights on the ‘Slow’ aspect, which allowed me to do what I just did. But I still am quite a ways off from the ‘Spatial Lock’ level.”

But today, after seeing Higginson’s ‘Illusionary Void Sword’, Linley now clearly understood how he should proceed. “Of the Elemental Laws, in terms of speed, the Elemental Laws of Wind and the Elemental Laws of Light have an advantage. Higginson is fast, so fast that in the instant of his attack, space itself is distorted. But the ‘Slow’ aspect of the Elemental Laws of the Wind can cause space to suddenly freeze. Right…the Elemental Laws of Wind, in their ‘Fast’ aspect, should also be able to instantly cause space itself to distort into multiple layers.”

wish!” Bloodviolet transformed into a streak of violet lightning. It seemed to have passed through reality itself as it reached a terrifying speed, causing space to grow distorted. The blurred space began to fold and distort, and the violet ray of light landed directly on the Tyrant Wyrm’s body.

Profound Truths of the Wind – Spatial Folding.

His sword was agile and mysterious. It fused both the ‘Spatial Freezing’ concept and the ‘Spatial Folding’ concept, two major yet opposite concepts, to form the ‘Tempos of the Wind’. The power of this attack was a level higher than even the ‘Illusionary Void Sword’.

Laughing loudly, Linley instantly transformed into countless shadows as he began to move at high speed. The space around Linley seemed to have frozen, while at other times, it seemed to have folded and distorted. The area around him was totally blurred.
The second level of the ‘Tempos of the Wind’ attack: the combination of the ‘Spatial Freezing’ and the ‘Spatial Folding’ concepts!

Haha…come!” In mid-air, Clay let out an excited roar, and then he transformed into a blur and charged at Linley. He suddenly struck out with his right fist, and it was as though it had pierced through reality, carrying a terrifying howling sound as it attacked Linley.

Where this fist passed, space itself rippled.

“Hrm?” Linley’s face changed. Linley had been preparing to use the ‘Rippling Wind’ attack, but seeing the power of this fist, Linley immediately was forced to change his attack.

Retreating backwards, Linley slashed out with Bloodviolet, and it also seemed to pass through reality. Wherever Bloodviolet passed by, space itself seemed to congeal and slow, then fold in on itself. Atop Bloodviolet was a frozen spatial edge, and clear ripples appeared around it as well.

Spatial freezing was in truth, a fairly high level interpretation of the ‘Slow’ aspect. Linley still had some distance to go from his current level of ‘slowing’ space to truly ‘freezing’ space.

"Both ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’, these two major aspects, they are all part of the Elemental Laws of the Wind’s…”

“Profound Truths of Velocity!”

Bloodviolet flashed out casually in Linley’s hands. At first, it seemed to be moving extremely slowly, but at second glance, it was actually as fast as lightning. From different viewpoints, one would see two completely different effects. In addition, at the edge of Bloodviolet, there was a faint blue spatial edge that seemed similar to the ‘Dimensional Edge’.

With a casual sword blow, space itself began to ripple, and extremely minute cracks in space appeared. Any casual blow from Linley now had part of the power of the ‘Dimensional Edge’. Linley’s form quickly appeared in multiple areas, and wherever that devilish violet light flashed, the heads of the Abyssal Blade Demons went flying.

Soul Manipulation - (Special) - Resistance - only Linley

Even Linley’s ancestors, who had ordinary souls, no longer feared spiritual attacks upon reaching the Saint-level. This was because once they Dragonformed at the Saint-level, their souls would be protected by a unique, strange energy possessed only by the Dragonblood Warrior lineage.

This was what a Dragonblood Warrior was! The invincible Dragonblood Warriors!

An invisible energy suddenly enveloped Linley, and Linley suddenly froze, totally unable to move any further. This invisible, bizarre force ignored all barriers, directly striking against Linley’s consciousness and his soul. The most important thing was one’s soul!

If a person died, their soul could enter the Netherworld and be reborn.

But if one’s soul was destroyed, then even a Sovereign wouldn’t be able to save them.

That rainbow-colored half-translucent gem also had a faint layer of azure light covering it. When the invisible force attacked the ‘rainbow gem’, nobody noticed…the Coiling Dragon ring on Linley’s finger!

A dim, virtually unnoticeable stream of light flowed out of the Coiling Dragon ring, then vanished.

