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Hey everyone, this blog is here mainly for the tiering of Takamiya mana, the Big Boss of the vers, Date A Live, after finished this, a large part of my revison will be done (just fix some correction on the profile) and I could focus himself on Saint Seiya (Finally lol), well, this blog is separated in Two, the first part talk about the cosmology of the verse and the other part is focus on Takamiya man, the cosmology is important if we want to put a Tiering for Mio (and soon for Tohka in the volume 20), well, let's start.

Cosmology of DAL

Well, this part is really Interesting this will help alot the future Tiering of a Date a Live Characters, in this part, i'll explain everythings in the DAL verse regarding the cosmology, i'll firstly explain the number of Universe this verse countain.

The Cosmos

DAL v15 c02

Well, i'll start with the main world, called Cosmos or Universe (Depending of the situation). The cosmos is the main world of the Date A Live Universe, he is almost identical to our Universe. The last spirit, Mukuro Lived in the vast cosmos, she was able to exist without oxygens and other things who killed instantanously human like radiation and gas.  The cosmos has a particularities, indeed, he is described to being Infinite at numerous times, both by the characters and the narrator:

This scene is after Mukuro throwed meteors on the earth, the Ratatosk team decided to send Shido to the space for talk to Mukuro Hoshimiya, because she too dangerous to being free on the space.

The Spirit immediately raised her staff at Shidou’s head in response, emitting a ray of light. Uoohh…! Although his body reacted, it was too late. Rays of golden chromatic light weaved into a single beam and burst forth through Shidou’s head and into the endless universe at light speed.
~ DAL Volume 14

The other statemate take place after shido failed to seal mukuro, he decide to go again into the space, the narrotor describe it:

Following Kotori’s brief reply, Shidou’s body was delivered outside the ship without delay. His vision instantly changed from the ship's bridge to the infinite cosmos beyond. A levitating sensation shrouded his entire body.
~ DAL Volume 14

Again this statemate come from the third spatial travel but this time, it's with Mukuro

Hoshimiya Mukuro slowly drifted, her long hair dancing with glimmers of shining light and elegant grace. Overhead was the limitless stygian cosmos. Under her eyes’ gaze was an azure celestial body of astronomical proportions.
~ DAL Volume 15

Now it's during the second travel, during this, the Ratatosk' ship fight the goetia, another spatial ship, not really contextual but it's good too.

<Goetia> swept through the length and breadth of the boundless cosmos, bombarding Fraxinus with barrages of cannon shells. Fraxinus managed to riposte with considerable effort; however, as some time elapsed, the difference both sides’ reaction times dwindled, and the disparity conscientiously rose to an insurmountable crescendo once more.
~ DAL Volume 15

Now, I can talk about the other worlds

The Spirits World 

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Now it's time to talk about the other world, the spirits world, the world where the spirits traveled and lived before meeting shido. he is described to being the Neighboring world of the main, it seem to have the same size as the main world since he completly envelopped the Cosmos when Mio used her power As Tohka held her breath, Mio whispered softly.

As Tohka held her breath, Mio whispered softly. “……Didn’t I say it? Here, the neighboring world has already overwritten this world.
~ DAL Volume 18

This world is an entire Universe, Westcott planed to use the world of the spirits to envelop the Planet and the entire world. Westcott wish is use the power of the first spirits to have the pôwer to control law via enveloping him into the Spirits world where the creator can do anythings, like Mio which make Law and logic in it

By incorporating that power, Elliot and the others, who up until now could only tinker with a tiny amount mana through spells and books, could become all power wizards found in fantasy worlds. “Ike, with this──” “Ah. The Spirit will be born── in the wake of a new world enveloping this world.”
~ DAL Volume 17
Voluntary territory. A universal space that should only exist in humanity’s imagination is being changed into reality. If the calculations are correct, the space of the Spirit being born is to the extent of covering the entire earth. The scale is enough to be called another world──the neighboring world.”
~ DAL Volume 17

In this world, all the law, all logic, everythings is differents from the cosmos, Mio tell this before mukuro kill herself because of the law of Mio

This is my world. Everything, all logic, all natural laws are different from the world you know. In my world, attacking <Ain Soph> has become impossible. —Just like how people cannot survive underwater or apples falling from trees cannot disappear into the sky
~ DAL Volume 18

Also, this World instantanously kill everythings that don't have reiryoku (the power in this verse)

