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Well then. Because the Demonbane (Verse) is infamous on the internet for several reasons I'm sure you're all aware of, I've decided to put everything to rest by explaining the Demonbane Cosmology so that it is better understood and respected. This will be the official cosmology as explained in the original (Japanese) version of the game and I will be covering all the Demonbane Visual Novels, DYN Freaks, Dra † KoI, and Nitroplus Blasterz. To best best understand the Demonbane Cosmology, you must understand it backwards or in other words, from top to bottom. Then everything will be clearer.

Tiering List

Tier 0:


High 1-A:


Elder God Demonbane (including pilots)



Elder God Kuro Daijuuji

Elder God Al Asif

Elder God Enava Blood

Elder God Kuzaku Daijuuji

Elder God Demonbane Two Sword

Elder God Demonbane Army (aggregate)

Shining Trapezohredon

Nyarlathotep (incarnation)

Demonbane (at full power)

Liber Legis (at full power)

Al Azif (at full power)

Kuro Daijuuji (at full power)

Metatron (at full power)

Ryuga (at full power)

Laban Shrewsbury (at full power)

Kuzaku Daijuuji (at full power)

Hazuki (at full power)

Demonbane Two Sword (at full power)

Ambrose (at full power)

Ruri Hadou (at full power)

Etheldreda (at full power)

Master Therion (at full power)

Azrad (at full power)

Aeon (at full power)

1-C to 1-B:

Edgar (at full power)

Mars Liber Legis (strongest form)

Mars Demonbane (strongest form)

Up to 6-A+:

Cthulhu (manifestation)


Demonbane (under piloting Kuro and Al)

Liber Legis (under piloting of Ethledreda and Therion)

Nameless One (under piloting of Nero)

Demonbane Blood (likely much higher)

Demonbane Two Sword (likely much higher)


Demonbane (piloting at the beginning of Al Azif route in Zanma Taisei)

Metatron (with Hunting Horror)

Sandalphon (Hunting Horror)

Nameless One (under Black Book's piloting)

Legacy of Gold (merged with Cthulhu)

Saykranosh (merged with Cthulhu)

Tier 7




Legacy of Gold


Lord Byakko

Aeon (presumably)

Tier 8

Master Therion

Kuro Daijuuji

Kuzaku Daijuuji (likely much higher)


Laban Shrewsbury

Black book

Al Azif (possibly higher)

R'leigh text









Hadou Kozou


Ruri Hadou

Ryuga (side route)

Metatron (side route)

Tiers 9-10


Azrad (version Chisinau Taido; probably higher)

Edgar (version Ganshin; probably higher)


Dr. West

Cthulhu (true form)

Dunwich Horror

Dragon Princess


Dr. Vesta






DYN Freaks (requires more anylasis):

Azana Hatsumi (Avatar of Azathoth)

Yoguruma Mugen (Avatar of Yog-Sothoth)

Narukami Chikage (Avatar of Nyarlathotep)

Crow (Kurou Daijuuji)

Sphinx (Avatar of Nyarlathotep)

Elder God Ulthathotep (Narukami Chikage)

Nitroplus Blasterz (requires more anylasis):

Al Azif Ex Mortis (Presumably more powerful than Elder God Al Azif or Al Azif at peak power)

Azathoth, the Mad Creator


Azathoth is the supreme being of the enitre Demonbane verse. It is commonly described as "mad", because absolutely everything, from a subatomic particle to Yog-Sothoth himself is all just the dreams of the Mad Creator.

«I hear music. A sickening, unearthly melody. The muffled, maddening beating of vile drums. The thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes. There is only insanity.

And there It dances, moving in time to the blasphemous music. Sluggishly, clumsily, stupidly, foully.

Beyond Time, beyond Space, beyond even Thought. At the center of the World, at the outer limits of Existence is ...

Blind and formless, ignorant and absolute, the seething nuclear Chaos, it is ...

... God? »

  • Azathoth lies beyond all time-space, all thoughts, is formless and absolute - a nuclear chaos as it is described. Azathoth cannot even be thought of. He is beyond conceptualization (and thus absolutely worthy of the Tier 0)

Note: The mere fact that Azathoth is considered "blind", and "clumsy" refers to both his sleep and the incomprehensible nature. Since all is Azathoth's dreams, it/he is omniscient, even the concept of the infinite knowledge is Azathoth's dream (Yog-Sothoth again, who is fully omniscient, is still a dream remnant of the Mad Azathoth).