At the same moment…

It seemed as though the azure blue light covering the half-translucent gem suddenly received sufficient energy.

Soul Manipulation - All

Actually, the path of training was one where one’s level of existence was constantly rising…and the most basic underpinning of life was the soul! Naturally, the soul itself would constantly transform. ‘Grand Magus Saints’ primarily focused on training spiritual energy, and upon reaching the ‘Grand Magus Saint’ level, the soul would also transform and reach a new level.

Possession - Resistance

What is that?” Linley could clearly sense an invisible, insidious cold energy penetrate his body. His ‘Pulseguard Defense’ didn’t do anything against it at all, and that insidious force rapidly began to attack Linley’s brain.

Darkness style, forbidden-level spell: the Power of Evil!

This was a spell which the Dark Patriarch was only capable of utilizing with the assistance of their Cult’s treasure, the crystal ball which had come from the Divine Plane of Darkness. Once the enemy was struck by this ‘Power of Evil’, for a short period of time, their body would be totally under the control of the spell user. The duration of the control was linked with the strength of the spiritual energy of the spell user.

The more powerful an expert’s soul was, the harder it was to dominate them.

Lifting Strenght for Saints

At the end, the pressure was so great, it was as though a small mountain was weighing down upon them. Fortunately, all of these people were amongst the most powerful Saints in the world, and thus they could take it. They would either cast magic spells, or use protective barriers of battle-qi. The rainbow of colors surrounding them was quite resplendent to behold.

Telepathy - Saints

“Everyone, don’t try to take that beam of light on by yourself.” Linley’s voice rang out in Delia, Desri, Tulily, and the other experts’ minds.


Linley looked at Yale and his current appearance. He stretched his hand out, resting it against Yale’s shoulders.

He controlled the ‘Pearl of Life’ in his body, and as he did, a special energy filled with life force streamed out from the Pearl of Life, passing through his right hand into Yale’s body. Yale’s wounds visibly healed in front of them.

Sound Manipulation with Soul Manipulation (Special) - only Linley

'“However, at least I know two things right now. After filling it with divine power, Bloodviolet will become incomparably sharp. When matched with my ‘Profound Truths of Velocity – Dimensional Decapitator’ attack, the power will become far greater.” Linley felt very confident.

“In addition, that humming sword song actually has the power to shake someone’s soul and to affect others in such a way.”

When he did battle, he could let the sword constantly emit noise. The enemy would be impacted, but he would not. This would create a huge advantage.

​ ​

'“I will kill that black-haired kid and badly injure this Linley.” Beaumont was no longer going to hold back. But suddenly, Beaumont discovered to his astonishment that an extremely bewitching violet light suddenly flashed from Linley’s body, while at the same time, a gentle, soft sound, almost like that of a flute, could be heard.

This sound was very pleasant to listen to.

In that moment, the entire world seemed to have turned quiet. The only sound that could be heard was that of the soft, gentle flute sound.


That gentle flute sound had actually caused Beaumont to sink into a reverie for a moment, causing him to not control his spiritual energy to form it into a blockading wall. In that moment…Linley’s attack descended. That was the moment the blood-red illusory sword shadow shot out!

“Aaaaaah!” Only after the illusory sword shadow pierced into his sea of consciousness did Beaumont awake in shock. But it was too late.

The blood-red illusory sword shadow pierced straight into Beaumont’s divine spark. Beaumont’s divine spark shuddered, and then that blood-red illusory sword exploded…the soul contained within that divine spark was shattered by the collision, and Beaumont’s eyes instantly turned dull.

His soul had been destroyed!'

'“Sound can influence, mystify, and attack the soul!” Linley came to this conclusion. “As for my Elemental Laws of the Wind, they seem to contain the Profound Mysteries of Sound.”'

Absorption of souls (Special) - only Linley ​

'“Hey?” Linley suddenly sensed as though the Coiling Dragon ring had a strange power that was binding the souls in those twenty-plus crystal balls. He had a feeling as though with but a thought, he could seize all of those souls and pull them into the Coiling Dragon ring.

Linley gave this a test.

In an instant!

The many souls that had been in the crystal ball all disappeared, reappearing within the Coiling Dragon ring.

“So many souls? There’s more than ten thousand.” The combined number of souls in those twenty crystal balls were indeed more than ten thousand. But these souls were all directly devoured by the Coiling Dragon ring. What astonished Linley the most was…after devouring the souls, the Coiling Dragon ring began to naturally refine them.'

