I think that Law of Ueki need some of accurate calc for scaling. So I make this one


Don smashed a cliff and made a large crater when using 30% of power.


Height of Don

Ueki Don calc 1

First, I need to know Don's height to use on scaling.

Don is a big and tall guy. I will find his height by compare him to Rinko(glasses girl). She hasn't official height, but at least I know that she is 15 years old. So I use average height for 15 years old girls in here, which is around 160cm.

Rinko: 415px = 160cm

Don: 579px = 223cm

The crater

Ueki Don calc 2

Now I got Don's height. Let's move to the main dish.

Don: 12px = 223cm

Crater's diameter: 170px = 3,160cm

Crater's radius: 1,580cm

Panel's height: 1,102px

Distance of Don

I will find distance of on from angular size and use it as crater's depth.

Use formula 2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size in pixels/screen height in pixels)) to get degrees

2atan(tan(70/2)*(12/1102)) = 0.591230698 degrees

Input degree and Don's height in calculator. I got distance 21,611cm

Crater's depth: 21,611cm

Volume of crater

The shape of crater look like half cylinder. So I use formula V = Pi x r^2 x h / 2 for this.

Volume of crater = Pi x 1,580^2 x 21,611 / 2 = 8.4743991e10 cm^3


It's seem to be pulverization. So I use 214.35 j/cm^3 for this.

Energy = 8.4743991e10 x 214.35 = 1.8164874e13 joules = 4.34 Kilotons of TNT(Small Town level+)

BTW, Don can do this with 30% of power. So I divide the result with 0.3

Don's 100% energy = 4.34 / 0.3 = 14.47 Kilotons of TNT(Town level)

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