I've seen that ArchieVerse or rather Riverdale/Sabrina has Lovecraftian Measures from Cthulhu Mythos and is likely linked to the verse in question, or at least has it's own version but what values?
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Sabrina Marries Cthulhu

Lovecraft Values including the Old Ones/Gods from Necronomicon (If you don’t know Here:

Outerverse level? (as many know most of the Great Old Ones are completely undimensioned, walking freely between spaces as they interact with reality while nothing from reality can interact with them.)

Cthulu Exists:

Now for this:

It says that the issue was taking a few pages from the Necronomicon, now in the story the entire book of the Necronomicon is present In the issues. Meaning the problems spawned from Sabrina opening the book. The Necronomicon is an Expansion Of The Cthulhu Mythos explaining the abilities of The Old Gods/Ones And the Outer Gods.

There’s also The Elder Gods and Carcosa

Elder Gods in Cthulhu Mythos are the Ones Fought in the War Of The Outer Gods And Old Ones, and defeated Azathoth then utterly disabled him..

Basically this is saying The Necronomicon In The Book has the Same Contents As The One Written By H.P. And expanded by his colleagues.

And if you don’t like that there’s still this The TV Version, a Alternate Universe ( Takes Place In Cthulu Mythos

“The Miskatonic University is a fictional establishment set in the universe created by H.P. Lovecraft. It first appeared in Lovecraft's 1922 story "Herbert West-Reanimator" and made further notable appearances as part of the writer's Cthluhu mythology. If Archie and Jughead's crate was shipped from this University, sent by the writer himself, this would mean that the towns of Riverdale and Greendale actually exist in the same universe as Lovecraft's works”

an Interview Mentions lovecraftian horrors:

Necronomicon Also Exists:

And The Necronomicon tells of Old Gods/Ones And Outer Gods like Azathoth And Yog Sothoth:

ArchieVerse Is looking pretty insane. all in all the cthulhu characters in archie could at least be considered their own characters and have the same abilities as per lovecraft's work via necronomicon or archieverse shares a cosmology I guess.

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