Soul Manipulation attacks ​

'The Grand Warlock’s body was chopped into mincemeat by trillions of sword blurs, and some blows from Bloodviolet even smashed violently against his divine spark, causing the Grand Warlock’s soul, which had been fused into the divine spark, to shatter. As for the divine spark itself, it fell straight downwards.'

Soul Manipulation resistance ​

'Soul defense!

Linley was able to control a large amount of spiritual energy as if it were battle-qi, forming a ‘Pulseguard Defense’ via the usage of a large amount of spiritual energy which would form a spherical membrane around his sword-shaped soul, protecting it. This ‘Pulseguard Defense’ of spiritual energy was far more powerful than the raw ‘patch’ of spiritual energy which Linley had used to defend himself in the past.'

Multiple Existences - more true bodies ​

'“Boss, you now have three divine clones. With your original body included, that makes four.” Bebe rubbed his nose as he spoke. “Compared to you, I, Bebe, really feel embarrassed. Up till now, I still only have two bodies, my original body included.”'

Spatial Manipulation - spatial ripple, cracks, explode ​

'Linley felt similarly stunned and frightened. “This is the Infernal Realm. If I were to use my ‘Bewildering Shadow’ attack at full strength, I too can cause space in the Infernal Realm to ripple, but…the simple suction power of this cave created a spatial whirlpool. This devouring power…”'

​ ​ ​

Whoosh!” Linley’s right fist struck out like an aquatic dragon leaving the seas, seeming to carry a force that was mighty enough to shatter the earth itself. It howled as it tore through the air, and wherever his fist passed, even the space of the Infernal Realm itself began to shudder, creating spatial cracks.'

'Linley’s draconic scale-covered right fist suddenly swung out, and in the instant that it did, with a sudden rumble, the sound of space itself exploding could be heard. Wherever his right fist swung past, space trembled violently.

The power of this punch was akin to a flood dragon leaving its lair!

As the punch struck out, a large number of spatial ripples appeared at the edges of his draconic scale-covered fist, causing the space around his fist to form a rippling half-sphere that was like a bubble of ripples… And then, the explosion!


A sound which caused the soul to tremble. The space surrounding the fist all blew apart, revealing a large black hole in space. Through this hole in space, one could clearly sense the vibrations from the region of chaotic space.'

Gravity Manipulation - Earth Law ​

'Linley smiled. “Fine. I’ll give you a demonstration, as otherwise, you probably wouldn’t believe it.” Linley’s original body was capable of borrowing divine power from his divine body. Immediately, Linley’s body began to circulate with a surge of divine earth power, and he immediately activated it based on the insights he had gained.

Geomagnetic ripples spread out from Linley’s legs, stretching out into the earth.'

​ ​


With Linley at the center, divine power surged forth in the area with a circumference of a hundred meters. A large amount of earth elemental essence coalesced, instantly forming a black, completely sealed prison. Not a hint of sunlight could be seen from within the prison, and nothing could be seen at all.

At the same time, within this prison, there was an extremely strong gravity!

Blackstone Prison!

A prison formed as the result of the fusion of the Throbbing Pulse of the World, the Gravitational Space, and the Essence of the Earth profound mysteries, while using the mysterious priceless treasure, the ‘black stone’, as the nucleus.

Within this prison, the trapped person would suffer tremendously powerful gravitational bindings, while at the same time the soul would be impacted as well. The person would be able to use less than a tenth of his total strength. Within this region, Linley definitely could deal with his opponents.'

Time Manipulation (Special) - only Linley ​

'“This innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, has some similarities to my ‘Blackstone Prison’. They both have an impact on the soul, rather than being killing techniques.” Linley, after acquiring the ‘black stone’ at the Amethyst Mountains, was capable of using the black stone to exert a power that impacted the soul, causing enemies to enter a dazed state.

This ‘Dragon Roar’ also affected the soul.

“My innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, isn’t as strong as the ‘black stone’ with regards to affecting the enemy.” Linley had discovered the second difference now. Aside from the impact on an enemy’s soul, his innate divine ability, ‘Dragon Roar’, had another, unique impact.

“Impacting speed?” Linley shook his head. “Wrong. It impacts…time. Right. It’s time!”

The innate divine ability of the Azure Dragon clan, the ‘Dragon Roar’, didn’t just impact the soul; it also contained the ability to impact ‘time’. Although the strength of the effect on souls wasn’t too great, the power it had to influence time was utterly monstrous.'

