A recalculation of Cole MacGrath redirecting an RPG missile as it's literal centimeters away from Harms.


RCO014 w 1465872922
  • Harms' Head: 170px = 0.24384 meters
    • Average male height is 1.8288 meters, and the average male is 7 and a half heads tall
    • 1.8288 / 7.5 = 0.24384 meters
  • Distance between Harms and the rocket (or the smoke trail) before it's redirected: 31px
    • 170 / 31 = 5.48387097
    • 0.24384 / 5.48387097 = 0.04446494115 meters

As seen in the original calc linked in the introduction, the distance Cole is from the rocket is 2.6427 meters.

Speed of an RPG missile in m/s = 300 m/s

I will be using this formula to find the speed Cole had to move to intercept the rocket before it reached Harms:

(Distance the character (Cole) moved in meters) x (Speed of projectile (Missile) in meters/s) / (Distance the projectile was away from the character (Harms) when he/she started to move in meters)

(2.6427) x (300) / 0.04446494115 = 17830.00223311889 m/s or Mach 51.982513799180431135

Just barely High Hypersonic+

Probably messed up somwhere, so just let me know if I can improve any here.


  • Cole Redirects Rocket: Mach 51.98 (High Hypersonic+)
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