So in this very scene here, Chakravartin was able to fire a laser from his position to Gaea, which is Earth millions of years ago.

When it comes to distance, we see that Chakravartin is on top of a galaxy, and for the sake of lowballing, let's just assume this is the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The distance between Earth and the Center of the Milky Way is 25000 light years.

25000 light years = 2.36518e+20 meters

the laser fired at the 4:22 mark of the video and reaches earth at the 4:48 minute mark. So that would make it 26 seconds it took for the laser to travel.

2.36518e+20/26 = 9.0968462e+18 m/s.

light speed = 2.998e+8

9.0968462e+18/2.998e+8 = approximately 30 billion times the speed of light.


This should scale to Asura considering he was able to react to these lasers at close range while flying right at Chakravartin.

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