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Well, since I've had multiple people, both online and in person, ask me numerous questions about the Shinza Bansho (神座万象) visual novel series, the powers and abilities of its characters, and the overall power of the verse as a whole, I've decided to put everything here for reference since I aim to be a consultant for any Japanese media that's untranslated or perhaps many people are unfamiliar with despite its ever-growing popularity.

I will do a separate blog post for Senshinkan.

General Information

In Shinza, the cornerstone of power is the manipulation of souls and the perfection of the soul and generally focuses on Buddhist, Chinese, Indian Mythology, and Kabbalah. Despite the fact that the entire cosmological setting can then be changed drastically with each new Hadou God, from the number of spatial dimensions to the principles and types of abilities of its characters, general cosmology still uses the concept of Atman/Paramatma, Brahman, Ultimate Reality, and Swastika. So regardless of whichever series (Paradise Lost, Dies Irae, or Kajiri Kamui Kagura) these common concepts will be found.

Die Ewigkeit

Die Ewigkeit is a concept found in Dies Irae

A magic formula created by the Snake of Mercury which allows the user to absorb souls and convert them into power. The basic abilities of all Ewigkeit users include: the ability to absorb the souls of the dead and boost their power with it (with merely 1,000 souls, nuclear level weapons are completely ineffective), the ability to sense souls over very large distances, and detect their individual characteristics, have a body that only serves for physical interaction (even if their entire body is destroyed, they will regenerate as long as their soul is intact), have power derived from a "Holy Relic" (Which can be any item of the user's choosing), and the ability to deal spirituam damage in conjunction with physical.

A Holy Relic is a weapon or artifact, which is a concept implemented by the Mercury, the core of which is powered by spiritual techniques. These artifacts have nothing to do with the relics of any religion or spirituality, they are the manifestation of thoughts and feelings of people. No matter what it is, faith, profound hatred or resentment, love, or a curse, if something has a huge amount of concentration in a single object, it eventually will be called one's "holy relic". After binding a contract, the knight of the soul is assimilated with the relic forming the strongest spiritual connection, and it is almost impossible to break. After this, control of the relic is a very complex process, a normal person can not even master the first level of Ewigkeit.

  • Multilevel Damage - attacks from holy relics can be blocked on two planes of existence at the same time, material and spiritual. In addition, the wounds inflicted by relics is not only physical and spiritual trauma, it is conceptual as one can attack the very concept or "idea" of a person's existence (i.e. Machina). Holy Relic users must possess above average intellect.
  • Soul Manipulation - Ability to absorb the souls of the dead (or living), each soul is absorbed in proportion to the user and enhances all characteristics. It also allows you to resist or ignore (if the gap is too large in quantity) other abilities.
  • Spiritual Armor - Relics surround their wielders with spiritual armor, which passively protects them from any impact. The strength of the armor depends directly on the number of souls. 1000 souls to withstand nuclear attacks without receiving any damage.
  • ESP - Ewigkeit users feel souls at very large distances and see them in different color spectra or perceive them differently.
  • Regeneration (Low Godly) - loss of the body is nothing for an Ewigkeit user, they can instantly recover their body and spiritual essence, even if nothing is left of the body. Spiritual wounds of some complexity (torn entrails, severed limbs, fractured head) also heal within one hour. As the apostle is associated with their relic, killing them can only occur by destroying the holy relic itself severing the connection.

Assiah: The first level of the Ewigkeit formula, the characteristic that indicates the Soul Relic has manifested from the user’s soul. At this rank it is physical and somewhat unstable while at the same time giving the user a minor set of abilities. It also grants a more resilient body but can still be killed by hitting vital areas like the heart. What a Holy Relic does varies from individual to individual.

Yetzirah: The second level of the Ewigkeit formula, when the Holy Relic is finally starting to show their particular traits. The Holy Relic is now stable and can be weaponized. His or her body is now strengthened to superhuman levels and the body will stop aging, although the soul will continue to do so.

