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In My Hero Academia, All Might and Deku destroy a massive metal structure with a Double Detroit Smash. I'll be calculating the energy needed to perform this feat.


First we need to measure All Might's belt.

Scan 1

All Might = 220 cm

All Might's Belt = 17.50 cm

Then we have to find the screen height of this image.

Scan 2

All Might's Belt = 17.50 cm

Screen Height = 15.77 m

After that we can measure the height of Wolfram's smallest metal cubes (This frame goes directly after the second scan).

Scan 3

Screen Height = 15.77 m

Small Cube Height = 11.88 m

Now we need to find the length of the colossal cube.

Scan 4

Small Cube Height = 11.88 m

Colossal Cube Length = 162.21 m

We put this value on this Cube Calculator to get the volume.

Volume = 4268083.16 m^3

Density of steel is 8050 kg/m^3.

Cube Mass = 4268083.16 x 8050 = 34358069438 Kilograms, 34358069.44 Tons

Then we have to find the speed of the cube. The cube starts moving at 0:49.9 and leaves the screen at 0:50.2. Using this frame where we can see the trace of the cube's movement, we found that the distance it moved was 413.88 meters.

Timeframe = 50.2 - 49.9 = 0.3 seconds

Speed = 413.88/0.3 = 1379.60 m/s

Kinetic Energy = 0.5*(34358069438)*1379.60^2 = 32696790813179379.04 Joules, 7.81 Megatons of TNT

Final Tally

Wolfram's Attack Potency = 7.81 Megatons of TNT (City level)

Since the cube was stopped by both All Might and Deku, we need to halve the results.

All Might and Deku's Attack Potency = 7.81/2 = 3.91 Megatons of TNT (Small City level+)

The All Might that helped accomplish this feat was already very weakened, so this feat scales to his power at Kamino as well.