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Primal Spell - Inferno

Inferno Spell
  • The spell creates a huge column of fire.

The calculation

Typical height of medieval tower is 30 feet (or 9 metres). However, the feat happens in Denerim, the capital of the Kingdom of Ferelden, and I feel safe to say its walls are at least comparable to England's Framlingham Castle: 40 feet tall (or 12 metres). (Source)

The fire column is taller than the walls. I do not enjoy scalling pixels, so I'll use 12 metres, even if the actual value is higher.

We know the density of fire, which is 0.3 grams per m³(p) (Source). Now, let us proceed.

I need to find the radius of the column. Fortunately, BioWare's description of the spell helped us with that. The column's radius is 10 metres (R). (Source)

Well, it is obviously a cylinder.

Mass of a cylinder = p * π * R² * 12

Using π ≅ 3

Mass of a cylinder ≅ p * 3 * R² * 12

Mass of a cylinder ≅ 0.3 * 3 * 100 * 12

Mass ≅ 0.9 * 1200

Mass ≅ 1080 kg

This was a long way. Now, we can find the energy liberated by the column.

Q = m*c*ΔT

m = 1080 kg

c = 1000 J/kg*K

ΔT = 1200

Q = 1080 * 1000 * 1200

Q = 1296000000 joules (or 0.30 tons of TNT, Building level)


This calc was made to quantify the power of the spell, and basically all mages will scale.

Winter Spell - Blizzard


The Calculation

To get energy from a temperature change, we need mass, specific heat capacity, and temperature change. I do not like pixel scalling and, fortunately, the values are pre-established.

Specific heat capacity for air at room temperature is 717.8 J/kgK and the density of air is 1.177 kg/m³

Well, I need to have the mass of the storm now. Luckily enough, BioWare has given us the radius of this blizzard as well, which is 8 metres (Source). This gives us a wolume of 2145.5238 m³ (Via this calculator), which gives us a mass of 2525.28 kg.

Now, allow me to find the temperature change, which can be found by taking the original temperature of air at room temperature, in Kelvin, and subtracting it by the new temperature to find the change.

Well, Winter's School description says its spells are colder than the cruelest winters (Source). I'll assume it is only 1 degree colder, to keep it a lowball. Well, I'll use Russian's Winter of 1812 as a parameter. This winter had a temperature of –37.5 C (or 235.65 K) (Source). So, the blizzard's temperature is of 234.65 K

I'll use room temperature as 300 K (Source).

ΔT= 300 - 234.65

ΔT = 65.35 K

Wow. This was a short one.

Q = m*c*ΔT

Q = 2525.28 * 717.8 * 65.35

Q = 118456415.0544 joules (or 0.28 tons of TNT). Building level Blizzard.

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