In Star vs. the Forces of Evil, River Butterfly survives a fall that left a huge crater. I'll be calculating his durability.


Screenshot 2019-05-21-20-25-05-1

Screenshot 2019-05-21-22-06-30-1

Scan 1

Star Butterfly's Height = 1.60 m

Crater Depth = 2.96 m

Scan 2

Tree trunk width = 30 cm (Apparently there is no standard width for tree trunks, so I just measured an average tree near my house)

Crater Miameter (Minimum) = 9.91 m

Crater Radius = 9.91/2 = 4.955 m

We put these values on this Ellipsoid Calculator and then halve the result to get the volume of a half-ellipsoid.

Volume = 304.42/2 = 152.21 m^3 or 152210000 cm^3

Pulverization of rock is 214.35 j/cc (The trees being there is likely a drawing inconsistency, since the crater is almost 3 meters deep).

Energy = 152210000 x 214.35 = 32626213500 Joules

Final Tally

River Butterfly's Durability = 7.80 Tons of TNT (Large Building level+)

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