Hey. So I am under request to make this from Ant and ArbitraryNumbers, and I'm gladly making this. Also, inspired by Azzy's and Reppuzan's threads on Undertale and Digimon respectively. Because a lot of their feats come from bosses, it would be redundant to put all of them inside, as I'd be stating a feat for say, Kirby, and then Sectonia. So I'm only going to make this for characters who dont go through redundancy. So, I'm gonna start off with...


Kirby is the main character of the series, if the title didn't give it away in the first place. Anyway, Kirby's stellar feats come from something that is easily overlooked. When he fights the Squeak Squad boss Dark Matter, who was the final boss of the game. Dark Nebula's opening attack is nothing big, because it doesn't hurt. At all. It just destroys everything until a distant galaxy emerges. Mind you, that's about half a galaxy right there. Gone. Poof. And Kirby tanked it. Now Dark Nebula then starts launching attacks that can actually hurt our favorite pink puffball, including ramming him with its body. So therefore, it scales to Dark Nebula's durability, and Kirby does indeed defeat it with Kirbease. Now people like to say that DN's feat is a form of teleportation. Well, I say to heck

Kirby gore

with that. For starters, why would Dark Nebula teleport them both if he was trying to escape. Kirby cornered him, because he was chasing him previously. Also, the place they were standing on was still there post-wave. They wouldn't be in that area anymore. Another reason that I came up with is the twinkle. DN wouldn't have twinkled, or even released all of those stars surrounding him if he teleported. It makes the most sense that he released a wave to do that. Finally, he's shown affecting things later in the match, as he creates a heat wave, an electric field, and a blizzard that affects even that far away galaxy. Kirby's next feat comes from Claycia, who created a solar system. Using E=MC^2, due to creating it under her own power, it was 1.7902e+47 joules, or low Solar System level. The previous feat should be enough to prove his status as a MSS buster, and a good one at that. Finally, Kirby was shown pushing away some of the universe eating dark matter. And the actual kind. Not the boss. Drawcia is capable of at the very least turning a galaxy into paint within a couple hours, and that's a massive, MASSIVE lowball. While RtD was full of outliers, it's still something to note. And even if it was over time, which it was, it is pretty gosh darn impresive, probably clocking in at a similar level of AP.

Next step is speed. One of Kirby's best speed feat comes from scaling to Ribbon and Dark Matter, who was able to fly past 8 galaxies in about 7 seconds. Yes. Counted them myself. Now, I'm gonna reference Fai's blog about Whis' speed. The Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. 2,500,000 * 8 = 20,000,000. Speed distance time calculator gets...holy crud. 90,166,141,428,605.06 c. Over 90 trillion times FTL. And I'm very very sure that the Lor Starcutter feat was faster by a large margin, but we don't know if it scales to Kirby. Just Magolor for now. Now you may be thinking, "Cal. That's travel speed. Not combat and reaction. Don't be fallacious." Well, Kirby series makes sure not to make that distinction. I'll get to that while covering Meta Knight. Also, there's the feat of the Lor Starcutter escaping a universal collapse, coming in at over 30 quadrillion c, and it also has another feat suprassing 300 quadrillion c.

Finally for Kirby, I'll be covering his abilities and hax. We all know he has a crudload. And I have to list all of them. A to Z. *Takes a deep breath*

Animal lets Kirby dig and use claws to attack. He can also cling to walls in this form. Archer lets Kirby become a sniper and camoflauge himself.

Backdrop lets Kirby become a grappler after inhaling the foe. Suplex does the same thing, but requires a dash. Ball turns Kirby into a ball that gains momentum with bounces. Balloon allows Kirby to inflate himelf even further and pop to damage enemies. Next is Beam. This is where some detail comes in. Beam's main move is to create an electrified light whip to attack enemies in front. However, it can be used to grab, throw, and subdue enemies with the Capture Beam.  Kirby can shoot out other ranged beams with the Cycle Beam or Beam Blast, the latter which lets Kirby carpet bomb with beams, or shoot a Kamehameha style beam with the Wave Beam. Finally is the revolution beam which just lets Kirby rotate the beam around him. Beetle allows Kirby to do the Backdrop with more slashing moves, and can carry them (enemies) around as well. Bell gives Kirby sound manipulation by letting him release soundwaves from Bells. He also has a good defensive technique with them as he can hide in the bell on his hax...I mean hat. It keeps him from garnering damage, but the opponent gets damaged by the soundwaves. He can also fight with bells too, and lob them around. Bomb turns Kirby into a demolition expert. Now it's time for the first serious hax ability: Bubble. Bubble is a transmutation ability that lets Kirby turn his enemies into bubbles containing what power they would give. Those who wouldn't give abilities turn into bubbles containing stars. Burning just lets Kirby fire tackle. It gets combined with fire later.

