Well, not literally lightning speeds, but not too far behind.

  • Timestamp: 34.667 seconds.
  • Timestamp: 34.867 seconds.
  • Timestamp: 34.967 seconds.

In 0.2 seconds, the lightning travels 373.0 px, so

373.0 px / 0.2 seconds = 1865.0 px/sec

And yes, it's pretty reasonable to say it's cloud-to-ground lightning given it's coming from a cloud and going towards the ground, that's just logic.

Anywho, to compare Mario's speed, I overlaid the second and third panels to get how far he jumps in relation to the ground below him:

Mario Lightning Timing Overlay
Note that, because of the "shake" effect on the camera, Mario appears to jump a bit higher than he actually does. Hence, the lines were drawn to the individual floors themselves.


90.82 px / .1 second = 908.2 px/sec

Natural Lightning's Speed is 440000 m/s (or 150000 m/s for you OBD folks.)


440000 m/sec / 1865.0 px/sec = 235.9249 m/px

X 908.2 px/sec = 214267.024 m/sec

This translates to Mach 629.660, or Massively Hypersonic.

Converting to the OBD value is easy, just multiply by (15/44) and get 73045.576 m/sec, or Mach 214.657.


Final Tally

Mario Jumps: 214267.024 m/sec

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