In One-Punch Man, a Saitama in training saves Tareo and his pet from a car that was very close to run over them. I'll be calculating his speed.


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First we need to calculate the distance between Saitama and Tareo, because that is the distance that Saitama ran to save him.

Scan 1

Saitama = 175 cm or 1.75 m

Panel Height = 5.99 m

Distance = 1.75*5.99/[1.75*2tan(70/2)] = 4.27 m

After that we need to measure the length Tareo's head.

Scan 2

Garou = 177 cm

Tareo's Head = 21.59 cm

Then, I need to measure the distance between Tareo and the car.

Scan 3

License plate = 140 mm or 0.14 m

Panel Height = 1.45 m

Distance = 0.14*1.45/[0.14*2tan(70/2)] = 1.04 m

That's the distance between the license plate and the field of view, now we have to find the distance between Tareo and the field of view.

Scan 4

Tareo's Head = 21.59 cm or 0.2159 m

Panel Height = 1.27 m

Distance = 0.2159*1.27/[0.2159*2tan(70/2)] = 0.91 m

Now to obtain the distance between the car and Tareo, we should subtract the two previously calculated distances.

Distance = 1.04 - 0.91 = 0.13 m

With that distance we can find the timeframe. The general speed limit in japan is 60 km/h or 16.6667 m/s, so I'm going to assume the car was moving at that speed.

Timeframe = 0.13/16.6667 = 0.0077999844000312 seconds

Finally we can find Saitama's speed.

Speed = 4.27/0.0077999844000312 = 547.44 m/s

Final Tally

Saitama's Speed = 547.44 m/s, Mach 1.60 (Supersonic)

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