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  • VenomElite

    When They Cry Cosmology

    January 4, 2017 by VenomElite

    DISCLAIMER: This blog uses a previous blog made by TheMightyRegulator as a basis, and much input on that blog was given by DarkLK. Credit and thanks to both Mighty and DarkLK for their help/assistance.

    Note: Work in Progress

    The following is an overview of the When They Cry cosmology (Higurashi, Umineko, Higanbana, and TriAnthology).

    When They Cry follows a higher dimensional theory depicted by "endeavors", steps on an infinite ladder that leads to the realm of the Creator that transcends all lower layers (and is in itself, layered).

    Even though layered, the Realm of The Creator is infinitely beyond the infinite dimensional hierarchy of the World of Witches, which, from the perspective of the entities that exist there, is nothing more than a g…

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  • VenomElite

    The Very Last Time...

    November 24, 2016 by VenomElite

    A Very Important Note to all of VS. Battles Wiki

    I did not want to make this... especially with my strict sleeping schedule...

    I introduced my fiancee Sera to this wiki because she too loves lots of fictional series and also has come to like several users here :)


    When I get a message from my sister saying that Sera is crying because people in Chat aren't believing I'm ill, I've reached my limit. I am very tolerable, but this has gone too far. I am suffering from sleep deprivation. I have offended any of you in the past, I am deeply sorry. Be it claiming a translation was my own or misreading the time... if I've anything that offended you... I am very sorry. However, DO NOT think my fiancee is a sockpuppet of me or anyone else just m…

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  • VenomElite

    Note: This is a tribute to my sister and Vs. Battles Wiki

    For those who don't know, recently I've had to deal with a horrifying incident regarding my sister and though everything is cleared up, I want to make a tribute for her. Though she normally is active on gaming wikis, she does stop by here and reads my posts, so I have no doubt she'll see this.

    My beloved sister, you have been and always will be my partner. From the moment you were born, I was still a baby myself, but we grew up together and have became inseparable from one another. I'm writing this in English because you speak it the best out of the whole family. You are an over-achiever and my main inspiration for contributing to this wiki. If I'm struggling to translate something, …

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  • VenomElite

    Note: This is a tribute to my little sister, Yeul.

    Ok, I have been asked a number of times who is my favorite Final Fantasy XIII character and the my two favorite characters have to be Paddra-Ballad Caius (Caius Ballad) and Paddra Nsu Yeul. Everyone knows Caius, but who is Yeul? Well I'm going to explain that in great detail.

    Paddra Nsu-Yeul (パドラ=ヌス・ユール, Padora Nusu-Yūru) is a mysterious young girl that travels with Caius Ballad, although her reasons for doing so remain unknown. Gran Pulsian in heritage, Yeul hails from the city of Paddra in the Yaschas Massif area. With piercing green eyes and donned in the typical Gran Pulse garb, Yeul rarely speaks and when she does, is very soft-spoken.

    Yeul bears the same name as the Ancient Seeress, in …

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  • VenomElite

    Note: This is a work in process

    Well then. Because the Demonbane (Verse) is infamous on the internet for several reasons I'm sure you're all aware of, I've decided to put everything to rest by explaining the Demonbane Cosmology so that it is better understood and respected. This will be the official cosmology as explained in the original (Japanese) version of the game and I will be covering all the Demonbane Visual Novels, DYN Freaks, Dra † KoI, and Nitroplus Blasterz. To best best understand the Demonbane Cosmology, you must understand it backwards or in other words, from top to bottom. Then everything will be clearer.

    Tier 0:


    High 1-A:


    Elder God Demonbane (including pilots)



    Elder God Kuro Daijuuji

    Elder God Al …

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