Briah: The third level of the Ewigkeit formula, which allows the user's absolute deepest desire to be made reality. There are two different types of Briah, Gudou (Which is when one's desire compresses inwards i.e. themselves) and Hadou (When one's desire compresses outwards i.e. others). Said desire gives the user an ability relating to it in at least some capacity. When the user has a Hadou desire, their ability will alter their surroundings, while a Gudou desire will alter themselves, though mixtures of both exist, such is the case with Wilhelm.

Aztiluth - the final level of the Ewigkeit formula.


Distortion is a concept found in Kajiri Kamui Kagura.

Distortion (yugami) is a phenomena that occurred 300 years ago in the West, people thus became "distorted", revealing unusual talent. According to Soujirou, distortion may be accompanied by shaking hands, mist in the eyes and nausea at such a level that you're practically vomiting up their own entrails. All West distortion was bestowed by Tenma Numahime, i.e. all of their abilities came from her.

Degrees of distortion -

  • ~肆壱 - Distortion that has practically no harmful effects on the environment, normally if the person hides it from others and do not actively use it. That is, they can also control it. Since the threat level is low, it can be a convenient object of discrimination. Soujirou is included in this category.
  • ~漆伍 - Demonic class Distortion which rejects humanity. At this point, people usually can cause impossible phenomenon and not everyone can control it. Even if a person is able to control such distortion, it causes discomfort for ordinary people, because this distortion deforms the environment, including air. Sakagami Habaki and Kyogetsu Keishirō are people with this type of distortion.
  • ~拾捌 - This type is uncontrollable, unmanageable elements and effects. The only example of such distortion is Kyogetsu Sakuya.



Taikyoku / Taiji (referred to in Dies Irae as "Atziluth") is the beginning of all things the root, original/first beginning, or beginning of all beginnings. Taikyoku is even the source of yin and yang. Taikyoku is the "Supreme Ultimate" state of limitless potential, the oneness before duality, all who have reached Atziluth have taikyoku. Atziluth is the emanation of the spirit/soul (Atman), which is beyond the dimensional framework, representing a cosmic law which repaints all of reality for themselves, in accordance with the desire of the god itself, bypassing any obstacles because taikyoku is primary in relation to any form of existence.

Beings who reached taikyoku are transcendent in relation to any form of existence, any form of information, any form of duality, any form of time-space, regardless of its complexity, or its size. Taikyoku is the root of all things and phenomena, therefore, regardless if an impact is tangible, intangible, spiritual, mental, logical, verbal, nothing can affect them. To oppose the law, you are required to possess an equivalent or greater Taikyoku value to compete on a similar playing field as the Atziluth user.

Everyone who has reached Atziluth is a walking universe (the universes are Taikyoku and therefore "dimensionless"); atoms, spirits, planets, stars, the concept of the existence and nonexistence of all this is the all-encompassing ultimate reality, which is a Hadou / Gudou god. Even a drop of Gudou God's blood weighs more than celestial bodies. The very size at the same time does not depend on the physical dimensions, from a physical point of view the universe exists "outside" them. A god with a more powerful Atman, will actually have a universe that is much "larger and deeper" than other gods.


In reality, cutting tools carry the Laws of Cutting, there is also the Law of Burning which fire carries. Lung respiration is impossible without the Law of Water, those mundane and small things are simply physical.


It is anything but difficult. If the aforementioned law of water is taikyoku, then the entire universe will be changed into water. Alternatively, if the law of the world is frozen water, then the water that cannot be frozen, but also cannot evaporate because it is an independent Law of Domain is also Taikyoku.


The former is Hadou. The latter is Gudou.


One with Taikyoku conquers all Creation.


