Mag Agents should likely be Supersonic. They can deflect bullets with swords, and while one would say this is reaction speed, they had to move to deflect those bullets. I don't see why this still wouldn't be applicable as clearly they can move their body (at least a short distance) at Supersonic speeds.

Anyhow, all agents are designed and specifically their bodies are made of something like clay.

Also, they're chock full of blood. Basically I'll assume their outside body is made of clay and the entire inner body is filled with blood, and they can move at Supersonic speeds.



For KE we need speed and mass. First for mass, we'll need volume.

Here's a good moment. Gotta love Deimos' finger guns lma

Height = 321

Length = 107

This gives us height and length, still need width.

Luckily we have it.

For the second pic:

Width = 105

Good. Let's calc those in meters. We'll say Deimos is of course 1.7526 meters via being an average joe.

Height = 2.7178 m

Length = 0.9059 m

Width = 0.889 m

Using rectangular tank for volume. Maybe cylinder if requested but this should be fine.

Volume is 2.1887 m cubed.


Now we need the density.

Apparently 17% of body mass is fat, which we'll say is clay.

Average density of clay is 1746 kg per cubic meter.

So 17% of the volume * 1746. 649.512‬ kg per cubic meter.

Average density of blood is 1060 kg per cubic meter.

83% of the volume * 1060. 1,925.596‬ kg per cubic meter.

Overall, that's 2,575.108‬ kg per cubic meter.


So now the mass is volume * density. 5,636.1388 kg in our case.

We'll do mach 1.1 as a low-end and mach 2.5 as a high-end for this.


(Low-end) KE = 401167000 J, or 0.0958 tons. Small Building level.

(High-end) KE = 2072140000 J, or 0.4952 tons. Building level.

Finally, a well-deserved upgrade.


I realized that the Mag Agents being Supersonic comes from Hank's feat of deflecting bullets.

That was mach 1.1845. So not mach 1.1 or mach 2.5 exactly, but I still feel those can be used. If Madness Combat characters can keep up with those that should be able to stomp them via being ecstatic, then they should likely be able to push their boundaries? It's not a big gap anyhow and it stays in the Supersonic range. (It's not even the gap we use for stomps like being 7.5x stronger).

Regardless, it's 465168000 J, or 0.111 tons. Small Building level.


(Low-end) KE = 401167000 J, or 0.0958 tons. Small Building level.

(Mid-end) KE = 465168000 J, or 0.111 tons. Small Building level.

(High-end) KE = 2072140000 J, or 0.4952 tons. Building level.

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