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    (3*(6.67408×10^-11)*(4089000000000 )^2)/((884.95384)*(5-3)) =

    U = GBE in joules, M = the mass of the body in question in kilograms, r = its radius in meters, and G = the gravitational constant of 6.67408x10^-11.

    r = 147,343,303.5714286 m

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    Cuphead: Run 'n Gun

    December 3, 2019 by Truth Bullets

    Lots of stuff here, from attack potency to speed, and even values for Size Manipulation.

    Before I can accurately measure the following feats, I'll need an exact height estimate for both Mugman and Cuphead. Luckily, there's someone we can compare them to.

    She has pale skin, so we'll assume her to be a white woman. The average height in that regard is 64 inches, or 1.6256 meters.

    Cuphead is crouching a little bit here because he's shooting, but Mugman is also crouching in the other calcs regarding AP, and since they're comparable this should be fine.

    Cuphead while crouching is 132 px, and the lady is 306 px at 1.6256 meters, so he's 0.7012392156862745 meters tall.

    Feat happens here. Cuphead and Mugman can both destroy this rock lion. This is late…

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    Feat happens here. Since we already have a 9-A explosion, another one would help with consistency.

    Also, note that under the context Toko was directly in the center of the blast and thus she scales to its full value.

    We'll use the foot size of the average Japanese woman because Toko is recoiling here.

    The average Japanese woman's foot size (and this is a highball, meaning I'll be getting a lower result) is .25m.

    Pixel measurements here. Her foot is 24px, the explosion is 465px. Thus the explosion is 4.84375m in diameter, or 2.421875‬m in radius.

    Formula is ((radius/.28)^3)/2 = grams in tnt.

    ((2.421875/.28)^3)/2 = 323.5572107331746 grams of tnt. 0.00035666077312232415293 tons of tnt.

    9-B, Wall level.


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    I recently started reading it and I can't help but do a neato calc for it. The feat is done here.

    For clarification, this is a strength feat.

    I'll be finding the crashing force energy of this feat.

    F = m * v² / (2 * d)

    F is the force, m is the mass of the object, v is the initial speed of the object, d is the distance the object traveled when stopped.

    Eggman's forces would likely use grade-A missiles right? Well, the best missiles can reach speeds of 2300 mph. That's v.

    We need to find the mass now. First the density:

    Missiles can be made of aluminum or titanium. We'll use 2.7 g/cm³ for aluminum as a low-end, 4.506 g/cm³ for titanium as a high-end.

    Now we measure our missile.

    This calc found the width of Sonic's arm to be 4.26 cm.

    The width of Sonic…

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    Feat happens here. Eggman makes Metal Sonic fly some distance from 0:50 to 1:04.

    Time frame is 14 seconds. It seems like everyone's done this, but by request I decided why not?

    The picture is hard to discern, so here's a better version.

    If there's some formula that takes the size of the planet and converts the distance between dots and their curvature to find the total distance traveled please let me know because it'd be really helpful.

    Anyhow, I'll measure this in meters, kilometers and miles.

    Each time it'll be 11858092478 of something done in 14 seconds.

    847007000 m/s. 2.825311235815012‬c.

    847007000000 m/s. 2,825.311235815012c.

    1363120000000 m/s. 4,546.87889446505c.

    Meters is FTL, everything else is MFTL+.

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