The Seat.png

The Throne (座 literally means "Seat") is a metaphysical device created as a byproduct of the First Heaven's civilization to manage all dominant Hadou Taikyoku. The Throne can not exist without taikyoku (it was likely created by First Heaven herself), the concept of taikyoku however will exist without the Throne. Taikyoku is a concept that existed long before the Throne was even created. Nothing can exist outside the Throne's Domain due to the nature of Hadou it is stated in plain text below. The space Throne holds are within as well as things outside (i.e. Twilight Beach, separate infinite worlds exist as it were "under the" Throne, beyond creation) - but are still are part of the Hadou. And no matter how many of these worlds spawn from nowhere, they will be a part of it. Heaven (what Hadou Gods are called) is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, everything and nothing, they are what precedes duality. And even if there was something external (that is not possible, unless it's another Hadou / Gudou, nothing can be external to it.). The Dominant Hadou will swallow it. Let's take the Snake of Mercury for exampe. Mercurius will always be above all, the only thing that can stop him is another Hadou of a similar force. That is why when he fights, he doesn't destroy outer worlds. He takes them as part of his body and thus whatever is encompassed by the Hadou is encompassed by the Throne.

Atziluth-Tai - The law of the throne. It's the wellspring of the concepts that operate in the setting, basically the mechanics of the cosmology itself. Hadou God's define their own mechanics so Paradise lost, Dies Irae and Kajiri Kamui Kagura are governed by different set of rules/laws. Aside from the macro mechanics (Taikyoku, etc.) of setting.

すなわちその世界における絶対法であり、そうした決まり事を定めた張本人を指す。 For example would be like how life forms perceive and act, how the world looks like, how the soul is managed after death (whether or not it is erased from existence after death or reset back in time, so you practically keep reliving your life over and over again), or whether the concept of <insert here> exist or not.

Hadou Gods



覇道の渇望から太極・流出位階に至った者を指す。 己の願った法則を永劫展開し、外界に流れ出させる存在。 流れ出した法則は最終的に全世界を塗り潰し、既存の世界法則を一掃して新たな世界法則と化す。言うなれば、全世界を支配する存在であり、まさしく神と言える存在。

Hadou Gods (Hadou meaning "Royal Path, Way, Route, etc.) are the gods that are committed to continuous, unlimited expansion, no matter how great or small the world, Hadou will flood its entirety. Essentially this means that Hadou will encompass anything and everything regardless of scale. Be it from a singular universe, to a dimensionless space such as the Throne (world). Because of this, until the era of the Fifth Heaven (Marie) two Hadou deities could not co-exist, there is no empty space between gods.

Hadou Gods are walking Taikyoku/Atziluth who defines their own boundaries, and they infinitely expands their desire until everything in setting has been subjugated to their law (integrated). They are the gods that encompass the throne as the next godhead.

Hadou Gods by default cannot co-exist without Marie, they would devour one another until only one them is left alive to occupy the Throne and become the Godhead. (Recap)























This explains how Hadou Atziluth works.

万象の根源として、総てを司る主として、真実のこいつが表出しようとしているのだ。 その場所とは、すなわち太極座。既存の法を流れ出させている事象の中心、宇宙の核だ。

Hadou God is the Godhead. I am everything, everything is me.

殺意。殺意。宇宙の根源たる事象が懐き、叩きつけてくる必滅の審判。その直撃を受けただけであらゆるモノは 消滅し、存在の痕跡すら残さず溶けていくに違いない。

Try to reach the throne and the Hadou God's reflex kills you.

万象、己が脚本に踊る演者にすぎぬと断じた通り、並行宇宙の配列すら自在に操る彼にとって、事象の時系列な ど意味は無い。

The Hadou God is the meta-scenario writer of the setting.

