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  • The real cal howard

    Remix of this calc:

    Read it to get context.

    Necrozma absorbing light apparently isn’t a speed feat but it emitting light across the universe is. We have several other characters where this is treated as a speed feat, namely Sailor Moon. Necrozma uses light to attack and it can spread light at these speeds so it’s sufficiently attack speed, and Pokémon can react to it. There is literally no reason for it not to be attack speed. Anyway, on to the redux’d calc.

    As the other calc says, the text implies that Necrozma and the main pokeworld are on opposite sides of the universe, so I used the full diameter of it as opposed to the radius.

    93 billion light years. …

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  • The real cal howard

    Just redoing the calc. To just put on profiles.

    According to Bulbapedia, shiny and EV hunting odds max out at 5000 lightyears, so that’s gonna be my distance. You can go farther (it just doesn’t influence the rates), but I don’t feel like figuring out how far.

    While Necrozma arrives in like, seconds, I’m using 40 seconds as an estimate due to videos like this.

    Blah blah blah, calculator.


    Approximately 4 billion c.

    Probably gonna eventually scale to reacting to Necrozma’s light which can cross the universe, but this will be a thing for now.

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  • The real cal howard

    Gen 8 everyone! And with more Pokemon generations comes more mountains!

    You know the deal by now.

    As everyone knows by now, Galar is based off of the UK, and their mountain range (Snowy Mountains) is based on Snowdonia, its highest mountain being Mount Snowdon. Furthermore, there's Cumbria, which is where a lot of the game is based on, with its mountain being Scafell Pike.

    I'm lazy and I have to study so I'm not going to be doing this calc twice or anything. I'll just assume the shorter mountain, Scafell Pike (978 m) and do my calculation with it.

    I chose a random mountain in the picture. (Keep in mind that the Pokedex says mountains as in plural.)

    155/86=1.8x wider in radius compared to height.

    Radius is 1762.67 meters.

    Assuming a conical shape …

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  • The real cal howard

    Only calcing this because people might think that Kirby lacks FTL speed feats without scaling or a Warpstar. It doesn't Matter (pun intended), but it's good to have feats of your own. This calc is very unimportant as they're like, quadrillions of times faster than this calc. Most likely, fodder is gonna be faster than this.

    Dark Mind shoots actual lasers. So does the Laser Ball, but it's easier to prove Dark Mind. Whole concept of his boss fight revolves around mirrors. Enough said.

    I'm gonna use Sword/Master to calc this. Also I don't know how to do arc calcs so I'm basing this off of Link's Beamos calc.

    Point of the matter is comparing Kirby's sword swings to Dark Mind's lasers.

    Kirbo is …

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  • The real cal howard

    Full credit goes to User:Firephoenixearl.

    With that realization, her feelings turned gloomy. It seemed her hope wouldn't come true. She'd been beaten, and beaten so completely she could make no excuse for her loss.

    "…Haa. I thought I had forgotten it long ago. Losing… certainly does feel like this."

    "Well, you shouldn't let it bother you that much. Handicaps aside, Kurogane is a guy who even won a straight fight against me. He's not someone you could defeat as you are now."

    "Winning against 'World Clock', the former top third in the world… what the heck is that?"

    There was a limit to being a monster.

    While swinging her sword of light, Stella made this protest. A release of magic power that could be seen by the naked eye, and then movements that …

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