Vaporization DuanJian

Duan Jian vaporized an enemy and a good amount of ground with a fire-based attack, making this way a crater. I'm going to calculate the tons of TNT necessary to perform this feat.

Pixel Scaling

We don't know Nie Li's height, so i'm going to use the average height for a 13 years old male teenager which is 156.2 cm according to this website.

Duan Jian's Height:


  • Nie Li = 48 px= 156,2 cm
  • Duan Jian= 65 px= 65*156,2/48= 211,5 cm = 2,115 m

Radius of the crater:

Diameter DuanJian

  • Duan Jian= 34 px= 2,115
  • Crater= 738 px
  • Diameter= 738*2,115/34= 45,9 m
  • Radius= 22,95 m

Depth of the crater:

Depth DuanJianCrater

  • Nie Li= 35 px= 1,562 m
  • Depth= 147 px
  • Depth= 147*1,562/37= 6,2 m


I'm going to use the formula for the volume of an ellipsoid, used here.

Volume of an ellipsoid = (4*pi/3)ABC

V= (4*pi/3)*22,95*22,95*6,2= 13678,73 m^3= 13678730000 cm^3

The attack was based on fire and the foe touched by it has completely vanished, so it is surely a vaporization.

The ground was made of rock.

25700 *13678730000= 3.5154336e+14 joules= 84020.8797801 tons of TNT= 84.0208797801 kilotons of TNT (Town Level +)

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