Ueki still need calc for his BoS. So I should clear it.


An opponent of Ueki can create giant Clayman and control it. I'll calculate how much energy it can generate.

Ueki 4 2 5


Firt pic

I used to scale Ueki's head at here. his head is 26.89cm.

Ueki's head: 63px = 26.89cm

Clayman's hand: 360px = 154.08cm

Second pic

Clayman's hand: 16px = 154.08cm

Clayman's height: 475px = 4574.25cm or 45.7425m

Assuming the average height of a human is about 1.7m and average volume of human is about 0.062 m^3 according to this

Clayman is 45.7425 / 1.7 = 26.91x taller and overall volume is around 26.91^3 = 19486.83x bigger

So, the volume of Clayman = 0.062 x 19486.83 = 1208.18 m^3

Density of clay is 1,746 kg/m

Clayman's mass = 1208.18 x 1,746 = 2109482.28 kg (Class M)

Assume the speed of an average human is 6.35 m/s and reaction speed is 9.8 m/s according to this

Clayman's speed = 26.91 x 6.35 = 170.88 m/s (Subsonic)

Clayman's reaction speed = 26.91 x 9.8 = 263.72 (Subsonic+)

Finally, find Kinetic Energy of the Clayman

So KE = 0.5 x 2109482.28 x 170.88^2 = 3.0798414e10 joules or 7.36 tons f TNT (Large Building level+)

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