I've found a better way to calc this. Plus, I was waiting for the Databook to release Kalifa's height. It's time to settle this.

Kalifa and the door
Kalifa's = 1.85m = 138px.

Distance from cloud to ground = 2.935m = 129px.

The previous calc used that distance but there's a flaw with it: Kalifa was unfazed because she blocked the lightning. Meaning that the lightning didn't even touched her head. So the actual distance is the difference.

2.935 - 1.85 = 1.085m.

1.085 / 440000 (lightning speed) = 0.0000024659090909s.

The bare minimum for MHS+ speed is 0.00000294s.

0.00000294 / 0.0000024659090909 = 1.1922580645205244537 or Mach 1192

Welp, this makes a difference.

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