Azzy World

Azathoth is the absolute highest of the Outer Gods, the center of the universe and the source of all the things. In fact, all things are his dreams. All stories, characters, chaos, all levels of duality and their forms, all are the dreams of Azathoth, where there is a place for everything: the vast infinity of conceivable possibilities, and even as the concepts found within Klein Bottles and Yog-Sothoth like universes in a bottle or dust particles containing infinity), external void (absolute nonexistence) of any levels and degrees), all beings and concepts, even if they beyond comprehension. Awakening Azathoth marks the disappearance of the entire Creation - only then will the madness end.

Everything is a foam on the waves Creation is all but a fleeting dream, dreamt by the blind idiot god who is King-of-All as he dozes on the edge of waking

When he wakes, it will end

It will simply vanish, and there will be no one to know or remember it

Or perhaps it simply will have never existed at all

So is the world really nothing more than a fantasy?

But even the god who dreams at the center of the world, the god who created all things, can never, ever destroy it

Azathoth can "never, ever" destroy the story of Demonbane itself, the love story between certain characters, etc. It is the metaphor. Even if Azathoth wakes up and All Creation disappears, we the fans will always remember the characters. It is most certainly NOT referring to Elder God Demonbane but Demonbane as in the story itself.

Every character in Demonbane uses magic by manipulating "Azathoth Particles".

From Zanma Taisei Demonbane:

- マジック

かつて歴史の闇に隠されたこの技術では、錬金術の復活とオープンに再び来ました マジックの世界を構成するすべてのものを制御する技術であります コスモスのすべてのものは、システムを持っています これらのシステムを解読することにより、世界の形状を変えることができます 確かに-各システム、各呪文は、それ自体は宇宙であります メイジは、したがって、宇宙の創造者であります

科学と錬金術は魔法のすべての秘密を公開していません 最も深い真理は唯一の闇に命を与えているメイジに許可されています しかし、基本的な原則が明らかにされています

任意のシステムの最小、不可分の要素 「魔法の力」と呼ばれる、エネルギーのこのソースは無効自体から中に入ってくるように見えます 一部はマナそれを呼び出す、他の人はエーテルを呼び出しますが、現代の錬金術は、「アザトース」としてそれを知っています 単語の語源は不明です それを名前の人物は不明です 無数の理論があります

いずれにせよ、メイジはアザトースを観察把握、理解し、整形することができる人たちは、 そして、科学者たちは、彼らが計算を実行するために役立つ高速コンピュータを必要とするのと同様に、メイジは助けるために何かが必要 それはグリモアの目的であります


This art, once hidden in the darkness of history, came again into the open with the rebirth of alchemy Magic is the art of controlling everything that makes up the World All things in the Cosmos have a system By deciphering these systems, one can change the shape of the World Indeed- each system, each spell, is a universe in and of itself A Mage, therefore, is a creator of universes

Science and alchemy have not exposed all secrets of Magic The deepest truths are allowed only to Mages, who have given their lives to darkness However, the fundamental principles have been revealed

The smallest, indivisible element of any system Called 'magic power', this source of energy seems to come into being from the void itself Some call it mana, others call it ether, but modern alchemy knows it as 'Azathoth' The etymology of the word is unknown The person who named it is unknown There are countless theories

Whatever the case, Mages are those who can observe, grasp, understand and shape the Azathoth And just as scientists need high-speed computers to help them perform calculations, Mages need something to help That is the purpose of grimoires.

  • Particles Azathoth are the smallest, indivisible element of any system, the underlying binary nature of any level. This substance emanates or is a direct emanation of the Mad Creator Azathoth - the center of the universe and the source of all things, which are nothing more than his dreams.

Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One

Yog sothoth s 1371-1

Yog-Sothoth is the "All-in-One and One-in-All", sitting at the top of the Outer Gods only under Azathoth himself. Yog-Sothoth is the embodiment of all time-space yet is locked outside, simultaneously transcending all of it.

