The SUPERHOT protag can slice enemies in half with a katana. This is important because enemies are made of concrete.


First we need the volume. Average human height is typically 5'9", or 175.26 cm. Shoulder width is typically is 46.355 cm. Width is typically 58.42 cm for the human head; put this together and you get 474409.664082 cubic cm.

Next the compressive strength of concrete. We'll use 17 MPA as a low end, 28 as a mid end, 70 as a high end. After multiplying the volume by each end, we'll multiply by 8 j/cc since this is fragmentation.

Low end: 64519714.315152 joules, 0.0154205818152848943 tons

Mid end: 106267764.75436 joules, or 0.0253986053428202699 tons

High end: 265669411.88592 joules, or 0.0634965133570554452 tons

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All ends are Small Building level. This'll do nicely in the upgrade thread.

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