Mind Manipulation

“Rumble…” A strange soul ripple spread out. The eyes of the noble youth instantly became dull and lifeless as he entered a dazed state. This was the supreme support technique, the ‘Spiritual Chaos’ component to Linley’s Blackstone Space. When Linley had been a God, he was already capable of making ordinary Highgods enter a stupor.

And now?

“A kid who relied on fusing with a divine spark to become a Highgod thinks that he can run from me?” Linley cast him a calm glance.

Linley stretched his hand out. With a ‘slash’ sound, he drove his hand into the youth’s skull, and a surge of divine earth power instantly reduced the contents of the youth’s skull to mush.

Gravity Manipulation

This was normal. After having become a Highgod, Linley’s Blackstone Space had risen tenfold in power, far greater than it had been in the past. In such a terrifyingly powerful area of gravity, even Seven Star Fiends would find it hard to resist. If a body was too weak, it wouldn’t just sink downwards. It would…

Collapse and implode!

Bodies that were formed purely from energy had to be stable; if the stability was impacted and unable to withstand such a powerful gravity, the only result was collapse and explosion.

Spatial Manipulation

“To compress the person within a small world, like an inch of land and a foot of sky…making him unable to dodge and thus be forced to receive my blow…right. Let’s call it ‘Microcosm’.” Linley selected a name for his most powerful sword blow.

Linley tested out this feeling of control and indeed, he felt as though he had power over the surrounding spatial ripples and movements.

This was something he never had before!

In the Planar Battlefield, Linley had previously only sensed danger. But now, he had the feeling that he was in control of his own destiny. The feeling of standing above all other lifeforms and looking down upon them!”

“Watch this.” Linley stretched his hand out, and a black sword appeared within it. With but a thought, he made it turn translucent.


Linley stared coldly downwards, then launched a sword attack. A terrifying, enormous azure sword light howled downwards, and the space below twisted, then tore apart like paper. The space and stones below were transformed into nothingness, and the Highgods within the palaces all fled in every direction in terror.

It was a spatial tempest!

Reality Warping

Linley could clearly sense that the control he had over the universe made it so that the devouring power of the spatial rifts were completely unable to affect him.

Fate Manipulation

This was a sort of restrictive power, a power that made it hard for others to resist. Linley’s face changed. “The Edicts of Fate!” Linley knew that amongst the four Edicts, the Edicts of Fate were the strangest, most terrifying of Edicts. The Edicts of Fate were also exceedingly hard to train in. ‘Oracular Magic’ was nothing more than a simplified version of employing the Edicts of Fate; it couldn’t even be considered a basic form of it.

Statistics Amplification - Sovereign's Might amplification and the Power of Will

“I feel…” Linley said with a laugh. “That after fusing three types of divine power, my strength is indeed a hundred times greater. I sense…that it is comparable to when I use Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might!” Linley was skilled in the Laws of the Earth, and so when he used Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might, it naturally wasn’t completely effective, only increasing his power a hundred-fold or so. It was comparable to a triple fusion of divine power.

Linley turned to look. The speaker was Bluefire. Currently, Bluefire’s face was covered in laughter. “Haha…Linley, that’s your Will, infused with the natural Laws! Since your Will encompasses the natural Laws, naturally you are able to control the world. This is a special power you now possess! The power that only Paragons and Sovereigns possess! Any attack, once infused with your will, will rise to a ludicrous level.”

Aura concelment

After his four-way soul mutation, Linley’s status had risen to far surpass that of the four clan leaders within the Four Divine Beasts clan. And now, Linley was a lofty, noble Sovereign.

“He is right in front of me, but I feel as though there is nothing there.” Gislason sent to the other three. “It is like when I saw Father in the past. Rather than any of their awe-inspiring Sovereign’s presence, they would completely contract their auras.” Gislason no longer had any doubts by now.

Sword Intent - (Special) - only Linley

Fused Sovereign power filled the Life Overgod Sword, and instantly, a terrifying aura spread out. “Riiiiiiiiiip.” Countless streams of chaotic energy in the void shattered, as countless spatial tears appeared in the surrounding area. Even before the Life Overgod Sword had struck out, its power could already be felt.


The sword moved!

It was like a jade-green bolt of lightning that slashed out.