From Kishin Houkou Demonbane:

これは、オールインワンです これは、一ルイン オー、すべてです 「ありません1時空連続体の単なるものが、存在の全体無制限何の制約もありませんし、同様に空想や数学をアウトリーチする最後の、全くのスイープスイープ--のアニメーションの本質とは同盟 これは、冷凍存在します これは、過去に流れています それは門であります それはキーであります それは.... それは.... それは---- その存在の想像を絶する巨大さは私たちの正気を全滅しようとしているのと同じように、事が私たちのちっぽけな人間の脳が理解できるシンボルにその形態をシフト。無限の球すべては、それらがボイドに飲み込まれている空の同じ点に急速に飛びます。彼らは無に消え、無数の輝く虹のようなものです。私は、彼らがすべて消えたことを考えるちょうどその時しかし、7色の爆発は突然別世界の光で空を埋めます。



地獄の門。もうひとつの世界への門。それは、そのすべての呪われた荘厳で、門である神です。 のろわれたのコーラスのようなそれですの雷のきしむと、門がゆっくりと開いてスイングします。そして、それを超えて......私は本当に理解できない何かに位置しています。それは、すべてが狂って、ねじれ角を介して浮い全くのカオスのビジョンです。

ヨグ=ソトース......あらゆる時間と時空に存在する『 門の鍵にして守護者 』」「旧支配者共が棲む外宇宙 へと繋がる存。正真正銘の『外なる神』だ......

It's the All-in-One It's the One-in-All "Not merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, but allied to the animating essence of existence's whole unbounded sweep-- the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike It is frozen Present It is flowing Past It is the Gate It is the Key It is.... It is.... It is---- Just as the unimaginable enormity of its existence is about to annihilate our sanity, the thing shifts its form into a symbol that our puny human brains can understand. The infinite spheres all fly rapidly to the same point in the sky, where they are swallowed up by the Void. They are like countless shining rainbows, vanishing into nothingness. But just when I think that they've all disappeared, a seven-colored explosion suddenly fills the sky with otherworldly light.

And then the thing takes form, manifesting as a vast, titanic surface floating in the heavens. It is----

"----A gate."

The Gate to Hell. The Gate to Another World. It is the god that is the Gate, in all its accursed majesty. With a thunderous creaking thats ounds like a chorus of the damned, the Gate slowly swings open. And beyond it lies......something that I can't really understand. It's a vision of utter Chaos, where everything floats through insane, twisted angles.

"Yog-Sothoth......The Opener of the Way, who exists at all points in Time and Space." "He connects this World to the Outer Universe where dwell the Great Old Ones. A true Outer God...... An Outer God"

The Demonbane verse is just the "physical" form of Yog-Sothoth. It is a amalgam of numerous connected realities, including all existing and non-existing worlds. It is infinite conceivable possibilities and impossibilities, stories (realities, etc.). Worlds of different sizes, shapes and complexities. Worlds with different laws. Worlds with non-Euclidean geometry. Worlds with certain laws of perspective (each being “steps”, a universe in a reactor, a universe in a bottle, a universe in a paper wrapper). Endless parallel worlds. Stories with different time axes. Universes within universes, Eternity in a Moment, universe outside the universe. Infinity within dust. Infinity in zero. Infinitely stretching the chain of worlds ome after another. Moreover, even the other Outer Gods/Elder Gods are part of this simple "physical form" of Yog-Sothoth, as they and the worlds are painted across the abyss. Another way to look at it is the gods live in the endless outer void, which also corresponds with Yog-Sothoth.

From Zanmataisei Demonbane:

強大な偉大な古いワンが沸騰悪魔神クトゥルフ、 クトゥルフは型崩れや反発、泡に溶解スライムの泡状の塊になって、融解します すぐそこクトゥルフの左は何もありません、そして世界は泡が充填されています 世界の間で境界が混乱しているようにすべてが不明瞭に成長します どこでこの世界は始まり、終了していますか? どこで他の世界が始まり、終了していますか? 現実自体がそのアイデンティティを失っている、とすべてが不確実になってきています 輝く、虹色の球体はルルイエの海を表面、どこにでもあります 海の表面には、波の下に、そして暗い奥に 一人ひとり一滴の水、およびそれらの間の空間に 空の青、それ自体が、風に乗って 空気を構成する一人ひとりの粒子、およびそれらの間の空間に 海の変更 空の変更 スペースの変更 時間の変更 世界---変更 新しい世界が虹の球で作られています

