Sautobi clan hardening concrete with katons

Made by Nighty the Mighty

The cube thing contains the Juubi making it at least 2888.64m on all sides.

No scaling today.

The Juubi is 1069.869m tall including the spike.

So I feel that estimating the height of the concrete within the trap at 250m high is good.

Making the volume of it 2888.64*2888.64*250 = 2086060262.4m^3

Why is this any good you may be asking now?


To make concrete set the water needs to be evaporated...

I think you know where this leads.

First we shall find the energy to simply vaporise the water and then the energy to heat it to 100 degrees.

The same as we did for the Gai calc or any other water vaping calc.

According to this concrete is 16% water.

So we multiply our volume by 0.16 to account for this.

2086060262.4*0.16 = 333769641.984m^3

Now we multiply by 1000 to get the water in Kg.

333769641.984*1000 = 333769641984kg

There are 55 mols per Kg of water.

333769641984*55 =1.835733e+13

Now we multiply by 40.65 to get the energy in Kj.

1.835733e+13*40.65 = 7.4622548e+14Kj

Making the subtotal of this section 7.4622548e+17J

Next we find the energy to heat the water to 100 degrees.

I'm gonna assume the water starts at 25 degrees, if anyone has a problem with this speak up or forever hold your peace.

So what we do here is take our water in Kg which we got to be 333769641984Kg and then multiply by 4200 and then again by the change in temperature which in this case is 75 degrees.

Doing this gives us a subtotal of 1.0513744e+17J

Now we just have to add them together to get our total energy.

Which is 8.5136292e+17J.

Also known as 203.481 Megatons.

Before anyone gets excited we have to divide this by 14 for the number of people performing the feat.

==Giving them each 14.534 Megatons.

Earth Squad Making a crater to contain the juubi==

Made by me.

Seems the above calc already gives minimum dimensions for the crater The cube thing contains the Juubi making it at least 2888.64m on all sides.

The Juubi is 1069.869m tall including the spike.

Volume: 8.927e9 m^3

Pulverization: 214.35j/cc

Energy: 1.914e18 Joules or 457.5 Megatons total.

Manga showed 11 dudes doing this, so that's:

1.74e17 Joules or 41.59 Megatons for each. (Likely higher, just doing a minimum)

Random Iwa chunnin making crater

Made by Shining Force.

Kankuro Height = 1.75m = 40px (allowed for crouching)

Hole Depth = 530px = 23.2 m

Hole Width = 392px = 17.15

The hole is roughly a square prism. Apparently, I need to use pulverization for levelling the ground.

Volume = 6823.642 m^3

Pulverization = 214.35 j/cc

DC = 1.462647663E12 J or 350 tons of TNT

Gaara's sand manipulation in his fight with Deidara

Made By Alita54

Scaling images unavailable put posting this anyway:

Gaara = yellow line = 631 pixels = 1.661 meters

Gord = 311 pixels = purple line = 0.8 meters

Gord = 20 pixels = purple line = 0.8 meters

Building top diameter = 251 pixels = yellow line = 10.04 meters

Alright here's my new revision using the better zoomed in scan unknown gave me.

Sand diameter = orange line = 397 pixels = 398.588 meters

Building top = yellow line = 10 pixels = 10.04 meters(Treating the top of this building to be as big as the top of the other one I scaled.)

Sand diameter = 177 pixels = red line = 398.588 meters

Sand height = 330 pixels = blue line = 743.130169491 meters

@Endless okay then I'll divide by 2 for the potential energy formula only then.

The radius is 199.294 meters and the height is 743.130169491 meters. So volume is 92726368.26570567.

92726368.26570567 x 1682 kg = 155965751423 kg for the mass.

PE = 155965751423 x 9.81 x 371.565084746 = 5.6850351e+14 joules = 135.875599904 kilotons

Kn3 chakra wave

By Shining Force

In Naruto-293, KN-3 Naruto lets out a chakra wave which leaves a crater.

