Saw a very basic calculation request by papa BattleReviews, so I decided to do it.

Random flower person deflects a laser with a mirror.

The laser being deflected into the sun is at this timeframe specifically.

Anywho, the feat in specific that's important is the one where the flower deflects it to the sun, which happens at 10:15 and ends at around 10:16 or so.

The time it takes for the laser to reach the sun is approximately 1.5 seconds or so.

The sun is about 92.96 million miles away from the Earth. Which is about 1.49604618e+11 meters.

1.49604618e+11 / 1.5 = 99736412000 meters per second for the laser velocity, or 332.6848602709 c

Massively FTL

Not to mention that the characters inside of the box could easily resist the heat of the sun, so that's a thing.

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