Because of its unusual, star-like silhouette, people believe that it came here on a meteor.
~ Gold/Stadium 2/Leaf Green
If the impact site of a meteorite is found, this Pokémon is certain to be within the immediate area.
~ Crystal
Its silhouette is like a star. It is believed to arrive riding on shooting stars.
~ Diamond
Said to have ridden here on a shooting star, Cleffa seem to appear in places where meteorites have struck in the past.
~ Ultra Moon

[Insert more "shooting star" Pokedex entries here]

To top it off, Clefairy appears in Meteor Falls.

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. Cleffa rides on meteors even up until the crash and tanks it with no apparent injury. And I'll do two ends. I'm not trying to get anything crazy, nor am I expecting it.

The given consistent is that velocity (v) = 11000 m/s, as that's the lowest speed of a meteor

Low End: Using Minior

Low end uses Minior as the weight of the meteor it rides in on because of this:

Because of its silhouette, it's believed to be a star reborn. For some reason, it loves Minior.
~ Moon

This is the easy and simple one that takes me seconds.

mass (m) = 40 kg (Weight of Minior) + 3 kg (Weight of Cleffa)

v = 11000 m/s

KE = 2601500000 J. Or 0.62 Tons of TNT. Building level

High End: Using shown meteors

This is the harder one...

Given that meteors actually do appear in the games, I'll be using the sizes for those as the high end.

This one's gonna be harder...


Dawn is 61 px to the meteor's 31 px. I'll do myself a solid and say that the meteor is half the size of Dawn.

The Gen IV protagonists have canon heights, which is 4 foot 7, or 1.397 meters. This puts the diameter of the meteor at .6985 meters. Using the formula for a sphere, the volume of the meteor is .12 m^3.

Density of meteors range from 3000-3700 km/m^3. Averaging that out gets me 3350 km/m^3

m = d * V

m = 3550 * .12

m = 402 kg (weight of meteor) + 3 kg (weight of Cleffa) = 405 kg

high-high end

v = 11000 m/s

KE = 24502500000 Joules = 5.9 Tons of TNT = Large Building level

low-high end

Assuming 10% hollowness as it has some holes in it.

m = 402 * .9 = 362 kg + 3 kg = 365 kg

v = 11000 m/s

KE = 22082500000 Joules = 5.3 Tons of TNT = Large Building level


Low end: 0.62 Tons of TNT (8-C)

Low High end: 5.3 Tons of TNT (High 8-C)

High High end: 5.9 Tons of TNT (High 8-C)

Idc what end is chosen, though the high end makes a little more sense because Minior's from the ozone layer while Cleffa is from space, while the actual meteors are from space. Also, if Cleffa rode in on Minior, it'd have been discovered with Cleffa, but it wasn't. Of course, that doesn't write off that the meteor could've just been the size of Minior and not the actual Pokemon, but I digress.

Scales for certain to Igglybuff, Cleffa, Pichu, Magby, Elekid, Togepi, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Chingling, Budew, Azurril, Mime Jr., Bonsly, and Wynaut's durability (AP is unknown for the same reason as its evolution). Arguably scales to Riolu, Munchlax, and Mantyke, not because they could be weaker, but they could scale to the 1st form Pokemon and be 8-A.

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