The tip of the Life Overgod Sword emitted countless rays of sharp sword energy, tearing open countless spatial fractures that extended as far as the eye could see. It seemed as though countless giant dragons were coiling about; the countless spatial fractures affected and pulled at each other as well, instantly causing large regions of space in the void to collapse!

The collapsed region was roughly a hundred meters wide, but in length, it was more than a million kilometers. Apocalypse!

“Since it simultaneously contains two different types of attacks, then I’ll name it…‘Sword Intent’!”

Information Analysis

“Just now, I used my divine sense to scan both of you twelve times. Did you notice anything?” Linley laughed as he looked at them. Just then, Linley had intentionally scanned Beirut and Bluefire with his divine sense, but Beirut and Bluefire hadn’t noticed anything; they had continued to chat with him normally.

“What? You scanned us with divine sense?” Beirut and Bluefire exchanged glances, shocked.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“This…” Beirut and Bluefire were truly stunned.

It must be understood that Sovereigns were able to sense it when another Sovereign scanned them. Even if a Chief Sovereign were to scan a Lesser Sovereign, the Lesser Sovereign would still sense it. This was because all Sovereigns, regardless of their level, used Sovereign power as the source of their spiritual energy! Sovereign power was all at the same level.

Differences in the power of their Will would cause slight differences in power, which would result in different scopes and ranges for their senses.

But speaking on a qualitative level, Sovereign senses were all the same.

“Perhaps it is because I used my fused Sovereign power to unleash my divine sense.” Linley laughed.

World Disintegrator (Special) - only Linley

Linley didn’t hesitate at all. His face sank slightly, and the Life Overgod Sword in his hands shot out like a blur, stabbing straight towards Teresia. “Bang!” In the direction where the Life Overgod Sword was pointing towards, a spatial rift suddenly appeared that was only as thick as a fist, but which was infinitely long.

As for Teresia’s head, a small, fist-sized hole appeared within it.

Laws of the Earth – World Disintegrator!

Teresia’s eyes were still filled with disbelief, shock, and rage. And then, he powerlessly toppled over and his Sovereign artifacts fell out. Without the protection of his Will and his Sovereign armor, his corpse was instantly reduced to dust by the chaotic streams of energy. A semi-translucent jewel floated out, emanating a faint green light in every direction.

World Imploder

The Life Overgod Sword appeared in Linley’s hands. Not hesitating at all, he moved forward like a dragon leaving his cave. Although the tip of Linley’s Life Overgod Sword was very minute, it pressed down like a mountain. Quite precisely, Linley’s Life Overgod Sword’s tip struck straight against the tip of the shortspear!


In the instant they collided, the energy contained within the spear instantly exploded forth, but so too did the power of Linley’s Life Overgod Sword.

Laws of the Earth – World Imploder!

After five thousand years of training, with respect to the Laws of the Earth, Linley had fused five profound mysteries, then developed three techniques that were able to build off each other in power. Generally speaking, Linley wouldn’t use his fused Law attacks; these three techniques were meant for normal use. They covered up his true power! They were: World Breaker, World Imploder, and his most powerful, World Disintegrator!

Spatial Manipulation - colapse, rifts

In the instant the fused Sovereign power filled the Life Overgod Sword, the world seemed to shatter.

“Hmph.” Augusta, who had been completely confident when the sword appeared, suddenly had a changed look on his face. He hurriedly pulled out a sword of light as well, and he slashed out in a mysterious arc as he blocked the sword attack.


It was as though countless mountains were crashing down upon him.

“Crack!” Augusta, who had been caught somewhat off-guard to begin with, actually had his sword of light be smashed backwards and land against his own body. His own body began to bleed from the impact, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.


The surrounding space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, as a terrifying large hole had appeared. Augusta himself was smashed straight into chaotic space.

“Rumble…” Because of that terrifying sword blow, the space within a thousand kilometers had completely collapsed, while within a hundred thousand kilometers, because of the spatial ripples that had been created, every single living creature died. Even some of the closer islands were completely reduced to dust, leaving behind nothing whatsoever.

Willpower Manipulation

Russell said respectfully, “Just now, I was in dire straits. Everyone else was far away. Not even a Paragon would be able to block the strikes of a commander-level expert from so far away! Only Sovereigns are capable of this!” A Sovereign could kill a commander-level expert from even millions of kilometers away with but a thought, much less from just a few kilometers away.

