Polaris: The numbers represent their distance from the observatory. The greater the number, the greater the distance.

It’s safe to assume the distance between galaxies for each number, for obvious reasons. Good Egg Galaxy, with a number of 1, is outright said to be the closest. I’m not making a huge assumption here.

The average distance between galaxies is 2.5 million light years.

The galaxy with the highest number is the Melty Molten Galaxy, with 52.

2.5 million times 52 = 130 million

Distance between the Comet Observatory and Melty Molten Galaxy is 130,000,000 ly

It takes Mario 5 seconds to fly to the galaxy.

Simple speed/distance/time calculation gets me...

820,511,887,000,306 c

Eat your heart out, Sonic

Obviously scales to Mario and co., but I should explain why. Mario can react to collecting stationary Star Bits while being flung and doesn't crash into the planet he's flying to.

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