Only calcing this because people might think that Kirby lacks FTL speed feats without scaling or a Warpstar. It doesn't Matter (pun intended), but it's good to have feats of your own. This calc is very unimportant as they're like, quadrillions of times faster than this calc. Most likely, fodder is gonna be faster than this.

Kirby vs Dark Mind

Dark Mind shoots actual lasers. So does the Laser Ball, but it's easier to prove Dark Mind. Whole concept of his boss fight revolves around mirrors. Enough said.

I'm gonna use Sword/Master to calc this. Also I don't know how to do arc calcs so I'm basing this off of Link's Beamos calc.

Point of the matter is comparing Kirby's sword swings to Dark Mind's lasers.


Kirbo is 8 inches tall (.2032 meters). Translates to 73 pixels tall

Swings 180 degrees

Kirby's arm doesn't go past his body. The sword is 99.6 pixels.

Sword swung in .08 seconds.


ans*.2032 m=.2764 m



ans/.08=10.85 m/s


It takes Dark Mind's laser .2s to reach his first mirror.

288 px distance.

Kirby's the same size.



...much simpler here. ans/.2=4 m/s

Kirby's swinging speed:

10.85/4= 2.7 c

Reason video switches up is that in the first video, Dark Mind never uses the attack that would be needed to calc it. Given the Dark Meta Knight fight happens in the same string of fights and Kirby still uses the sword ability when fighting Dark Mind canonically (literally could calc the sword swing using the second video alone but I found that second), this isn't calc stacking in the slightest.

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