Circus gives circus related abilities. That's really all I can say. I guess I could say that there's fire attributes with the moves, and have an unpredictability bonus. Clean allows Kirby to throw dust in the enemies face in the games. It damages and can be used as a blinding technique, but that's it. However, in the anime, Kirby can fly on the broom and can magically make dust and dirt disappear. Another hax ability is Copy, which lets Kirby copy individuals without the need to suck them up. Imagine if he did this to someone like Sans or Madara. Dang. Anyway, let's move on. Cupid is Archer with wings. Cutter is a boomerang with an awesome finisher.

Doctor gives Kirby healing powers and poison manipulation in the form of "deadly medicine" as the flavor text describes the attack. Also, experiments can explode. Some other Doctor related attacks are in there, including pills and clipboards. It's like circus in its unpredictability and its difficulty to describe.

ESP makes Kirby turn into Ness. In all seriousness, he gains TK and the ability to teleport, along with explosive and electrical bubbles of psychic energy.

Fighter turns Kirby into Ryu from Street Fighter, and that's no joke. His moves are almost exactly the same, with a little more ranged abilities. Fire allows Kirby to spit fire, flame tackle, create fire roadblocks, and turn into a fire wheel. Freeze/Ice gives Kirby ice abilities. Presumably Absolute Zero ones as they can freeze ghost enemies like this guy.

Next up is Ghost. Another hax ability. Ghost alllows Kirby to possess enemies. Not only that, but Kirby can also erase them from existance after possessing them. If the possessed is grabbing onto someone else, then that person also gets erased. I wonder if that's void manipuation or reality warping.

Next up is Hammer. Hammer is just hammer. Hi-Jump lets Kirby jump high. And fall fast. That's it. Though it is technically a tackle. We're all familiar with the black hole that is Hypernova.

Jet lets Kirby do jet moves and move fast. He could also cruelly put his opponent's head to the jet thingy and let it rip.

Laser lets Kirby shoot out a...laser. Well, it bounces off of projectiles. Plant manipulation comes from Leaf ability, and he an camo himself with that too. He can also create a tornado of leaves with it, so a good defensive ability.

Magic gives Kirby magician like abilities similar to Circus. However, Roulette can be haxxed as it can grant invincibility, can summon Meta Knight (or a fireworks display), or transmute enemies into food or 1UPs. Can turn into Metal with Metal. Durability augmentation. Mini can shrink Kirby. That could rarely be useful. Mirror gives reflection and cloning hax. Kirby turns into a missile with Missile.

Needle turns Kirby into a porcupine with a spin dash like move. Ninja gives Kirby afterimage effects and can do stereotypical ninja things, like throw kunais and shurikens and use katanas.

Parasol makes Kirby a parasol wielding master, and is a good offensive and defensive technique. Plasma (and later Spark) allows Kirby to shoot electric bolts and comets that get stronger and stronger the more they're charged. Poison gives Kirby poison manipualtion and acid manipulation.

Smash ability...yeah. Won't bother explaining that one. Spark is Plasma, but can be used to create an electric field for defense and can drop lightning bolts. Stone turns Kirby into stone, and durability augmentation comes from it. Also can technically be used for camoflauge. Sword is obvious.

Throw is obvious. Tornado gives Kirby air manipulation, and also is great for defence.

UFO can have Kirby fly without inflation or warpstar, and can shoot beams.

Water gives water manipuation. Wheel gives speed augmentation, and turns Kirby into a wheel. Whip turns Kirby into Indiana Jones, and by that I mean a whip master. Wing makes Kirby gain bird based abiities.

Yo-yo turns Kirby into a yoyo master.