The demon-god Cthulhu, the mighty great old one- boils Cthulhu melts, becoming a frothy mass of slime that dissolves into bubbles, shapeless and repulsive Soon there is nothing left of Cthulhu, and the world is filled with bubbles Everything grows indistinct as the boundary in between worlds is muddled Where does this world begin and finish? Where does the Other world begin and finish? Reality itself is losing its identity, and everything is becoming uncertain Glowing, rainbow colored spheres are everywhere, suffusing the oceans of R'yleh On the surface of the sea, beneath the waves, and in the dark depths In each and every drop of water, and the space between them In the sky, in the blue itself, and riding on the wind In each and every particle that makes up the air, and the space between them The sea changes The sky changes Space changes Time changes The World--- changes The new world is made of rainbow spheres

  • Yog-Sogoth itself is larger than the multiverse, and changes reality (time, space and the universe/multiverse) with his mere arrival.

From Zanmataisei Demonbane:

彼らは、活気に満ちた輝きを持つ古い消費します すべてが虹色付きです すべてが球体で作られています


レインボー球 レインボー球 レインボー球 球 球 球 球は金の王冠を身に着けているラクダです 球は巨大な雄牛です 球は偉大な王子です 球は鉄の冠を身に着けている赤い男です 球はカラスです 球は暗い雲です 球は白ヘビです 球はフライです 球は緑の顔の男です 球はマンモスハゲタカです 球はヒトのものです 球は巨大です 球は黄色ヒキガエルです 虹球が集まり始めます 彼らは、原始宇宙のスライムと滑らかな、多くの触手を持つ形のない生き物になります

They consume their old with a vibrant glow Everything is rainbow colored Everything is made of spheres

Rainbow..... spheres

Rainbow spheres Rainbow spheres Rainbow spheres Spheres Spheres Spheres The spheres are a camel wearing a gold crown The spheres are a colossal bull The spheres are a great prince The spheres are a red man wearing a crown of iron The spheres are a raven The spheres are a dark cloud The spheres are a white snake The spheres are a fly The spheres are a green faced man The spheres are a mammoth vulture The spheres are a human The spheres are a giant The spheres are a yellow toad The rainbow spheres begin to gather They become a formless creature with many tentacles, slick with the slime of the primordial universe

  • Yog is a collection of infinite rainbow spheres, which is every living thing ever.

Elder God Demonbane

Elder God Demonbane

The final and most powerful form of Demonbane, literally a sentient Elder God. Demonbane, by this point, is an order of magnitude above any other Demonbane. With War God Demonbane busting universes by brushing against them (and was larger than a multiverse), while Zanmataisei Demonbane was throwing around infinite energy, Elder God Demonbane is casually, immeasurably superior in its destructive capability.

From Kishin Houkou Demonbane (Scans are incorporated periodically):

Then it arrived. Beyond the heavens with burning hate---- Infinite/ Eternal / Beyond infinite space Holding righteous anger burning through their chest.

Nya: “….You came. Without a single exception ‘you guys’ came. ‘you guys’, embracing your disgusting hope into your chest”

That is Demonbane. Infinite/ Eternal / Beyond infinite space Infinite/ Eternal / A pure Demonbane A Great War host comprising every buried Demonbane in creation.


There was new Demonbane without a scratch.

There was ancient Demonbane who had fought in countless battles.

There was Demonbane, which was still incomplete with only its frame.


There was destroyed Demonbane, blasted by magic at the moment of its death.

There was Demonbane driven by Kurou and Al from other timeline.


There was Demonbane driven by Kuzaku from another timeline.

There was Demonbane driven by Kuzaku and an unknown partner.

There was Demonbane driven by completely unknown people.


There was Demonbane driven by nobody at all.

There was Demonbane driven by a non-human

There was Demonbane that was not a robot.

There was Demonbane made out of flesh and blood.

There was massive Demonbane.

There was little Demonbane.

There was Demonbane with the form of a beast.

There was Demonbane with no form at all.

There was liquid Demonbane.

There was vapourous Demonbane.

There was Demonbane in the form of ionized matter.

