Verse: Rayman

During a discussion about Polokus' downgrade on this thread, Absaddie and Mantidil thought that this verse in generally really needs a revision, so here we are (this being my first not-copy and paste calculation).

The Feat


In Rayman Legends, Rayman punches a Dark Teensie interstellar distances in a few seconds, making the entire constellation shook on impact (five times).

The Calc

"> Smallest constellation = ~13.5 kLY

> So the surface area = 5.12e40 m^2

> Surface area of the sun = 6.09e18 m^2

> 5.12e40 / 6.09e18 = 8.40722496e21

> GBE of the sun = 6.87e41 joules

> 6.87e41 * 8.40722496e21 = 5.77576355e63 joules

> Or 57.758 exaFOE"

Attack Speed Calc (by Mantidil)

Time Frame: around 9 seconds

Closest star to Earth: 4.22 ly (.469 ly/s)

av. interstellar distance in our galaxy: 5 ly (.556 ly/s)

Speed of light=3.169e-8 ly/s

Conclusion: The feat is around 14.8 million to 17.5 million times the speed of light (Massively FTL)

KLOL506's Revision

KLOL506 saw 7 large star thingies there.

Assuming they're the same mass as our Sun.

5.693e+41 J multiplied with 7 is 3.9851e+42 J (Large Star level).

ThePerpetual's Revision

ThePerpetual thought that if this feat can apparently shake stars throughout the constellations, imagining that it would at least shake planets like Earth within the shock wave similarly? It's portrayed cartoonishly, but that nonetheless is the fact of what happened.

This feat would function fine if we simply took the radius of a constellation, and used that radius's surface area in place of the universe's, with the same methodology as Kepekley's universe-shaking feat.

(13500 / 2) = 6750 Light Years = 6.38599e+19 meter radius

SA of "Sphere" w/ above radius: 4(Pi) * r^2 = 5.12468e+40 square meters

E = 2760000000 * 5.12468e+40 = 1.41441e+50 Joules, or ~1.414 MegaFoe, which would be Solar System level.

Attack Speed

Also, even if we're assuming that the nearest star in this constellation is somehow as close about as the real world's closest star (~4.24 light years- let's round to 5) to Earth, that's still 6755 light years (to the center of the constellation) in... ~9 seconds?

6755 / 9 = 750.556 light years/second

Which comes out to 9.47410e+9 C: or, about nine and a half billion times light speed, which'd be Massively FTL+ attack speed.


57.758 Exafoe - Multi-Solar System level (4-A; Mine)

14.8 to 17.5 million times the speed of light - Massively FTL (Attack Speed; Mantidil)

3.9851e+42 J - Large Star level (High 4-C; KLOL506)

1.414 MegaFoe - Solar System level (4-B; ThePerpetual "Accepted")

9.47410e+9 - Massively FTL+ (Attack Speed)

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