In this thread, the validity of our thresholds for Athlete, Street, and Wall level were questioned. At the time, they were

Athlete level: 100 - 200 Joules

Street level: 200 - 5000 Joules

Wall level: 5000 - 20920000 Joules

However, after some deliberation, we came to the conclusion that these values were inaccurate, and poorly reflect our conceptions of what these levels are intended to actually look like, in practice. So, we developed new thresholds-

Athlete level: 100 - 300 Joules

Street level: 300 - 15000 Joules

Wall level: 15000 - 20920000 Joules

To explain these thresholds,

Athlete level: Our old threshold of 200 Joules to reach Street level seemed too low, as did 150 Joules to reach Athlete level+, as that would make the "average" Athlete in the real world Athlete level+, and a sizable contingent of real-world athletes the same tier as peak humans. This, of course, seemed naturally counterintuitive- however, many bullets only contain 400 or so Joules, or even less, we found- we could not raise the value too high without also making a not insignificant number of firearms 10-A, which of course we found unsatisfactory. So, 300 Joules: around the upper level of energy output that the great majority of Athletes do not exceed- was made the new capstone for Athlete level.

This consequently made the threshold for Athlete level+ 200 Joules, thus more accurately describing the energy output of a particularly strong or well-trained athlete.

Wall level: While the old low-end of Wall level of 5000 Joules would, on-paper, be enough to punch a hole in a wall, real world physics shows that this is very demonstrably not what occurs, when forces of similar magnitude hit a stone wall, else stone walls would constantly fragment when hit by stray bullets, for example. So, instead, we decided on a value of 15000 Joules as the low-end for Wall level. This value is derived from the 15037 Joule lower-end energy carried by a .50 BMG round, which is classified as an "Anti-Materiel" weapon and has been demonstrated to punch bullet holes clean through cinderblocks.

The high-end- at least, as of my typing this- remains the same, at 20.92 Megajoules. The mean here, where Wall level+ begins, is 10467500 Joules.

Street level: The changes to the range of this tier leave the range for this tier at 300 - 15000 Joules, and thus the threshold for Street level+ at 7650 Joules. As of right now, Peak Human striking power equals 8849 Joules: therefore, peak human strength is seperate from the lower ends of Street tier, which represent more general levels of outstanding, but still not quite peak human, strength.

So, yeah, that's about how it went.

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