I'm going soon the create a profile for Nie Li from Tales of Demons and Gods, and i wanted to calculate a feat he did during a tournament. I have calculated the power of an explosion that occured during a fight between Nie Li and a foe who i don't remember the name.

Credits to Therefir for having helped me to calculate this.



In this fight, Nie Li has transformed into a panda. I've taken the adult panda's height which varies from 1.2 to 1.9 m according to wikipedia.

We don't know Nie Li' height in base, so i'll go using the average height for a 13 years old male teenager which is 156.2 cm according to this website. Nie Li grows when he transforms into a panda so i think using the 1,9 m is appropriate.

Nie Li= 13 px

13px = 1.9 m
Explosion diameter = 680*1.9/13 = 99,38 m
Explosion radius = 44.69 m or 0.04469 km

Y = ((x/0.28)^3)*1000

Y is yield in tons of TNT, and x is radius in kilometers.

Y = ((0.04469/0.28)^3)*1000 = 4,07 Tons of TNT.

Since the explosion is not nuclear, we need to halve the result.

Y = 4,07/2 = 2,035 Tons of TNT (Large Building level)

It was my first calculation so don't be too harsh ^^'.

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