There was Demonbane with an ethereal body.

There was Demonbane with two swords.

There was Demonbane which resembled blood.

There was Demonbane with two engines.

There was Demonbane with three faces and six arms.

There was Demonbane that brought an infinite amount of soldiers.

There was Demonbane who rode a dragon

There was Demonbane that is a space battleship.

There was Demonbane with light sword that can cut through a star.

There was Demonbane that was God

There was Demonbane that was fell into evil

There was Demonbane that fused with a human.

There was Demonbane that was reborn as a human.

There was Demonbane that existed in that past.

There was Demonbane that exist in the present.

There were Demonbane that existed now.

There were Demonbane that would exist in the future.

There were Demonbane from other possibilities.

There were Demonbane that had no possibility.

There were Demonbane that traveled through the end of space and time.

That was the pattern woven by the Shining Trapezohedron. The name of this tale that encompassed infinite Demonbanes was Demonbane Athleta Aeternum.

  • EGD summons infinite versions of itself omnipresent across the multiverse. All versions of Demonbane were present. this summons an infinite number of Demonbane's, both possible and impossible. A Demonbane without possibilities, a Demonbane that was God, a Demonbane that wasn't even a Demonbane, a Demonbane that brought an infinite army, etc. etc.

Shining Trapezohedron


A window on all of space-time, granting its user arcane secrets and knowledge in exchange for terrible sacrifices, in Demonbane, the Shining Trapezohedron is a portal to a prison universe containing Azathoth itself; the Court of Azathoth, for those sent there to be tortured for all of eternity. It is the most powerful offensive weapon. This is the type of weapon used to take to battle against Nyarlathoptep.

From Kishin Houkou Demonbane:


それは啓発/おもちゃ箱でした おもちゃ箱の内部には、ガラス球が格納されています 黒の結晶に似ている7本の柱に支えられ、トラペゾヘドロン 無限の赤い線は、血管のような脈動結晶構造に走っ 非ユークリッド幾何学を有する結晶ボックスが繰り広げられます




神の木を採用二つの翼は狂いました 二存在しないエッジを持つ神の剣


神の剣の中心の神の柱/神ツリー/、パルス状の7本の柱。 宇宙は内提供を作っながらボックスの内容は、宇宙全体に延びています。


This is a toy box.

It was a toy box/it enlightens Inside the toy box, glass sphere is stored Supported by seven pillars resembling black crystals, the Trapezohedron Infinite red lines ran to the crystalline structure pulsating like blood vessels The crystalline box with non-Euclidean geometry unfolds

Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open. Open.Open.Open.Open.Open…. Enlighten suitable form

From the extremities of empty space, God's warped pillar rises from eternity Two wings embracing the god tree went mad A divine sword with two non-existent edges

Nya: "...... Shining Trapezohedron. "

God's pillar/God tree/at the center of God's sword, seven pillars pulsed. Contents of box extend to the entire universe, while the universe within made an offering. Everything turned inside out is now reversing

  • The sword of 'God' (Azathoth), evidenced earlier by his zeroth seal. Also partially responsible for Elder God Demonbane's Athleta Aeternum

From Kinshin Houkou Demonbane (scans will be added periodically):

Kurou: “This land is born of the goddess original sin, carved into the howling spiral”

Al-Alzif: “Blood-stained worn-out crumbling at the end of the saint’s path”

Kurou & Al Azif: “Here again, we will fulfill the covenant”

Al Azif: “It is like a fairy tale, a faint dream that disturbs one’s sleep with a feather’s touch, an ephemeral vision the vanishes at dawn

Kurou: “Though its shine is merely that of a child’s treasure, we worship and protect the covenant”

Kurou: “I am the light. I am the shine of life that illuminates the night traveler’s road.”

Al Azif: “I am the dark. I am the black wings of death that seal the road with heavy chains”

Kurou: “I am the light. I am violence and hate, burning my eyes burning myself, burning the world.”