Naruto = 5px = 1.66 m

Crater Width = 316px = 104.9 m

Considering the crater as a dome:

Crater Depth = 70px = 23.24 m

Putting into dome calculator ( gives:

Crater Volume = 107,189.89 m^3

Pulverization = 214.35 j/cc

DC = 2.2976e13 J or 5.49 Kt of TNT.

Both Orochimaru and Kabuto withstood KN-3's attack/roar with minor injuries so this would apply to their durablity.

Fodder snake feats

Both By shinig Force Orochimaru's Part-I height is 1.8m.

Orochimaru = 28px = 1.8m

Snake width = 184px = 11.83m snake width 92.956px (11.83m)

crater width is 380.847 px (48.468 m)

crater lenght is 381.844px (48.595 m)

crater depth is biggest size/4

48.595/4= 12.14875 m

which gives me a volume of

12.14875 x 48.595 x 48.468=28613.9807609 m^3

E=28613980760.9 x 69

E=1.97436467 ? 10^12 joules


471.884482 tons of tnt for both snakes In Naruto-154, Orochimaru destroys Tanzaku Castle by summon a giant snake. Castle Height = 720px = 48 m

Castle Base = 750px = 50 m

Considering the Castle as a pyramid:

Volume = 1/3 x 48 x 50 x 50 = 40000 m^3

Accounting 80% hollowness, Actual Volume = 8000 m^3 or 8000,000,000 cm^3 Since the castle was destroyed in a violent explosion-like manner:

Concrete Violent Fragmentation = 14 j/cc

Destructive Capacity of giant snake= 1.12e11 J or 26.77 tons of TNT. This one should probably be revised with scaling to a window closer to the center of the castle for the tower and what not.

Kitsuchi vs gedo mazo:

By Alita54

Once again, can’t find scaling, posting anyway: Kitsuchi summons a huge earth jutsu to stop the mazo which the mazo stops with it's bare hands.

The volume of the rock formation was already found and determined to be 38393246.69638m^3. This blog is to find the energy. I'll use the potential energy formula PE = mgh.

PE = Potential energy

m = mass

g = acceleration of gravity on earth (9.81)

h = height (221.568 meters seen in other blog.)

2700 kg is what we use to find the mass of rock volumes last I checked.

38393246.69638 x 2700 kg = 103661766080 kg which is the mass. Well, center of mass of a quarter sphere is apparently 4R/3pi inwards from both its flat faces. So assuming he rose both quarter spheres up out of the earth by rotating them about the axes of their corners, the CoM of the left chunk rose from -(4/3pi)*196 to (4/3pi)*221, for a total of 177 meters of vertical displacement (and I'm just gonna be lazy and assume the right chunk rose approximately the same amount).

So your final result with 177 meters is 43.02 kilotons TNT.

Naruto's FRS

The KE from Naruto's FRS in his fight against Pain throwing up a bunch of rocks in the same second it crossed the CT crater, example of a calc for that:

By Shining Force:

Original scaling is taken from Lina Shields' blog:

Naruto's FRS crossed the CT crater and created a huge explosion under 1 second. Red Line = Crater Diameter = 356 px = 43,976.45 m

Purple Line = Approx Distance of flying rock = 103 px = 12,723.5 m Since the feat happened under 1 second,

Speed of Rock = 12,723.5 m/s

Blue Line = Rock Diameter = 13 px = 1,605.9 m (Radius = 802.95 m)

Green Line = Rock Width and Height = 9 px = 1,111.764 m (Radius = 555.882 m)

Volume of Rock = 1,036,705,109.336 m^3

Density of Rock = 2,700 kg/m^3

Mass of Rock = 2.8e12 kg

KE of Rock = 0.5mv^2 = 0.5 x 2.8e12 x (12723.5)^2 = 2.2664e20 J or 54.17 Gigatons of TNT.

For High-End : Since there are at least 4 visible rocks of the same size flying, total KE = 216.68 Gigatons of TNT.

Note: The ones without scaling that were posted anyway, were primarily posted for the purpose of a general Ballpark and to make calcing the feats properly easier.

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