“Umu──It’s called <Ain Soph> and <Ain Soph Aur>. Watch out, in this space all laws become under Mio’s control. Also, you’ll die if you touch the light coming from that flower. If you don’t have any reiryoku, you’ll die instantly.”
~ DAL Volume 18

The Spirits world has been etudied and now, some people can use some of the aspect of this world, called Territory or Realizer that can do things like Warp reality and physics, Basically, it's a technology developped for fight against spirits because normal means don't work against them

Combat Realizer Unit. Generally called CR-Unit. It was the name given to the tactical equipment that utilizes the miraculous technology, the Realizer, that the humans had obtained after the large spacequake thirty years ago. It takes the results calculated by computers, and distorting the laws of physics, manifests them in the real world. In short, although there are some restrictions, it is a technology that turns imaginations into reality. It had been called a system that produces so-called 'magic' through scientific means.
~ DAL Volume 1

It said that all things can become reality inside a territory (but it can also being noted that this ability isn't unlimited and omnipotent (like the author said in the volume 18), he has limits for human pêople

The basic realizer equipped on the wiring suit, once started, can expand a personal territory of a few meters around the person. This territory is the essence of the CR-Unit. As the name states, it is a space in which the user's thoughts can become reality. It has the ability to soften any external impact, as well as even allowing the gravity in the inside to be freely set. As long as this territory is expanded, the AST members can become superhumans.
~ DAL Volume 2

About the relation between both the cosmos and the Spirits world, The Spirits that exist in the alternate dimension that is said to be the neighboring world and would occasionally appear into this world. On these occasions, there would be a large bend in the walls between the dimensions, causing a phenomenon known as a spacequake to occur. Whether it was on a large or small scale– the area where the Spirits would appear would be absurdly destroyed

Now i guess i've described enough the world that countain the DAL Verse, thanks to that

Mio Takamiya

Un, I bet you’ve already noticed it, but Spirits are humans that received Sephira Crystals. ──No, I’ve distributed my power to them, that statement would be more accurate? Originally, the word Spirit only referred to me, the First Spirit
~ Mio takamiya, the first spirit

Well, The cosmology is absolutly necessary to know the real power of the girl named Takamiya Mio or Phantom, This is the Girl, born from nothingness when the DEM industries tried to focus all the mana of the world in one point in the globe, Her born created the most powerfull spacequake which destroyed a large part of the Eurasia, after Shinji (Shido from the past) discover her, she prromise himself to grant him all of his power to make shinji as an Immortal being, 30 years ago, Mio was discovered as being "Herself" and "Reine", she live a dual existence ect... During the Volume 18, she demonstrated her "godlike power" and Killed all Spirits, well now, i'll explain all her power, her AP ect..


Well, according to the cosmology above, she should be High Universe level to possible Low Multiverse level only through her AP (her other stats like Durability should remain at Unknown since she is die against the Demon King, both of their power was enough to create a larger spacequake which destroyed a large part of the Eurasia (which is supposed to bypass Durability), even if this would be an Outlier, it's safe enough because Ultimate Tohka was able to injure her (even she used the power of all spirits and even from Mio herself)). Well she is likely High Universe level since her born Created the Spirits world, an Universe as large as the Cosmos, She created the logic inside it and the law inside.

Although the other Spirits tried to stare back with a fearless expression, they couldn’t completely hide their panic. From behind the other, Tohka raised her voice. “Mun……what the hell is this thing?” “Illusion……is it……not.” “……Voluntary Territory? But on this scale— As Origami raised a question, Mio soon responded back to answer it. “……That feeling is not a mistake. DEM recreated “this” as the model for the space within the Voluntary Territory.” While saying that, Mio slowly lowered her hand that was raised to the sky. “……My Voluntary Territory is constantly being developed in this world, only being separated by a single thin piece of film. And now that I have summoned the nucleus of <Ain Soph> here, the area around the center has become—the ’neighboring world’.
~ DAL Volume 18

Yes, She explained that her angel, <Ain> Overwritten the Cosmos and now is the Neightbourg world, Territory, when Mukuro tried to literally "seal the world" of mio, she failed because she control all things in it, all law, and logic, try to threat the world is useless

She had stabbed the back of her neck through the tip of <Michael> swaying through the hole that had opened up in space. “What……” “……It’s useless.” As Tohka held her breath, Mio whispered softly. “……Didn’t I say it? Here, the neighboring world has already overwritten this world. —This is my world. Everything, all logic, all natural laws are different from the world you know.
~ DAL Volume 18

Plus, her power is declare by the narrator capable of wipe out all of existence, which include two Universe, the main world and the spirits world