Al Azif: “I am the dark. I am eternity and love, unstained, unwavering, and unhesitant”

Kurou: “Love is bitter and powerful. It tortures me”

Kurou: “Love is sweet and heavy. It consumes me”

Kurou: “It is good”

Al Azif: “It is evil”

Al Azif: “it is Acceptance”

Kurou: “It is Rejection”

Kurou & Al Azif: “it is a mating ceremony, pure and foul, song of failed worlds as they are expunged, born together only to die together”

Al Azif: “With the deep darkness of hate in our hearts”

Kurou: “With the desperate cry in our hearts”

Kurou: “Upon the flower of mourning we swear”

Al Azif: “Upon the flower of blessing we swear”

Nya: “Daiduji Kurou! Al Azif!”

Kurou & Al: “We are the weavers of Mythology!”

  • Hymn for the Shining Trapezohredon

From Zanmataisei Demonbane:

Space and time are unknowable in this place Everything is closed off Life, sound, air, presence, death, creation, destruction, transience, eternity---- I am trapped in the Darkness of Chaos. Faced with Chaos beyond human understanding, my mind is falling apart This unimaginable Other is raping my soul Even so, I struggle to hold myself together The only thing that keeps me whole is my will, the thought that I mustn't be annihilated here

  • As the gods themselves, the Shining Trapezohredon is beyond time-space, Life, sound, air, presence, death, creation, destruction, transience, eternity, etc., etc.

From Zanmataisei Demonbane:

"----確かに" "----そして、戦場は別の世界になります" 闇のギャザー 闇のギャザー 闇のギャザー ねじれた、非常識と別世界の闇のギャザーを身もだえ ライトギャザー ライトギャザー ライトギャザー 、レイジング轟音とほくそ笑ん、別世界のライトギャザー 闇を最大限に達する時 光を最大限に達する時 別の世界があってはならない世界があり、 それは、神々によってタブーを作ったパラドックス、現存する涙の隠れ家です 決戦が行われる場所です いいえ、一方的な破壊が戦いを呼び出すことはできません 斬魔大聖デモンベインが悪に裁きの絶対的な力を持って来る場所です。 [省略] それは自分自身への折り畳みされているかのように、この世界に属していないすべては、時空の亀裂に吸い込まれます そして最後に、家賃はすべて一人で斬魔大聖デモンベインを残して、塞ぎます

"----Indeed" "----And the battlefield becomes another world" The Darkness gathers The Darkness gathers The Darkness gathers Twisted, insane and writhing the otherworldly Darkness gathers The Light gathers The Light gathers The Light gathers Raging, roaring and gloating, the otherworldly Light gathers At the utmost reaches of the Darkness At the utmost reaches of the Light There is another world, a world that must not be It is the lair of the Paradox, a tear in existence, made taboo by the gods This is where the decisive battle will take place No, one-sided destruction cannot be called a battle This is where Demonbane will bring the absolute power of judgement to Evil. [snip] Everything that does not belong in this World is drawn into the spacetime fissure, as though it is folding into itself And finally the rent closes up, leaving Demonbane all alone

  • All Time-space is warped by the Shining Trapezohredon, which exists as a form of paradox.

Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos

Nya hq

The Outer God of a Thousand Faces. The Dark Pharaoh, a servant of Azathoth. One of the most intelligent and powerful beings in Demonbane, Nya likes hiding among the normal people of the world, quietly manipulating everything as she sees fit.

From Kishin Houkou Demonbane:

"It's been so long, so very long." "This form, the Black Pharaoh, Father Ny......Separated from the Thousand Faces, we sought it in the world of man." .... .... "Everything is......"

Cloaked in the darkness of Chaos, a woman emerges from a sudden rift at the center of our battlefield.

Surrounded by the birth and death of infinite universes, she alights a top the Shining Trapezohedrons. I know this woman well---- "Nya......!" "No!That's......!" "----As I, Nyarlathotep, have willed it!"

Nya, the Nyarlathotep we see in Kinshin Houkou and Zanma Taisei Demonbane, is a an avatar of the true entity known as "Nyarlathotep".

From Gunshin Kyoshuu Demonbane:

From body of indescribable and huge cosmic being, a thing, long and dark arm stretched out. On other part, slight lips like those of humans appeared. “…Ny…a,r…”

Slight lips spew out human language, and dark fingers with few rings drew complicated signs. Nyarlathotep! Nyarlathotep! Nyarlathotep! Ai, ai! I call my name three times, And show my will to the human world, ai!!