Gudou Gods



求道の渇望から太極・流出位階に至った者を指す。 己の願った法則を自分の内側に永久展開するだけの存在で、良くも悪くも自己完結しており、接触しない限り他者や外界に影響されず、逆に影響を与えない。 世界法則からも自由だが、世界法則を覆すこともない、歩く特異点とも称される人間大の宇宙そのもの。 単体宇宙という超高密度の肉体は、吹き飛ぶ肉片がどれだけ僅かな質量だろうと神の欠片で、宇宙の欠片。 血の一滴でも天体に匹敵し、純粋な強度の面では平均して覇道神を上回る、個の究極といえる存在。

Gudou Gods (Gudou meaning "Truth Seeking Path, Way, Route, etc.), unlike Hadou Gods, are not affected by the surrounding reality or the Atziluth-Tai (Supreme Law) and instead changing the reality in itself, forming a Taikyoku universe. They can not take the Throne because they are self contained, but they are the ones who accompany the Hadou God of the new era. (Marie in Mercurius' world for example or the Kajiri Kamui cast in Amaterasu's world).


Gudou Gods are described as single celled organisms compared to the "multicellular" Hadou Gods. "Cells" here are referring to souls. Because Gudou is all about the self, and their will is self centered and unified, Gudou Gods are far more unlikely to have an Apoptosis than Hadou Gods. However because of the sheer spiritual mass of a Hadou God and their Taikyoku values normally always being higher, Hadou is normally stronger than Gudou.

「念と念。祈りと祈り。渇望と渇望のぶつかり合い。お互い相手に触れもせず、睨み合うだけでも成立する。あ るいはこうした作法こそが、正統派の神座闘争なのだろうが…

Gudou Gods fight similar to normal people. They must make physical contact in order to overwrite each other's laws.



Apoptosis is the "self defeating factor", a cancerous cell to a Hadou God with a conflicted desire. An example is Mercurius and Amaterasu. Apoptosis is generally the same gender, but this is not always the case.


If the Apoptosis is the same gender as the Hadou God, then they will have a strong bond and friendship with the Hadou God (Mercurius and Reinhard, and Ren and Shirou for example). If the Apoptosis is the opposite gender, then they and the Hadou God will be attracted romantically to each other (the only example so far is Habaki [sensory of the Tumor] and Rindou).

The Apoptosis is always identical in scale and power to the original Hadou deity.


Next is the Singularity, the singularity is a tear in reality to the Throne were the godhead resides. Usually generated by a clash of Hadou Atziluth-Tai between the Throne and the lowest floor. Basically singularities are created from the collision between the "Color" or Law of Hadou Gods, the world is "unaffected" by the Law of the Hadou where God does not exist and is not affected by the Law as they block the flow of Law and became the Singularity rather than be influenced by the Supreme Law (Atziluth-Tai).

The multiverse is the lowest floor.


Sensory is basically the Avatar of a Hadou God. But there is no statement suggesting Gudou Gods cannot have sensories either. The Sensory has a similar appearance to the original Hadou God. For example, the Mercury's sensories: Karl Krafft, Hermes Trismesgistus, and Alessandro Cogliostoro all have very similar appearances and physical traits. Sensories also can be boosted by their god counterparts - for example Habaki receiving a boost of power from the Tumor (and Hajun bu extension). However sensories must awaken to their god-selves, such is the case with Marie, and others can be completely oblivious to their god-selves, such is the case with some of the Mercury's sensories.

List of Powers and Abilities (Bonus)

Well, because I have been asked numerous times about what kind of normal and hax abilities to characters within this series have, I have decided to construct a list of such abilities.

Soul Manipulation

Conceptual Manipulation

Matter Manipulation


Reality Warping

Probability Manipulation

Energy Manipulation

Elemental Manipulation

Time Manipulation

Darkness Manipulation

Information Manipulation

Causality Manipulation







  • Creating universes
  • Creating a multiverse
  • Creating a hyperverse


Extrasensory Perception



Chain Manipulation

Ignoring strength

Immortality (multiple types)

Regeneration (multiple types)




Void Manipulation

Gravity Manipulation




Conceptual Existence


Higher-Dimensional Manipulation

Dimensionless Existence

Metaphysical Existence


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