Episode 11 of Go! Princess Precure features a cage being destroyed in two parts. Here, I will be calculating them to the best of my ability.

Part 1

Breaking me


Low end: 578.9 pixels, as we can't see Flora or Close-coloured dots, I'm going to assume that one pixel = 2m at minimum.

(578.9/67)x2=17.28059701 17.28059701x4891=84519.4m2 surface area</div> 17.28059701x14=241.9283582m thickness</div> 241.9283582x84519.4x2(since, again, I only did one side)=40895279.36m3. Fragmentation of wood is 8.34 j/cc, so 40895279360000cm3x8.34=3.4106663×10^14 joules, Town Level+

Last one

Mid end: 262 pixels, AlexSoloVaAlFuturo recommends using 609.6 meters for the mountain.

262/30x2=17.46666667 17.46666667x4891=85429.46667 17.46666667x14=244.5333333 20890352.25m3=20890352250000cc 20890352250000x2x8.34=348451075600000 Joules, still Town Level+.

This was done by three of them together, so 348451075600000/3=116150359000000, Town Level for their solo attacks.

Scales to base Cures.

Part 2

17.46666667x555.5=9.702733335km ((9.702733335/0.28)^3)/1000=41.61100382 megatons, x0.5=20.80550191 megatons, City level.

This was done by three of them together, so 20.8/3=6.933333333 megatons, still City level, albeit extremely baseline for their solo attacks.

Scales to Cures with Princess Star Rod(s)

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