That thing stated itself, ‘Nyarlathotep’ summoned itself at where humans could recognize it. It liked that position because that is where it could most effectively express its humane evil mind. Dark pharaoh, Nyarlathotep smiled and flew to the human world. Remaining of Lemuria Impact contracted and disappeared.

“-----Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….!!” The last thing that remained was reverberation of laugh in empty space.

  • Nyarlathotep is full of evil and malice, her human form is simply used because she likes to show her malice and evil to humankind.

From Gunshin Kyoshuu Demonbane:

Eternal evil cutting sword, DEMONBANE Athleta Aeternum fought, fought and fought. And…

“Oh my! This is getting nowhere. Then, I better make this cycle not happened from the start.”

---Time is reversing?!

Superior power over both Demonbane’s and Liber Legis’ clocks.

Someone was controlling super time that oversaw super dimension outside of time and space. The trace of fight that seemed eternal was instantly reversed.

---Edgar. Hurry inside the space ship--- ---Please save the earth, Edgar--- ---Let’s do it together, bro--- ---Now Edgar, I shall make a pact with you--- ---Edgar--- ---Ed…--- ---….--- ---Was it a dream?

On the floor of cracked down basement, a boy who was exhausted due to lack of air died without anyone noticing.

Before death, he seemed to see an image of a dark mouse with 3 eyes, but that didn’t affect anything in reality. In his life, from birth to death, there was absolutely no meaning.

“He went as far as he could. But that wasn’t enough to destroy the loop. So I brought him from the stage. Magius called Edgar never existed from the start.”

A woman with dark clothes smiled bit and shook a pocket watch on her fingers.

“Well. He was bit weak to take the main role. In order to make the fight more epic, it requires more and more of power of story. With laugh, love and friendship, adventure and revenge! Grandmaster, I will show you the best fight.”

“Hmmm…I am not sure whether everything will go according to your will.” A boy with golden dark eyes spoke with dignity. “The man you erased is still affecting this world. Even with death beyond death, they would keep fighting.” “Hoho, grandmaster is quite romantics.” “Maybe, you are.” Grandmaster Master Therion and crawling chaos Nyarlathotep cynically smiled at each other with hostility and sarcastic marks.

  • Nya reverses time on a hyperversal scale, and undoes War God Demonbane/Liber Legis, as well as the damage they have done.

Klein Bottles

Created by Nyarlathotep, the infamous Klein Bottles are experiments that are proof of Demonbane's higher dimensional structure.

From Kinshin Houkou Demonbane:

試験管宇宙。 原子炉の宇宙。 コインロッカー宇宙。 ドラムのエコーと宇宙。 刑務所の宇宙。 宇宙はガムの包み紙を噛むに包まれました。 宇宙外宇宙 宇宙内部の宇宙 永遠の全てを飲み込む瞬間。 すべての無限大を投獄超微細塵。 宇宙内部の宇宙。永遠の全てを飲み込む瞬間。すべての無限大を投獄超微細塵。宇宙外宇宙、別の宇宙別の宇宙外の別の宇宙外の別の宇宙...無限に伸びる宇宙のシリーズ すべてが瞬間的にまだ無限です。 無限と有限を一緒に溶融した円形のヘビはバラバラになるだろうし、すべてのものは、カオスの沸騰スープに戻ります。

A test-tube universe. A nuclear reactor universe. A coin-locker universe. A universe with the echoing of drums. A prison universe. A universe wrapped in chewing gum wrapper. A universe outside a universe A universe inside a universe An instant that swallows all of eternity. An ultrafine dust that imprisons all infinity. A universe inside a universe. An instant that swallows all of eternity. An ultrafine dust that imprisons all infinity. A universe outside a Universe, another universe outside another universe another universe outside another universe…a series of universes extending infinitely Everything is momentary yet infinite. Infinite and finite will melt together the circular snake will fall to pieces and all things will return to the boiling soup of chaos.

  • Several examples towards universes contained in one Klein Bottle, as well as the statement that proves the Klein Bottle contains a series of universes that repeat ad infinitum, representing all different possibilities. Thus containing a "multiverse" and not a standard universe. Nya can simply hold a bottle in her hand, in other words she stands on a higher dimensional space and that is still just an avatar of the true entity.