The Robobot turns these abilities up to 11: Beam, Bomb, Cutter, ESP, Fire, Ice, Jet, Mike, Parasol, Spark, Stone, Sword, Wheel

Limited use abilities time. Kirby has sound manipulation on a higher scale with Mike, but only lasts 3 times. Crash turns Kirby into an AoE MSS nuke. Cook turns enemies into food. Light and Paint blind enemies, but in different ways. Sleep is useless.

Anime-only abilities that matter are Top and Baton (Water became a game ability, and Iron was Metal and Stone). Top creates razor sharp tops and Baton allows possession if the enemy is hit with the beam of the baton. If the baton is thrown, the possessed enemy and the baton explode.

Now is onto the hax that doesn't require abilities. First, is basic inhale. Kirby's stomach is another infinite dimesion. This is outright stated in the anime, and also, is explained by the fact that Kirby inhales things much larger than him and doesn't increase that much in size, and also has the copy pallete, which lets Kirby store things in his stomach. There's also the copy essences, that allow Kirby to access his abilities at any time. While this isn't hax, Kirby can also slide kick and shoot puffs of air. Kirby is malleable and can expand to the size of a castle. 

Final and Super Abilites effectively boost Kirby's power by a lot. Firstly, Super abilities. If the Robobot Armor boosted those abilities to 11, this would boost Kirby's powers to 20 for these: Beam, Fire, Hammer, Ice, and Sword. For Final Weapons, only Star Rod and Starship matter as they are both formed by the WarpStar. By the way. The Warpstar is Kirby's main form of interstellar travel. It is what he uses to get from planet to planet, and fights on it on the regular, as shown in the anime and Air Ride. The former two abilities boost Kirby's power, and allow him to shoot many star beams.

There's one more category, and they're the mix abilities. With them, Kirby can create elemental swords (and a lightsaber) of varying sizes, turn into a lot of stuff (most importantly being a refrigerator that shoots out food. The food is damaging to enemies and can be used to heal), and throw different bomb objects, like ice bombs and exploding shurikens.

Meta Knight

Meta meta knight

Kirby's enigmatic rival. But why am I putting him in here? He scales directly to Kirby.  I said something about redundancy earlier. Well, here's why. It's the REASON he's here. Out of all of the Kirby characters, he is the one shown to be on the most even level with Kirby. That's including Dedede. He has also ran through several of the Kirby games in his own Meta Knightmare. Not only that, but Meta Knight's sword serves as a final weapon. Meta Knight is also capable of taking on Drawcia on his own. It's safe to say that Meta Knight scales to Kirby.

KTD Dark Meta Knight 2
This is also the case for the other Knights. They scale for 
Galacta Knight
the sole reason that they directly fought the puffballs, not once, but twice plus. They also all seem to be of the same species, but that seems pretty obvious.

Also, remember when I was talking about the speed and used Meta Knight as a reference? Well, as shown in Air Ride, he is approximately as fast as the Warpstar. And Meta Knight is shown attacking while flying in that game, and also shown attacking while flying in the end battle of Revenge of Meta Knight. Galacta is shown flying with Meta Knight before they battled in Meta Knightmare Ultra

Meta Knight is also stated to have spatial manipulation via the Dimensional Cape. Wait, I forgot to mention his abilities. Anyway, the move Galaxia Darkness is canon, as it is in the newest games. He has energy manipuation in the form of giant fiery tornadoes, and sword beams. Meta Knight is also seen using his sword to summon helpers, to shoot streams of fire, and to release electricity. Most of these are shown in Squeak Squad, which is the only one of two battles where he intends to beat Kirby and not test him.

King Dedede

The greedy king of Dream Land. He also scales directly to Kirby. He scales for basically being the final or 
Dedede Subspace Emissary

penultimate boss of most of the games (even though he's usually posessed by something). He was also the first of the main four to be more than a boss, as he was way before Meta Knight in Knightmare, as he was Kirby 64's companion to Kirby. Not to mention, he's been in all of the games, sans Amazing Mirror. He's also present in Triple Deluxe, a newer game that Meta Knight only cameos in. He also had his own version of Meta Knightmare, in which he runs through most of Triple Deluxe, and beats a boosted Queen Sectonia and Dark Meta Knight on his own, after the latter got likely stronger. So yes, we have a 4-A hammer weilding penguin. He also stole all the stars from Pop Star's sky in a couple seconds, and can defeat Drawcia on his own

Bandana Waddle Dee

His scaling comes from being instrumental in the defeat of Claycia and Dark Crafter. and

Bandana dee the waddlecopter by liquidmoonlyte-d5irr30

he's also one of the main 4. I don't need to explain everything.


