There is a baseline for sonic feats in Naruto. A perfect example of this baseline would be Temari's Cyclone Sythe Jutsu being faster than Tayuya's genjutsu which is the speed of sound.   

Thetruth (2)

When Temari performed this feat Tayuya was already performing the jutsu (indicated by the dark waves).

Thetruth (2.5)

And as these dark waves were about to approach Temari, she reacted and swung her fan to perform the Cyclone Scythe as a counter attack and resulted in Tayuya's flute snapping off.




The most impressive thing about this is the distance between Temari and Tayuya were at when the feat occured.


Now take a look at the trees cut down by Temari you can say it was a short distance considering that Tayuya's genjutsu travels at the speed of sound and that Temari doing such a feat shown today can be considered a sonic (or higher) speed feat for part one Naruto.

PS I would if a member of the calc group would calc this feat for clarity. 

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