This will contain:

  • Marco intercepting light beams's feat.
  • Ace's passive heat in Drum.
  • Zoro's Daisen Sekai.

Marco's feat

Shirohige = 6.6m = 17px.

Distance between Shirohige and his crew = 35.717m = 92px.

Shirohige = 6.6m = 64px.

Distance between Shirohige and Marco = 12.99m = 126px.

Distance the laser was before Marco intercepted = 84.56m = 820px.

I'm using this instead of doing angsizing with Shirohige because when we see Marco behind him the result is less than 50cm which makes no sense. And when we see Shirohige almost tagged by the light beams the angsize gives less than 2 meters. That'd lead to FTL or FTL+ results.

Calc: (48.707m*300000000m/s) / 84.56m = 172801561 m/s or 0.57c Relativistic+

Ace's heat

During Drum Island Arc Ace was first introduced and it was said that when he was there the snow didn't fall for an entire day.

There's people who have doubts about this one since we don't know how fast it happened but in the novel it stated that the moment Ace puts a foot on an island, the snow stops so I think that this is a legit feat.

Drum's size

I've found two good images for Drum's size and I'll use the mountain as the reference which is 5km tall. There are more images that supports this.

First pic:

5000m = 37px

125px = 16891m

Second pic

5000 = 18px

53px = 14722m


Sherlock from NarutoForums calced this using the specific heat capacity between -50C (average Drum's temperature) to 4C (temperature where snow is still able to exist) and his result was 27 Megatons. That's a possible end.

But in the other hand, the fact that nobody apparently noticed the temperature change makes me look for other method.

I'll go with the accepted calc for Luffy's range which shows Drum is at least 25km. It's likely much bigger, but I'll stick with 26km. But I'll use the others values as well.

Cloud's volume

14km version

Volume (of a cylinder)= pi*7,361^2*11800

Volume = 2008655764561.5436780465751039 cubic meters.

Density of a storm is 1.003kg/m^3 for cloud air.

2008655764561.5436780465751039 * 1.003 = 2014681731855.2283090807148292117kg.

16km version

Volume (of a cylinder)= pi*8,445^2*11800

Volume = 2643815764220.691924321015196 cubic meters

2643815764220.691924321015196 * 1.003 = 2651747211513.354000093978241588kg.

26km version=

Volume (of a cylinder)= pi*13,000^2*11800

Volume = 6264964069788.7656761422034349 cubic meters

6264964069788.7656761422034349 * 1.003 = 6283758961998.1319731706300452047kg.
Ace presence


We use vaporization for cloud calcs, this is supported in the manga because we see a clear sky in the background.

Low End:

  • 2014681731855.2283090807148292117kg * 2264705j/kg = 4562659791541194827.7166402772898830485 joules or 1.1 Gigatons.

Mid End:

  • 2651747211513.354000093978241588kg * 2264705j/kg = 6005425168650350370.78283299361555154 joules or 1.43 Gigatons.

High End:

  • 6283758961998.1319731706300452047kg * 2264705j/kg = 14230860340031979470.2993917165253101135 joules or 3.4 Gigatons.

Zoro's Daisen Sekai

This feat has had a lot of different ratings, but all of those used PE. Here I am to use KE instead with an actual method.

I'm going to use the values for Pica found in this blog. The only thing I'm going to find is the speed.

Zoro's speed

First I need to find the speed Zoro was thrown to reach Pica.
Pica and the plateaus

Pica's statue is 2474.9m = 185px (Red Line).

The distance Zoro flew (not the actual distance between the plateaus) is 4013.35m = 300px (Blue Line)

We can see here that Zoro's face was being pressured by the air and while it took some time to reach him (and some talking was in between), 10 seconds is the most reasonable timeframe. Otherwise Zoro would lose the impulse before reaching Pica (and I think even 15 seconds it's too much to cover such a distance without falling an inch).

4013.35/10 = 401.335m/s or Mach 1.17

Finding the timeframe

Pica's waist is 842.8m (63px).

Zoro travelled not only that distance but a little more as he was in front of the statue. There's no exact way to find such distance, but going with 75px (Cyan Line) the distance is 1003.33m. I'm going to use this.

Going at 401.335m/s covering 1003.33m would take ‘’’2.4999813123699652’’’.

Finding the final speed

Pretty simple.

765.57/2.4999813123699652 = 306.230289087339190117m/s.

Kinetic Energy

0.5*5117995500000 kg*306.230289087339190117^2 = 239975106295377336.592603432394211039282 joules or 57 Megatons (City Level+)

It's not an immense upgrade, but if this works, it's good for me. It's consistent with the rest of the scaling.

Oven's Hot Sea Hell

The new size for the Thousand Sunny will change this. Credit goes for Ugarik and Damage.

Finding the mast and booster for the Thousand Sunny

Thousand Sunny 1
Sunny's length is 39m (590px).

Mast's height is 29.745m (450px).

Booster's height is 6.874m (104px).

Finding the distance to the Thousand Sunny

We know roughly how far away the Sunny is from Oven based on angsizing the distance.

Thousand Sunny Mast = 56 px = 29.745 m

Panel Height = 851 px

29.745*851/[56*2tan(70/2)]) = 322.7741370884654198m

Finding the distance from the Thousand Sunny

We can also figure out how far the Sunny is from the camera on this panel to get the full distance.

Thousand Sunny Booster = 6.874m = 26 px

Panel Height = Panel Height = 467 px

6.874*467/[26*2tan(70/2) = 88.1650144043337038m

Water Volume & Energy

Total Radius = 322.77 + 88.17 = 410.94m.

Water Volume = (4/3*pi*410.94^3)/2 = 145342914.0819815072209745m^3

Mass = 144906885339.7355626993115765kg

ΔT=90-20=70 C

Specific heat capacity of water is 4.186 J/g or 4186 J/kg

Energy = 144906885339.7355626993115765 * 70 * 4186 = 42460615542249314.58215227814603 joules = 10.14 megatons 

Final Tally

  • Marco's speed = 0.57c Relativistic+
  • Ace's heat (everything in the High 7-A level).
    • Low End: 1.1 Gigatons
    • Mid End: 1.43 Gigatons
    • High End: 3.4 Gigatons
  • Zoro's Daisen Sekai = 57 Megatons City level+
  • Oven's HSH = 10.14' Megatons City level'
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