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In My Hero Academia, Minoru Mineta dodge a whip attack from Midnight. I will be calculating his speed.


20210430 152515.jpg

In order to find his speed, we just need to compare the distance that Mineta moved and the distance the whip moved in the obe frame.

Mineta's Height = 108 cm

Mineta's Movement = 0.34 m

Whip's Movement = 0.35 m

The tip of a whip travels at twice the speed of sound (Mach 2, 686 m/s). However, for this feat we are using the loop of the whip, which travels twice as slower as the tip (Mach 1, 343 m/s). This is the part of the whip that creates that characteristic sound, which we can hear in Mineta's scene.

Timeframe = 0.35/343 = 0.0010204081632653 seconds

Speed = 0.34/0.0010204081632653 = 333.20 m/s

Final Tally

Mineta's Speed = 333.20 m/s, Mach 0.97 (Transonic)

The distance he moved was very short and to the sideways, so this will be classified as a combat speed feat.