No, even if he attempted that, Mio would learn of those prospects from inside Kurumi. Eventually, that would lead to Kurumi’s death. “Ku……” Shidou shook his head. The appearance of Mio was at the endpoint of each choice. Killing all living creatures and rewriting every law, the Spirit of Origin could extinguish all of existence.
~ DAL Volume 18

Conclusion: Mio Should be High Universe level (Scaling to her Universal Creation which have the same size s the cosmos which is infinite) to Possible Low Multiverse level (the author claimed that Mio could potentially Wipe out all of Existence which include Two Infinite Universe). Now her ability:

Power and Abilities

Well Firstly, Mio separated her power in 10 fragement, each current spirits (Tohka, Yoshino, Kotori, Kurumui, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku, Nia and Mukuro) possesses the power that mio separated, Mio should possesses all the spirits's poweer because the spirits's power come from the sephira crystal which is the power of moi that she separated in ten Crystal, that why when she kill the spirits, their Sephira crystal return in Mio's body, she the source of all power in the verse.

Now the serious buisness, i'll talk about Mio's mains power with her angels:

  • Death ManipulationWell the first power of Mio, indeed, she is able to induce death to absolutly everythings, even non living things like robots, object,magic itself (the nibelcols are just a concentrate reiryoku created by Isaac). her Death Manipulation is described to explicitly bypass all durability and just "kill" without damage, recude the life to Zero (like a Void manipulation cibled on the life, it's weird. Her World also induce death passively if you don't have Reiryoku or maryoku
“The round flower-like object in the sky. Both the creatures and objects that bathed in the light it released all died or broke without exception. Being damaged……not that isn’t the issue……how to say it? The life, or lifespan capture by that thing, does it even have a durability limit? Something that reduces everything to zero in a blink of an eye……in short a light of absolute death? I would definitely be stuck if I ever drew that in a manga. How can we defeat her?”
~ DAL Volume 18
Immediately afterwards, as if responding to Westcott’s laughter, the huge flower began spreading several grains of light just like dispersing pollen in the air. The next moment. The <Bandersnatch>, and <Nibelcol>, even the massive airships, anything that came into contact with the particles either lost their lives or stopped functioning, crumbling away like sugary confectionary. “Wha……!?”
~ DAL Volume 18
“What’s wrong? Are you okay!? What happened—” Ryouko tried to stir awake the members who were being pulled up by the voluntary territory but then she suddenly turned speechless. “W-what’s going on, this is…… death……?” “……!?” Origami furrowed her brow as she used to the voluntary territory to drag Mikie’s body to her hand, reaching out to touch her neck. No sign of pulse or breathing. Life activity had completely stopped. “—”Reasons, unknown. Principle, unknown. The only certainty was that those who touched the particles of light emitted from the giant sphere had all just died.
~ DAL Volume 18
“Tohka, what’s this?” “Umu──It’s called <Ain Soph> and <Ain Soph Aur>. Watch out, in this space all laws become under Mio’s control. Also, you’ll die if you touch the light coming from that flower. If you don’t have any reiryoku, you’ll die instantly.”
~ DAL Volume 18
  • Existence Erasure: Indeed, it's the final angel of Mio, the Angel of the Void <Ain> Erased the Target completly from existence, she erased Tohka from existence with this, she also vanished all shidou's attack
“I haven’t moved her. From the beginning, with a Tohka who has taken power from me, a little trick will have no effect at all. “ “Hah……? Then after all—” As Shidou said that, Mio slightly moved her lips. “—Like I said, she already no longer exists. Not blown to a certain place, nor killed—but rather vanished into nothingness.” “……What……did……” “The void Angel <Ain> ignores all laws and eradicates the target completely. —Let me say it again, Tohka is gone, no longer a part of anywhere in this world.” “—” Hearing what Mio had said, Shidou was rendered speechless. Tohka was gone. Even if it was difficult to understand it well, those words were the only thing that mattered. “Of course, Tohka’s reiryoku has also completely disappeared. For that reason, I didn’t want to use that Angel……but there was no other way to reach my desired outcome with Tohka’s strength.
~ DAL Volume 19
Ah, it certainly was a desperate situation even worse than before. All of the Spirits had been killed and even his last hope, Tohka, had been erased.
~ DAL volume 18

