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  • The Calaca

    Brightburn Speed Feat

    February 27, 2020 by The Calaca

    Brandon lets his mom die because she's not named Martha.

    Feat happens at 1:36.

    Brandon reaches the stratosphere in 10 seconds.

    Since there are clouds, it's not the top of it but the bottom.

    10000m / 10s = 1000m/s or Mach 2.9 Supersonic

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  • The Calaca

    Bloodstained feats

    February 17, 2020 by The Calaca

    Requested by Ogbunabali.

    We don't know the girl's height but she's 18 (she legal). According to this, a 18 y/o girl is usually 1.62m tall, but as you can see, she's a bit hunched so it can't be that. I'd say she's 1.55m when hunched just to be sure.

    1.55 = 162px

    The exact distance isn't exactly shown, although the movement happened in the same timeframe the laser travelled that distance.

    407px = 3.89m.

    79px = 0.755m.

    0.755 * 299792458 / 3.89 = 58185939.79m/s or 0.19c Relativistic

    Same situation. A second after the first one.

    1.55m = 167px.

    858px = 7.96m.

    67px = 0.62m.

    0.62*299792458/7.96 = 23350668.83m/s or 0.07c Sub Relativistic+…

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  • The Calaca

    With two different CRTs accepting a bunch of characters having Lightspeed through some attacks, the only reasonable continuation is getting calcs from it.

    0.392 * 299792458 / 2 = 58759321.768m/s or 0.19c Relativistic

    I can't use Ivankov's head for obvious reasons so I'll use his body's width to get an approximated distance he'd need to move.

    Ivankov's 4.49m (598px).

    His hips are 1.33m wide (178px).

    1.33 * 299792458 / 2 = 199361984.57m/s or 0.66 Relativistic+

    I did this one before but I noticed that I missed something important: Luffy moved his head once he noticed Kizaru was in front of him.

    He moved his head 45 degrees upwards.

    The distance has been calced here.

    1/4(2*pi*0.224) = 0.35m

    0.35 * 299792458 / 2.21 = 47478443.57m/s or 0.15c Relativistic


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  • The Calaca

    World Seeker has some nice speed feats.

    Okay, he has the biggest amount of feats in the game, but most of them are done through Shambles and shit so this is the only one that counts.

    As you can see, the light beam was very close to Zoro. I'll assume he did a sidestep since that's the only thing we can see in the pictures.

    According to this, a step's length is around 0.79 meters.

    Well, we can see that the beam is really close to Zoro. Even 30cm would be absurdly high, but I'll stick to that.

    0.79 * 299792458 / 0.3 = 789453472.73 m/s or 2.63c FTL

    This scales to World Seeker's antagonist, Isaac only, I guess.

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  • The Calaca

    Oxide's Kart Speed

    January 5, 2020 by The Calaca

    See? I fulfill my promises.

    Now I proceed to hide because they requested this months ago.

    This was going to be much more complex but I got stressed over it and I decided to go with the most simplistic way to get it done.

    Oxide goes to Earth with his Kart which he uses to race. So he has the reaction speed to move while driving, of course.

    Earth's diameter is 12,742km (995px).

    The island where he landed is 768.361km (59px).

    Screen's height is 561px.

    5130032 meters via angsize.

    He travelled that distance in a short timeframe but he disappears from the camera after a few seconds so I'll lowball this and assume he landed a single frame before the camera changes, so from 1:01:25 to 1:10:07. 9.42 seconds.

    5130032 / 9.42 = 544589 m/s or Mach 1587.72.

    This i…

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