Space-Time Manipulation

“Not good. That technique again!” Linley’s face suddenly changed. The two were now only ten kilometers apart, and right at this moment, a powerful aura washed over him. Linley’s fused divine sense could easily sense…that phantoms of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird had appeared around Orloff’s head, feet, and sides.

Space within countless kilometers completely froze. On the ground below them, various experts who were either training or fighting were also completely paralyzed by this spacetime compression. All of them were completely shocked, but unable to move.

“Swish!” A translucent light shot out from Orloff’s mouth towards Linley. Spacetime Paradox!

“Hmph.” Linley turned his head, opening his own mouth. Similarly, he shot out two rays of translucent sword shadows from his mouth. This was Linley’s most powerful soul attack.

The translucent ray of light and the translucent sword shadows collided. The first translucent sword shadow trembled, then immediately collapsed, but the translucent ray of light shrank in size as well. It then collided with the second sword shadow head-on, and with a ‘bang’, the second sword shadow also vanished. The remaining, greatly weakened translucent ray of light was dissipated by Linley’s spiritual energy as soon as it entered his body.

The surrounding fabric of reality repeatedly collapsed. The countless experts of the Chaotic Sea had long ago hidden themselves deep into the bottom of the sea, but the vibrations that transmitted all the way to the bottom still stunned them. How terrifyingly powerful was this energy?

“Haha, Orloff, I thought you were very powerful, but now, it seems, your attack power is only average. To kill me? It’s far from being enough!” Linley’s voice echoed in the skies.

“The larger a Cosmos is, the more stable it comes. I allowed part of the Grandmist to transform into the Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five types of energy served as the foundation for the primary Cosmos, and then gave birth to Ying and Yang, two opposing types of energy, as well as the tribulation power of lightning.” Hongmeng laughed.

Duality already existed as opposing nature such as Fire and Water could coexist before Yin Yang energies, and Balance too could be maintained.

“The energy I used to build the Cosmos was this Grandmist spirit-energy.” Hongmeng laughed as he pointed towards the primal gray energy. “In the Cosmos, I created the various living creatures. In order to ensure that the various races would be able to develop in equilibrium, I had to set many rules and edicts.” Hongmeng laughed. “For example, in your homeland, the four Overgods in that secondary Cosmos were actually created by myself, based on the four Edicts that I set up. All they are able to do is carry out my orders; they don’t have a shred of emotion at all.”

Even the Edicts are created from them.

Linley looked at Hongmeng, then accepted it. “This…” Countless amounts of knowledge instantly flooded into Linley’s mind. In an instant, Linley’s understanding of the Grandmist region reached an extremely deep level. He even fully understood the various ways by which the Grandmist could be used, such as how it could be divided into the Five Elements, or resolved into earth, fire, water, and wind.

Even Grandmist Space it's formed from those Five Elements.

What it's Grandmist Space?

“The various Cosmos all exist within the Hongmeng Grandmist region! As for myself…my name is Hongmeng.”
“The energy I used to build the Cosmos was this Grandmist spirit-energy.” Hongmeng laughed as he pointed towards the primal gray energy.
Hong Meng smiled and said. “Is there something you’re confused about? Haha… to be honest, because I am the very first life in this space, I decided to name the entire space as Grandmist Space.”
Among the ten million Mortal Realm cosmic spaces, there were actually six individuals with fates that cannot be determined. Furthermore, they were all from the same Mortal Realm cosmic space.

What are the Overgods/Edicts?

“The Overgods…” Hodan continued to snicker at Linley. “Linley, the Overgods aren’t people, nor do they have genders. They don’t even have bodies.”

“Uh?” Linley stared at Hodan in surprise. “The four Overgods are manifestations of the Four Prime Laws. They are nothing more than the very embodiment of the Laws that flow through the countless planes! The Overgod of Death is the embodiment of the Laws of Death. The Overgod of Destruction is the incarnation of the Laws of Destruction. The Overgod of Life is the avatar of the Laws of Life. And the Overgod of Fate is the personification of the Laws of Fate!”

"The four Overgods were a natural part of the infinite planes of the universe. They were the heavens, they were the earth…they were part of the souls of every living creature.

They were the Laws themselves! “The Overgods are beings of pure Law. They know nothing of love, hate, friendship, grudges, or other such emotions. They are cold. If you cursed an Overgod, they would ignore you. If you flattered them, they will not reward you. However…if you were to damage the planes themselves, then the Overgods would punish you.” Linley laughed. Although the Overgods existed, they were the personification of the Laws of the universe. There was no need to pay them any heed or attention at all."

