Replace Nami for Zoro.


I'll redo this calc now. I've found many flaws with it.

Some differences from the previous calc:

  • I'm changing the degrees value from 240 to 135 and 180 degrees. The reason is because we don't see if Luffy snapped back his arm after Enel shots his lightning.
  • I'll use two values with the distance. The distance Luffy was before Enel shot his lightning and the distance Luffy was once the lightning dissapeared. The reason is because Luffy was rushing towards Enel so he was closing the distance.

Luffy's 1.74m (170px)

Enel's 2.32m (227px)

Enel's head 0.225m (22px)

Luffy's 1.72m (589px)

Luffy's head 0.224m (77px)

Luffy's leg 0,93m (318px)

Luffy's head 0.224m (23px)

Luffy's forearm 0.26m (27px)

2atan(tan(70/2)*(object size/panel height))

2atan(tan(70/2)*(6/349)) = 0.933420630028685 degrees.

Put it here

Distance between Luffy and the camera is 13.749 meters.

2atan(tan(70/2)*(32/349)) = 7.3447991091559652 degrees.

Distance between Enel and the camera is 2.5895 meters.

So the distance between Enel and Luffy is 11.1595m.

Luffy's arm was stretched but 240 degrees is a random number. I'll use two ends: 135 degrees due to the way Luffy covered his face and 180 degrees due to the initial position of the arm.

Distance Luffy moved=3/8(2*0.26*pi)=0.6126105674500097m.

Distance Luffy moved (1.80117978806) * Speed of Lightning (440,000 m/s) = 269,548.649678004268 / 11.1595 = 24,154.1869866933346476 m/s = Mach 70

Now using 180 degrees.

Distance Luffy moved: 1/2(2*0.26*pi)=(0.8168140899333462m * 440,000m/s) / 11.1595 = 32205.5826489244435682602 = Mach 93.9

This is a safe end but it's quite higher than this as I explained above.

Luffy's 1.72m (51px) 6.9838995447432284 degrees.

Enel's 2.32m (266px) 35.309370431128883 degrees.

Screen's height 396px.

Distance between Luffy and the camera: 14.093 meters.

Distance between Enel and the camera: 3.6447 meters.

Distance between Luffy and Enel: 10.4483 meters.

3/8(2*0.26*pi) = (0.6126105674500097 *440,000) / 10.4483 = 25798.3260126531845371974 = Mach 75.2

1/2(2*0.26*pi) = (0.8168140899333462 * 440,000) / 10.4483 = 34397.768016870909908789 = Mach 100

Reasons why this is lowballed:

  • Luffy moved his hand after Enel launched his attack but we have no scans showing the distance.
  • Luffy reacted to the attack and then moved his hand.

Reasons why people would doubt of this:

  • Some of you would say that those feats are better but in those cases the characters did a complete body movement being stationary before while Luffy only moved his hand while he was closing distance towards Enel.


Now to find the distance between Upper Yard and the clouds I'll scale the Giant Jack because we shouldn't use the standard ends for cloud-to-ground lightning in this case.

Green line=23px.

Red line: 144px

First part=11,14434782608696meters.

Now I'll find the width for the second and third segments.

Red line=56px.


Green line: 48px.


And finally I'll find Giant Jack's height.

We can see the first leaf fairly above the trees. The third part of the Giant Jack is often portrayed that high.

So following that I scaled this: 

Blue line: 7px =9,552298136645963m.

Green line: 134px =182,8582786157941m.

So that's the distance between the third part and the clouds. But what about the other two?

We already know that the first segment radius is 11,14434782608696 meters so the only thing I need to do is find the height between the base and the third segment.


Add this to the rest and it's done.

182,8582786157941+36,41813664596274=219,2764152617568 meters.

So near from the High End which is 200 meters.

Here comes the funny part.

I'll make three ends relying on the minimal distance Zoro needs to jump in order to avoid the lightning being the low-end the absolutest minimal distance.

Zoro is 1.78m tall.


Low end: Green line=11px.

Distance Zoro moved: (2,175555555555556meters) * Speed of lightning (440,000m/s) = 957244.4444444444 / 219,2764152617568

Zoro's speed = 4,365.469233441057 m/s

Mid end: Blue line=24px.

Distance Zoro moved (4,746666666666667meters) * 440,000m/s = 2088533.333333333 / 219.2764152617568

Zoro's speed = 9,524.66014568958 m/s

High end: Purple line=47px.

Distance Zoro moved (9,295555555555556 meters) * 440,000m/s = 4090044.444444444 / 219.2764152617568

Zoro's speed = 18,652.45945197543 m/s

Luffy's kicks a lightning

Redoing this I'll use a degree value instead of a straight line:
  • This image is just for reference. It has the previous value I used for the calc.

Luffy's height is 1.72m.

Luffy's leg: 0.93942275042444821731748726655348m.

I'll use 225 degrees more or less as a value since we see most of the movement.

Distance Luffy moved 5/8(2*0,93942275042444821731748726655348*pi) = 3,6891045141857054217023553413333m * 440,000 m/s = 1,623,205.9862417103855490363501866

Now I'll find distance.

They were above the little cloud shown in the Giant Jack in the second panel of the page. The cloud wasn't above them but it isn't shown so I can't properly find a distance using it.

