This is a little KE calc for Blaine the Mono.

According to this website an average monorail with 7 cars weighs 93,800 kg and is 282 feet long. Blaine is described as being two "wheels" long (one wheel equals 0.8 miles), which is 2.5 miles.

This means Blaine is 46.8 times longer than an average monorail. Now we can multiply the average monorail weight by 46.8 to find out Blaine's weight. So Blaine weighs around 4,389,840 kg. Blaine is also stated to have a top speed of over 900 mph or 402.336 m/s.

Using that information, Blaine's KE is 355,301,240,190 or 84.9 tons of TNT (City Block level+).

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