Overgods were far too distant a concept for them. They were part of the Laws of the universe itself!

“Overgods…Overgods…they are so powerful, but I’ve never seen one.” Bebe muttered.

Dilas just said with a laugh, “Never seen one? The Overgods are always around you.” “Oh?” Bebe stared. “We are always surrounded by and live within the Laws and the Edicts. The four Overgods are the embodiment of the four great Edicts. Naturally, they are always by your side.” Dilas said.

“However, as I see it, Overgods are completely omnipotent. It would appear that there is nothing in the boundless universe which they cannot accomplish. They are the Edicts, after all!”

The Overgods were the personifications of the Edicts, and since the countless planes all operated in accordance with the Edicts…naturally, the Edicts were omnipresent. In other words, the Overgods were omnipresent as well.

The material planes held the Overgods. Chaotic space held the Overgods. The Higher Planes held the Overgods. They were truly omnipresent! The Overgods were neither human nor living. They were the Edicts!

As you can see the Overgods are Edicts, personifications of the concepts of Destruction, Life, Death and Fate. They are omnipresent over the infinite planes of the Cosmos.

The Five Elements (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Wood) predates the Yin and Yang (Duality) and could coexist in balance without such a concept. At some time Yin and Yang appeared/birthed from them. The Five Elements united form Grandmist Energy - the primeval energy before creation. The Five Elements, as can be seen, are not simple elements but higher concepts that have different "Mysteries" that compose them (6 for all excluding Wind that has 9). Even the concepts/manifestations like Death, Life, Destruction, and Fate that are Type 2 Conceptual beings don't make part of the Five but are formed from them.

As a result controlling such an Element it result in Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) for anyone from Demigod and above while limited for Saints.

From Saint realm, all cultivators start to be able to manipulate the "Mystery" within one or more Elements or Edicts. To become a Demigod, a cultivator must master one Law. To become a God, a cultivator must master three Laws and to become a Highgod, a cultivator must master all Laws within that Element.

Just one "Mysteri" from Wind Element has control of the Dimensional Space.

“What’s this?” While fleeing, Linley’s face changed dramatically. His body seemed to have been bound by countless thin threads. Although Linley was still able to flee, a restrictive force seemed to act upon him. Even his speed fell down by half!

“This is the Profound Mysteries of Dimensional Space!” Linley instantly realized what this was. He had seen Delia often use this technique against others. But now, Linley was the one who had been hit.

“Those who could create Cosmos, they ought to all be originated from people who have fates that we cannot determine.” Hong Meng lightly smiled and said.

Qin Yu also nodded.

After becoming a Grandmist Controller, Qin Yu was able to calculate the fate of practically everyone in all the Cosmoses. However, it was only practically! In a single Cosmos, there were always several tens of people with fates that he could not determine.

“For example, there’s you, Qin Yu and Lin Meng. Back then, I was unable to determine the fates of either of you. And now, the two of you both managed to successfully become Grandmist Controller.

As can be seen, those characters that can become or have the potential of a Universe Controller are beyond even Hong Meng's Fate Manipulation.

Meaning they have 2-B to likely 2-A Fate Manipulation Resistance.

“Your vision is too narrow and limited. You must understand…these countless dimensions possess countless material planes, but your gaze is limited to just the Yulan continent. Genius? Amongst the geniuses I have seen, one of them reached the Deity-level ten years after being born, but I’ve also met those who have trained for tens of millions of years while being trapped at the Saint-level.”

The nearby space began to shake, and the soul within the divine spark miraculously could sense a unique place. This was a place that was located in the heart of the endless universe, a boundless, infinite plane which one could only sense upon reaching the Deity level…

The Elemental Sea!

Within this boundless, infinite universe, there are countless common planes. Every single one of those common planes has an interconnected Planar Prison. The material plane and the planar prison, combined, form two sides of a whole.

“Anyone whose name is on this Golden Grandmist Banner will become a controller of the Grandmist region. Upon being a controller of the Grandmist region, you will be able to freely use the energy of any Cosmos, and will be able to calculate the destinies of virtually all living creatures!” Hongmeng laughed. “But if you wish for your name to be on the Golden Grandmist Banner, you have to, at the very least, break through your Cosmos and come to the Grandmist region.”

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