In Yu Yu Hakusho, Karasu creates a large hole on a dome. I'll be calculating his attack potency.


Screenshot 2018-10-06-17-12-35-1

Stadium Stands = 0.35 m

Hole Length = 17.37 m

Hole Width = 4.35

Hole Height = 22.75 m

We put these values on this Rectangular Tank Calculator to get the volume.

Volume = 1718.98 m^3 or 1718980000 cm^3

Since a lot of steam is coming out of the crater, and the dome is supposed to be made of steel, I'm going to use vaporization of steel (60117.42 j/cc).

Energy = 1718980000 x 60117.42 = 103340642631600 Joules

Final Tally

Karasu's Attack Potency = 24.70 Kilotons of TNT (Town level)

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