First blog in a while. Alright. So, we all know by now that "World" in Mario doesn't mean planet. It can be smaller, or a helluva lot larger. And in this case, world 5 is MUCH larger. Unfortunately, it's not the universe that I originally thought it was, but it's still pretty darn big. It's a galactic cluster consisting of hundreds upon hundreds of worlds. This image here? It isn't static. It CHANGES the more you go along with the world.


There's also this one, which is MUCH more scrolled in than it could be. In order to get it fully drawn out, you have to stand on a certain point on Starship Mario.

800px-SMG2 Lubba 77stars

I am REALLY not in the mood to count hundreds upon hundreds of galaxies. I lost count at 53 and I was less than a fourth of the way there. And I'm pretty sure I skipped some. Also, these are clearly galaxies. They definitely look like them, the game is centered around galaxies, and there are stars in other worlds to compare to, which look absolutely nothing like these swirls. Also, proof that he crossed all of them is that once he goes to another world, the background is COMPLETELY different. The next world is a black hole. The previous one was a clear dark blue sky. World S is a plain with a rainbow. Anyway, calc time.

Assumed amount of galaxies: 350. That in itself is a lowball. The spaceship was covering up scores of galaxies, and the image wasn't static, but it couldn't face the other way.

Distance between Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy: 2.5 million light years.

350*2.5 million=8750000000

Time it takes to fly from one side of world 5 to the other IRL: ~10 seconds This is a screenshot of the real online stopwatch I used to time me crossing the entire thing.

Assumed timeframe because lowballs are needed: 1 hour. Bowser is NOT waiting around for Mario. He has a plan that he's rushing to get done for the plumber to not stop him. Only time he waits around is when Mario is literally on his front gates.

If the timeframe is 1 hour: 76,703,835,590,306.39 c

If the timeframe is 10 seconds: 27,613,380,812,510,300 c

Scales to the main four powerhouses of the series: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser. Bowser shoots down said ship before Mario gets it. When it was flown by a more experienced pilot nonetheless, and Bowser was implied to be un-empowered at the time. Mario can react to stray hungry Lumas to call them on his ship. He can also react to specific galaxies that have power stars out of the hundreds of others that are there. Luigi does the same amount of work as Mario in that game, and Yoshi is in that game and is faster than Mario. Unlikely, Toad (and by extension Peach) possibly scale due to Toad and his starship crossing similar distances to keep up with Mario.

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