This one is one of the harder ones to explain. Kracko is a recurring boss in the Kirby series, and unlike Whispy Woods, he is not an early game boss. As a matter of a fact he is normally one 

Kracko super

of the later ones. The reason I put him where he was was because I scaled him off of Nightmare. Nighmare was calced at somewhere in the planet+ range. You see, it makes incredible sense for Kracko to have surpassed an early Kirby villain by now. Kracko was fought by 3 of the main 4. Kirby fought him countless times. Meta Knight fought him thrice (though one of the times it was a hologram). Dedede fought him once too. Kracko is also one of only two people in the entire series to recall events of past games (not including the Dark Matter saga). It's evidenced by his line in Kirby Fighters Deluxe. 

YOU...! Did you think I'd forget? The time you smashed into me with your Hi-Jump! That time I was betrayed by Helpers! Or when I was replaced by that mechanical cloud! I-I... Sniff... there's something in my eye...
— VS Kracko • Kirby Fighters Deluxe

Now I will go into the reason of some of his hax. Namely, the regeneration and the immortality. The regeneration is shown in many games. It is firstly shown in Dream Land, where Kracko, as Kracko Jr, flies off after being defeated by Kirby. While it should be weakened in the short time Kirby is gone, it happens to evolve into its complete from. One of the other times is in Kirby's Dream Land 2. Where after Kracko Jr is defeated, it actually EXPLODES and its eye is all that's left. The eye then forms the complete Kracko. My personal favorite example is Kirby Super Star Ultra. Firstly, in the first minigame, Kracko Jr explodes and still forms true Kracko later. And then Kracko gets destroyed again and shows up from Milky Way Wishes. Then he's destroyed AGAIN and shows up for the Arena. And he's destroyed once again and shows up for Revenge in BOTH OF HIS FORMS and gets destroyed both times and yet still comes back for the True Arena. And the game after that in Triple Deluxe. Immortality comes from one line in Kracko's flavor text. It states that as long as clouds are in the sky, that Kracko will keep on coming back, basically. This makes incredible sense, as Kracko is the one boss shown blowing up completely and still returns (Magolor notwithstanding), so if he died, then that would be it. You can't die and come back without explanation. So yeah, it's staying. 

Zero Two

Zero Two scales directly to Dark Nebula. It's even better than the main four's reasoning. He created Dark Nebula. Now how do I know this? It's been confirmed. In the Japan-exclusive 20th Anniversary Hoshi no Kābī Pupupu Taizen, Dark Nebula is listed among the Dark Matter Invaders. It explains why Dark Nebula is 

Zero two

capable of possessing other beings akin to Dark Matter beings, the attack pattern similar to Miracle Matter, and the resemblance between Dark Daroach (when DN possessed Daroach), and Dark Matter's swordsman form. 02's original form (don't know why it doesn't have a tabber yet) creates Dark Matter beings, 02 resides in a planet made of Dark Matter, and it explodes when Kirby defeats it. And by that, I mean the planet. Heck, it's even speculated that Dark Nebula is a weaker incarnation of Zero.


The coup de grace of this whole thing. The god tier of the Kirby verse. Let's get this over with

Magolor soul by machaphasesix-d4kz39u

. He actively created Anther Dimension, and bends it to his will whenever he wants. He completely punks the eniter team including Landia up until the boss fight. He creates a super black hole that is showing signs of a real one. Launched wave upon wave of concussive force from a portal he opened on his own. Created galaxies by moving his hand to rip apart Kirby. He's capable of flipping the battefield. For the record, that's a physics thing. He messed with the laws of physics. Also, when he's defeated (with PIS incarnate), the destruction of the universe actually starts happening, implying that he and the master crown did indeed create Another Dimension. For the record, he's the guy that scales to the Lor Starcutter's feat of traversing a universe in a second. Yeah, he's the big kahuna.