Furthermore, taking Yog-Sothoth into account, these worlds (Klein Bottle multiverses) are only a small part of the Outer God's "physical form" and nothing compared to its true boundless selfm

Elder Gods


The Elder Gods are, like the Outer Gods, dimensionless beings beyond space and time, matter and energy, possibilities and impossibilities, dimensions and causality, light and darkness, moments and eternity, existence and nonexistence. The Elder Gods are above beings who themselves are already above multiple hierarchies of 1-A characters.

The Elder Gods are vastly powerful cosmic entities, of the highest spheres (spheres referring to Yog-Sothoth again) (as the Elder Gods, being "gods, born again of the people") or are initially at this level (as Nyarlathotep and Outer Gods). Their immense force and superiority over other dimensionless (1-A) entities make them virtually boundless and absolute resistance to the manipulation of reality with respect to its level of existence (Outer gods are not able to affect the Elder Gods in any way, and vice versa, if something applies to one of each other, the damage is only from -some difference in density and the number of "particles of Azathoth" in itself). Also, apparently, they represent two eternal binary "tales of Azathoth" and are his messengers.

Elder God Al Azif


Al Azif becomes an Elder God(dess) transcending all of reality, time-space, eternity, etc. She is a grimoire (explained below) the Necronomicon itself to be exact. As an Elder God Al's powers are immeasurably superior to even her inital 1-A form.

To give a better explanation:

If we were to create a hierarchy of 1-As in Demonbane it would be something like this:

1) Fodder Outer Gods from the middle of an endless chain of worlds-stories completely surpasses infinite hierarchy beneath him. And in this hierarchy there are beings who are a force beyond duality, space, time and dimensions overall.

2) An infinite hierarchy above the fodder Outer Gods.

3) Quality step above all hierarchies. No stories, no dimensions, no existence or nonexistence. (Still within the spheres of Yog-Sothoth).

4) Gears of the Clockwork Phantom.

5) Clockwork Phantom

6) Al Azif/Another Blood/Ethledreda.

7) This continues with Elder God Al Azif being qualitatively superior to her 1-A self who is already qualitatively superior to the Clockwork Phantom who is qualitatively superior to the step above all hierarchies above a hierarchy of 1-A fodder.

Al Azif is a powerful magic book containing knowledge which stores innumerable ancient magic. As one of the strongest grimoires (see below), it has its own soul and human form, which can independently use magic (Azathoth Particles).

Elder God Kurou Daijuuji


Kurou is the main protagonist, who also becomes an Elder God transcending all reality, time-space, eternity, etc. All of his previous abilities are now qualitatively superior his EOS (1-A) self who is qualitatively superior to the Clockwork Phantom whose mear gears are infinitely above a step immensely superior to the fodder Outer Gods.

Additionally Kurou in this state and Al Azif's Elder God state powerscale to each other. Along with Al Azif they pilot Elder God Demonbane.

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Elder God Another Blood


Another Blood is a grimoire hybrid that also is an Elder God. Once again, this puts her above several hierarchies of 1-A characters (including the Court of Azathoth) making her immeasurably powerful in this form/state of existence.

Another Blood is the powerful personification of a book containing knowledge and storing innumerable ancient magic. Although Another Blood is only half grimoire, she has all the powers of the Necronomicon (Al Azif), and is commonly referred to as the "Bloody Version" of the Necronomicon.

She can controls her own "history", including the worlds with all laws of physics and the higher dimensions in her base 1-A form, and her Elder God form is qualitatively superior.

She is a powerful mage who has vast mystical powers.

Elder God Kazuku Daijuuji


Kazuku is yet another character who rose to the status of Elder God and thus, in this state, is is qualitatively superior to several hierarchies of 1-A characters. Similarly he can be powerscaled to Another Blood (Elder God) and vice versa. Along with Another Blood, they pilot Elder God Demonbane Two Sword.

Similar to Kuro and the other Elder Gods, all of Kazuku's abilities are qualitatively amplified beyond their original capabilities.

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Elder God Demonbane Two Sword


The Elder God version of Demonbane Two Sword which is under the command of Kuzaku and Another Blood in their Elder God forms (thus inhabits the same layer of existence as them - the highest sphere / domain within the "physical" form of Yog-Sothoth).

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