She wiped out instantanously all shidou's attacks just by saying a word

Even so, Shidou did not give up. Utilizing <Michael> to seal the enemy’s powers. Transforming Mio into a non-attacking form through <Haniel>. Summoning the wind with <Raphael>. Letting the voice from <Gabriel> resonate. And finally slashing with <Sandalphon> to fend Mio back. Shidou used every Angel in his arsenal to resist against Mio. However— “……It’s useless.” “……!” Just by saying that, all of Shidou’s attacks were eliminated.
~ DAL Volume 18

Now her last power:

  • Law Manipulation: Mio's second angel <Ain Soph> is abble to freely manipulate logics and the law of Reality, she is ven able to created other law which are Universal, she created a Law from preventing "protection" in her world, a law which prevent people to attacks her and a law which prevent peoples from escaping her world; She claim that she is able to do whatever she want or imagin in this world.
……It’s useless.” As Tohka held her breath, Mio whispered softly. “……Didn’t I say it? Here, the neighboring world has already overwritten this world. ──This is my world. Everything, all logic, all natural laws are different from the world you know. In my world, attacking <Ain Soph> has become impossible. ──Just like how people cannot survive underwater or apples falling from trees cannot disappear into the sky.”
~ DAL Volume 18
“Mana──” Tohka’s eyes slightly moved towards the owner of that voice──Mana. Her expression was marked by vigilance; there was not a trace of fear. “……,Un……!” Tohka, who had instantly seen through Mana’s intention, kicked against the ground while sadly leaving Mukuro’s body behind. Origami and Yoshino, who had likely also made the same judgement, also retreated to the rear just like Tohka. Over here was Mio’s world. While staying in this space, no amount of courage was enough to oppose Mio. The act would be nothing more than to commit suicide. Whatever must be done next time, it was useless to discuss without first fleeing here. Mio slowly raised her face while looking on at Tohka and the other’s actions. “……Un, as expected of Mana. That was a good decision.” While saying that, Mio slowly raised her hand. “……Then, the order will be that anything in this world cannot leave.” With that command, <Ain Soph> gave off a blurry light. “Hey……!?” The next moment, Mana, who was trying to evacuate this world at a tremendous speed, struck the air as if being stopped by an invisible wall. “Additional laws──!? Tch……it’s annoying how you get to do whatever you want.”“……Ah, that’s right. This world will do anything that I imagine.”
~ DAL Volume 18
While Mio was rewriting the laws of the world and hugging Mana, Origami seemed to have anticipated this development and released her Angel.
~ DAL Volume 18
Their situation had reached an all-time low. Above them was the Angel of death, <Ain Soph Aur>, capable of killing all things. In front of them was the Angel of laws, <Ain Soph>, capable of distorting reality at a whim. She was undoubtedly the Spirit of Origin possessing the strongest shield and spear. Despite Tohka conceptualizing numerous strategies in her mind, not a single time could she even imagine her sword reaching Mio’s chest.
~ DAL Volume 18
Mio faintly called out that name while raising her hand. Following this order, <Metatron> turned its tips and shot several beams of light onto Tohka and others. “Ku……!” “──<Zadkiel>!” As the rays of light were about to explode onto Tohka, Yoshino’s voice echoed as a wall of ice arose ahead. While the icy wall was scrapped away, additional layers of ice were created at a faster speed than <Metatron>’s tremendous power, However. “……Hmm. Then let’s also prohibit that.” “Eh──” The moment Mio said that, the icy wall created by <Zadkiel> crumbled away as a ray of light from <Metatron> pierced through Yoshino’s chest
~ DAL Volume 18

She even maked a Law that reverse causality for everything which try to hurt her

Above the throne, Origami was holding a spear with all the surrounding reiryoku converged into a single point. To put it another way, it was just like a super-powerful slingshot. A single blow containing everything now ran through Mio.──Yet. “Ah…………” Small. A small voice that could barely be heard leaked out from Origami’s lips. “!? O-origami──?” As the light from that blast began to dissipate, Tohka finally noticed. Rather than Origami holding <Einherjar>, the spear of light was in Mio’s hands, piercing Origami instead. “……Hmm, I thought that if you wanted to defeat me, you would use this. ─So, I decided to imitate you guys.” As Mio finished, the spear of light piercing Origami disappeared. Having lost its only support, Origami’s body swayed violently before losing all strength and collapsing to the ground. Then, the pure white Sephira Crystal emerging from her chest was absorbed into Mio’s chest.
~ DAL Volume 18

Well, i think it's all for Takamiya Mana, she has other small hax but the three needed a Blog for themeslve, same for her tiering, i want to be meticulous with her that why i've created this blog, Thanks for reading this.

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