The lightning came from the left side and they were climbing from the east side of the beanstalk according to Nami's plan to destroy the foundation aiming for the west.

In this blog I found a partial size for the Giant Jack but in this one I'll calculate the entire beanstalk using the same principle.

Red line: 4px=9.552298136645963m

Green line: 139px=331.9423602484472m.

Next thing I'll do is find the distance between the cloud and the upper part of the beanstalk. The Waver was moving when the lightning appeared but the distance shouldn't be different.

Blue line: 18px=42.98534161490683m.

Green line: 67px=160.0009937888199.

Roughly 160 meters.

So now that I found distance:

1,623,205.9862417103855490363501866 / 160 = 10,145.037414010689909681477188666m/s

Mach 29.57 High Hypersonic

Reasons why this is lowballed:

  • This is assuming Luffy moved his leg at the same time the lightning was launched which isn't the case since Luffy deflected the lightning the moment it was near them. Context said Luffy kicked with enough strength to actually deflect the lightning capitalazing his rubber body so he'd need to move his leg when the lightning was close. It's far higher than this.

Zoro's second feat (Low End Accepted)

Another redo. 

Zoro's 1.78m(76px).

Initial distance between Zoro and the Thunder Beast is 2.88m (123px)

Initial distance between Zoro and Enel is 9,72m (415px).

Final distance between Zoro and the camera is 2.3742m.

Final distance between Enel and the camera is 9.5719m.

Final distance between Enel and Zoro is 7.1977m.

Lightning travels 0.3577m in 0.0000008129545455s.

That means Zoro travelled 2.5223m in 0.0000008129545455s. Suck it. That's fricking Mach 9,000. Time summon the meme.

I'd better go with the arm movement before anyone say I'm inflating this.

The previous calc was made using Zoro's head movement but he actually moved his whole arm before getting attacked so I'll calc that since it's better than the movement speed and the previous result of this calc.

Zoro moved his arm from the left side of his body to the right side so in this case it's safe to say he moved it around 180 degrees more or less. It's actually more than that but I'll stick to 180.

Now I have to find Zoro's arm length:

Zoro's 1.78m (753px).

Zoro's arm is 0.51532536520584329349269588313413m (218px)

1/2(2*0.51532536520584329349269588313413*pi)= 1.61894238153915453951267481865574761meters

1.61894238153915453951267481865574761 * 440,000m/s = 712,334.6478772279973855769202085289484 / 2.88= 247,338.4194018152768699919861835169959722m/s = Mach 721

Now I'll make the High End due to the results of this blog using the 240 degrees. Why? Because Zoro moved his hand all the way to the opposite of his body having it leaning backwards before the lightning reached him.

2/3(2*0.51532536520584329349269588313413*pi) = 2.15858984205220605268356642487433015 meters.

2.15858984205220605268356642487433015 * 440,000 = 949779.530502970663180769226944705266 / 2.88 = 329784.559202420369159989314911355995139m/s = Mach 961.471

Reasons why this'd be doubted/rejected:

  • We have Doflamingo's feat at Mach 291.
  • We have Kalifa's feat at Mach 271.
  • Luffy's feat is far lower than that. 
  • Zoro was taken by surprise from a CtG lightning.

Reasons why this should be accepted:

  • Doflamingo's feat is massive lowball since it's using Earth's size for the OP's Earth which is blatantly incorrect but that'd likely change in the future. The actual value is nearly Mach 2,000 so this feat doesn't contradict it.
  • Sanji outspeed Kalifa with no effort and only lost due to chivalry. Edit: I redid this feat and it's Mach 998 at worst.
  • Luffy's feat is Mach 148 at best but at the same time we have Nami and Usopp reacting to lightning with better results than Luffy's feat. If anything is an outlier here is Luffy's one and it's lowballed (and Zoro's movement speed of course).
  • This feat shows Zoro being far faster than Nami and Usopp which the series is always portraying. And Luffy's feat is lowballed as I explained above.
  • Zoro didn't dodge the CtG lightning but at that time he already suffered two lightning attacks and was taken by surprise. And before that he fought with Braham, Ohm and Wiper.
  • There're plenty of verses with high tiers doing poor feats compared to lower tiers doing great feats like this and we still accept those.
  • This won't mess the scaling like some of you'd think.

What'd change if this gets accepted?:

  • This doesn't mean that Foxy is lightspeed with the Noro Beams.
  • If Kuma's Pad Ho is confirmed as LS then Zoro dodging that would still be an outlier.
  • The verse would get a better place under the MHS and much characters'd need editions on their profiles. The higher would be much more common.

Final Results

Luffy blocking lightning: From Mach 104 to 148 Massively Hypersonic

Luffy kicking lightning: Mach 29.57 High Hypersonic

Zoro's dodges lightning:

  • Low end: 4,365.469233441057 m/s Mach 12.7 Hypersonic +
  • Mid end: 9,524.66014568958 m/s Mach 27.7 High Hypersonic (Accepted)
  • High end: 18,652.45945197543 m/s Mach 54.38 High Hypersonic+

Zoro reacts to lightning: 

  • Low End: Mach 721 MHS (Accepted)
  • High End: Mach 961 MHS

Zoro out-running lightning: Mach 9045 Sub Relativistic Make it happen ovo.

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